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How this all got started (by Joanne babe):

In the third issue of the Marvel Bill and Ted comic book series, a letter was printed by Linda Kay, president of the official Bill and Ted fan club.  I (Joanne) was amazed.  A fan club for Bill and Ted?!  I knew the characters were popular, but.... a fan club???  Though shocked, I was also very pleased as I loved the Two Great Ones (and the actors who played them) so much myself, so I immediately wrote to Linda and joined the club.

Around the same time as this, I felt "inspired" to try my hand a writing a "fan fiction" story.  Having never written anything in my life outside what my school teachers had forced me to do, I wasn't very confident that what I cranked out was "good" per se, but nevertheless I gave it my best shot and "Tripping Forward, Looking Back" was the uneven result.  What I really wanted, though, was someone else to write some B & T stories for me to read, so without much real hope I wrote to Linda to ask if she knew of anyone who had done this.  Well, to my surprise and delight she replied that she herself had written one and sent me the wonderful "Following the Piper to Reason".  I sent her another of my efforts in return and before I knew it both a new hobby and a lasting friendship were born.

Most of these stories have never been "published" in any form as they were really done strictly for our own fun and entertainment.  Most of them are either humorous pieces or in the "hurt-comfort" vein.  None are "slash" or "adult".  All can be considered rated PG or lighter.

Write on!

If you have a Bill and Ted story you'd like to have placed on this page for other compadres to read, drop Linda a line!  She'll send you info on how to submit.

Party on!

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