A Totally Unexpected Result

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"This is just? awkward." Deacon noted as he passed by Ted?s room.

Ted just glanced at him, hoping to get an explanation.

"You?re going to the prom, already."

"Yeah, the prom only starts at seven and its six-thirty now so?"

"No, that?s not what I mean.  You?re already going to the prom.  In a few months, you?ll be going to college if dad doesn?t push you to go to military school.  Then, next thing you know, I?ll be in high school."

"Deacon, dad won?t push me to go to military school and I don?t even know if I?ll go to college." Ted noted.

Deacon just rolled his eyes as usual, "Why in the world are you wearing shorts to the prom?" Deacon asked.

"Because it looks cool." Ted answered.


"Oh my goodness!"

"Hey, Missy, I mean, mom." Bill greeted as he walked down his steps to leave for the prom.

"Bill, you look fantastic." His dad noted.

"Oh, uh, thanks."

"Pose for me.  I want pictures, cute ones, too.  Smile for me." Missy said as she took about seven pictures with her Polaroid camera.

Squinting from the bright flashes of the camera, Bill tried to escape the room.

"Bill, come here.  I want more pictures." Missy said following him.

"Missy, I think he?s gotta go now." His dad noted.

Missy sighed, "Okay.  Bye, Bill, have a good time." Missy said as Bill left quietly.


"I wonder what a ?prom? is exactly?" Elizabeth said.

"Well, I guess we?ll figure out later." Joanna replied.

Elizabeth shrugged and sat on one of the chairs in their apartment until the phone rang.

"Hello?" Joanna answered, "Yes, Okay, we will see you in just a moment then.  Goodbye."

"Was that Theodore and William?" Elizabeth asked after Joanna hung up the phone.

"Yes, they just got here and they are waiting for us." Joanna explained and she and Elizabeth walked to the parking lot of their apartment in their medieval dresses.

"Hey Elizabeth," Ted greeted as she and Joanna walked up to Bill?s Wyld Stallyns van.

"You look most-outstanding, babes." Bill commented.

"Thanks," They said in unison.

"Well, let?s go." Ted said as the princesses got in the back of the van and Bill drove to the prom.

As they entered the prom, Joanna and Elizabeth were amazed at all the lights, candles, and different dresses all the other girls wore.

"So, this is the prom?  This is actually sort of?." Elizabeth started.

"Neat?" Joanna finished.

"Exactly." Elizabeth said.

"Yeah, I wonder who they got to play music." Bill said.

"Yeah," Ted tried to say over the fifty other voices talking loudly.

"What time is it?" Bill asked.

"Uh, six fifty-eight." Ted answered after looking at his watch.

"Good evening, everyone, this is the San Dimas High School prom nineteen eighty-eight.  So, I am pleased to introduce to you the band for this year the?" Mr. Ryan paused, "Tame Rainbows."

The band of guys wearing dreadlocks and tie-dye came up on the stage and started playing reggae music.

"I?ve never heard of em?." Ted said.

"Tame Rainbows?  Well, at least they aren?t the Wyld Stallyns."

"What do you mean?" Joanna asked.

"If they were the Wyld Stallyns, we?d have to change our band name." Bill explained.

"Good point, dude." Ted said.

"So, what do people do at the prom?" Elizabeth asked Ted.

"Well, they usually dance." Ted answered.

"Yo everyone, we?re going to sing a song called ?Dust in the Wind?." The guy at the microphone said in an obviously fake Jamaican accent.

"Finally, a song we know." Bill said.

"Do you wanna dance, Elizabeth?" Ted asked.

"Sure." She answered with a smile.

Joanna looked at Bill who only shrugged before dancing with her.


Two hours later?

"Now, the moment you?ve all been waiting for... the prom king and queen." Mr. Ryan announced, "The prom queen of San Dimas High School nineteen eighty-eight is... Miss Jody Davis." Jody walked up got her crown and no one was surprised that she won.

And now, the prom king of San Dimas High School nineteen eighty-eight is? Are you sure this is right?" he asked.

"Yes, this is what everyone voted, just announce it already." A female voice from the back of the room answered.

"The prom king of San Dimas High School nineteen eighty-eighty is? Ted Logan." Mr. Ryan announced.

"What?!  Prom king?  No way!" Ted said.

"Ted, just come up and get your crown." Mr. Ryan said.

Ted walked up to the stage and they gave him the crown.

After he walked back Bill said, "Ted, that was totally unexpected."

"Yeah, it really was." Ted agreed and walked up to Elizabeth.

"You guys wanna get pictures?" Bill asked.

"Sure." The three answered and they got prom pictures.

The End