A Most Triumphant Graduation

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Stepping into his living room, Bill was hoping his dad wouldn't notice him dressed for graduation.

"I can't believe it!  You're graduating already!  Next, you'll be going to college and getting married and-"

"Dad, you're thinking way ahead." Bill said extending the word 'way.'

"I know, I know.  Your mother will be there.  She said she wouldn't miss it for the world." His dad explained.

"Did she really say that?" Bill asked.

"Well, uh, she said she'd be there, but-"

"I won't get my hopes up.." Bill mumbled.

"It'll be okay, Son.  I think she'll show up." Bill's dad encouraged.

Bill smiled and nodded as they walked to their car.


"Like I told you, pretty soon you're gonna go to college, if dad doesn't force you to go to military school, of course.  Next thing you know, I'll be in San Dimas High School, and you'll still be trying to make your band famous." Deacon reminded Ted.

Ted rolled his eyes at Deacon, "Deacon, I heard you the first time, Dude, dad can't force me to go to the military, and I don't know if I'll go to college."

"C'mon, guys!  We have to go!  Ted's graduation starts in forty-five minutes!" Captain Logan said rushing them to get to the car.

The car ride was very silent, as usual, and Captain Logan was not wanting to change that.

As they arrived, Ted noticed Bill walking in the parking lot.

"How's it going, Dude?" Ted greeted after catching up with Bill.

"Hey, Ted!  Not bad, Dude." Bill greeted.

"Can you actually believe we're graduating from high school?" Ted asked.

"No, I can't believe it.  This is where we met Missy, we did our history report, where we almost failed history.  Dude, we have memories here."

"Yeah, most-definitely." Ted agreed as they walked inside the school building.

"All San Dimas High School graduates please report to the school gym.  All San Dimas High School graduates please report to the gym, thank you." the principle said over the P.A.

"That's us, Dude." Ted said before they went to the school gym.


20 minutes later

"You're all in order of your last names, correct?  It looks like you're ready to go." Mr. Ryan said before the ceremony started, "Okay, Bill, Ted, I hope you prepared your speech."

Ted looked at Bill after they both remembered they were supposed to prepare a speech to say in front of the school.

"Jessica Adams..."

Ted couldn't wait to actually graduate from high school and sort of drifted off for a minute or so.

"Jody Davis..."

"Austin Ellerbee..."

"Francis Ellerbee..."

Bill just stood there and waited for what seemed like a long time to him.

"Theodore Logan..."

Ted went and got his diploma and sat down with the other kids.

"Waldo Matthews..."

"Edward Maxwell..."

"Anthony Norris..."

"Alex Norwell..."

"Dave Orlando..."

"William Preston..."

After feeling like it had been years since then, Bill got his diploma and sat down.

"And now, a speech from Theodore Logan and William Preston." the principle announced after giving the last diploma out.

Bill and Ted walked up to the front with almost nothing to say, "Uh, uh, how's it going, fellow classmates?  I'm Bill S. Preston....Esq."

"and I'm Ted 'Theodore' Logan..."

"and we're Wyld Stallyns!"

Ted could see his dad roll his eyes with disapproval and continued, "Well, uh, earlier today, uh, I was saying to Bill, that um, we have a lot of excellent memories here..."

"yeah, and that.... We had so much that happened while we were here that we'll never forget."

Ted smiled at Bill for thinking of that, "So, uh..."

"Be excellent to each other...."

"Party on, Dudes!"

They were surprised that they even got an applause as they left the stage.

A long ceremony took place, which Bill sat almost impatiently.  He couldn't wait until he was officially a high school graduate.

"I can now say that you have officially graduated high school." the principle announced.

Bill realized since he wasn't really paying attention, that he forgot to fix the tassel on his cap.  He immediately fixed it and followed everyone else by throwing it in the air.

He halfly saw his dad with a blonde woman, who he thought was Missy until he looked again.  His mom actually came, and he was surprised.

"Billy!  I'm so proud of you? You're a high school graduate!  How does it feel?"

He smiled, "Good, I guess. I don't have to worry about school anymore."

"Great job, Son.  I'm proud of you." His dad said pulling him into a hug.

Bill realized that this was the first time he ever had this much attention from his parents.  It was the first time he ever remembered hearing 'I'm proud of you' other than after he got potty-trained.


"Like I said, man, like I said." Deacon reminded him for the third time.

"Ted....." Captain Logan sighed, "I'm..... proud of you, Son."

Ted couldn't help smiling and hugging his dad.  He could tell his dad was about to cry when he said, "Your mom would've been so proud of you."

That let him down a little, his mom wasn't even able to see his first day of high school.

He just nodded, and looked over at Bill who was actually being smothered by his parents.

All of a sudden, he felt someone wrap their arms around him from behind.  He turned around to find Elizabeth, "Hey, Elizabeth!"

"What is a high school graduation exactly?" she asked.

"Well, it's after you finish high school, they kind of have a ceremony... like this one."

"Oh... That makes sense." she said.

"Dude, we're out of high school!" Bill said walking with Joanna up to Ted.

"yeah, this is most-excellent!" Ted replied.

"But... How'd you two get here?" Bill asked Joanna.

"Congratulations on graduating high school, amigos." Rufus said.

"Rufus!  How's it going, dude?" Ted asked.

"Not bad.  Now that you're out of high school, it.'ll be easier to work on the band, because you won't have to worry about school."

"Most definitely!" Bill said.

"Well, what are we going to do, my excellent friend?" Ted asked.

"I don't know, my excellent friend.  Let's find out." Bill answered.

The End