Bill & Ted's Spiritual Journey

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"How?s going dudes?" screamed Bill & Ted, then they peeled back their skin revealing robotic heads. The whole class screamed in terror, thinking that the Two Great Ones were robots. Then De Nomolos said, "Friends, friends, friends . . . these are automatons, replicas only."

Then the entire place went snowy like a T.V. A policeman said, "Turn off the T.V., Chuck."

"It?s De Nomolos," said De Nomolos with an ugly look. "Hmm, my past attempts in killing those two idiots have failed! I need to bring my best plan into action!" murmured De Nomolos.

All of a sudden a weird blue spark came from the T.V. "What?" said the policeman.

Then every piece of machinery sparked with blue. A phone booth came from the ceiling of De Nomolos? cell. These two teenagers popped out of it.

"How?s it going, Chuck Dude?" said the teenagers.

"It?s not Chuck! Now let?s get out of here," said De Nomolos.

They walked into the booth while the policemen were stunned at the sight. The two teenagers, a.k.a the evil Bill & Ted Robots, dialed a lot of numbers into the phone in the booth then stood still for a few seconds. The booth made an awful noise. It was sparking blue then it sounded like it blew up, but it started to disappear into the floor. Then it was gone!

* * * * * * * * * *

"I?m Bill S. Preston, Esquire!"

"And I?m Ted "Theodore" Logan!" screamed Bill and Ted.

"And we?re Wyld Stallyns!"

Then the most awful guitar noise filled the room and an amp blew up.

"Bogus, not again," said Bill in disgust.

"I doubt we will ever become as good as our future selves as they were in the Battle of the Bands," said Ted almost crying.

"Dude!" said Bill, "Suck it up!"

They walked into their kitchen. Ted was making his special Wyld Stallyns ham sandwich, then Bill slammed the fridge door hard. "Where are we going to get the money for new amps?" said Bill in anger.

"Maybe we can ask the princesses for the money," said Ted, a bit clueless.

"No dude, we have to stop relying on people?s help if we want to become anything important," Bill said.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Come here!" screamed De Nomolos.

"Coming, dude!" said E Bill & E Ted.

"How?s the repairs coming along on the Shadow Booth?" said De Nomolos. "I need to start my plans A.S.A.P. . . . we need to destroy those two idiots!"

"We know, my lord, but going to the past and back to the future blew the time antenna somehow, Chuck dude, but it will be fixed soon," said E Ted, hoping it would. "Calm down, De Nomolos."

"Just hurry!" De Nomolos barked.

* * * * * * * * * *

"GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU!" shouted Bill & Ted.

"That was non-triumphant Bill. We will never get good as our future selves, dude," said Ted. "Let?s just go grab a pizza."

All of a sudden there were blue sparks everywhere. A phone booth landed in front of Bill & Ted. Then a person with a very weird outfit got out of the booth.

"Rufus!" said Bill & Ted with grins.

"How?s it going, excellent ones?" said Rufus. "There?s an urgent mission for you two! De Nomolos is up to his dirty tricks again. But worse, he has recreated his two bogus ones. And he?s created something so horrifying . . . I can?t say it."

"What is it?" said Bill & Ted.

"A??Shadow Booth," said Rufus.

"What?" Bill and Ted said.

"A Shadow Booth. It?s a booth turned evil."

"Evil?" asked Bill and Ted, a bit clueless.

"Yes, and machines can be turned evil with a liquid called Nomolos mix, made by De Nomolos. He stole a booth and made it evil before he came to the Battle of the Bands and got arrested. It was a back-up plan. The evil bogus ones took the Shadow Booth and sprung De Nomolos from jail."

Then suddenly BOOM! came the Shadow Booth. "Bogus!" Bill, Ted & Rufus said.

"Kill them!" cried out De Nomolos to the evil Bill & Ted Robots.

"Most excellent! We get to kill them again!" said the evil Bill & Ted. "Let?s trash them!"

"Greats Ones, use the booth . . . pick up the princesses and type 785 BC in the booth, and quick!" said Rufus.

"Right, will do," said the good Bill and Ted. While they were leaving in the booth they saw their evil selves hurt Rufus very badly.

On the way to 785 BC with the princesses they were thinking of ways to kill their evil selves. One of the princesses suggested Bill & Ted?s good robot selves, but Bill said, "The government won?t let us have any more plutonium to power them." Everyone said, "BOGUS!"

The booth landed in the right time. "Wow, tranquil dude," said Ted.

"Ya dude, but why did Rufus want us to come here?"

"Maybe he wanted us to hide," said one of the princesses.

"No, Rufus wouldn?t want us to do . . . " and then Bill got cut off by some monk kind of dude.

"Hello, Great Ones! I?m Itchy Van Halen," said the monk.

"Van Halen! EXCELLENT!! We can trust this guy most indefinitely," said Bill & Ted.

"A shiny silver box fell from the sky, revealing a guy in weird outfit. He told me about you," said the monk dude. "Pardon, my English, it isn?t that good.

"OK monk dude, that explains how you know us but why are we here?"

"For your spiritual enlightening in learning the way of the guitar," said the monk.

"You mean you?re the dude who taught us how to rock, and those years of guitar lessons our future selves talked about at the Battle of the Bands?" asked Ted.

"Yes, Theodore, it is," said the monk with a smile.

"EXCELLENT!! We didn?t know when that would happen to us. Thanks a lot, monk dude. Oh wait . . . who?s going to teach us?" Bill exclaimed.

"Me," said the monk. "Rufus taught me and I?ll teach you."

"Most excellent! Let?s get started," Bill & Ted said.

* * * * * * * * * *

After six months of guitar training, Bill and Ted turned out to be most excellent rockers. After that they returned to their time and found everything in ruins. They found pictures of De Nomolos everywhere.

"Bogus!" said Ted.

"Princesses, take the booth and get," said Bill.

The princesses left. Bill & Ted found themselves, thinking about how to defeat their evil Robot doubles.

"Hey wusses!" screamed the Evil Ted.

"We?re going to kill you now, dudes!" said Evil Bill.

The good Bill & Ted couldn?t do anything. The evil robots had ten times their strength and plasma weapons . . . it seemed impossible. Until . . . . Boom! It was the booth with the good Bill and Ted robots and some sticks of Plutonium. After a few hours of trying to install the plutonium, the battle got started.

"Hey Evil metal dickweeds, let?s fight!" screamed Bill and Ted.

"Hey, Evil Dude, I think we met our match? again!" Evil Bill said.

Then before the evil robots knew it, their heads blew off? again!

Then the Shadow Booth appeared. "I?m not going to mess this up again; I?m going to kill you two!" De Nomolos shouted. He shot Bill & Ted.

The Two Great Ones found themselves on the ground in pain. "Finally I?m going to win!" said De Nomolos.

Then the booth appeared and landed right on top of De Nomolos. The princesses came out. "William, Theodore! We are glad to see you two are alright!" said the princesses.

They saw smiles on Bill & Ted?s faces. The princesses turned around. "My word!" said the princesses. They killed De Nomolos!

After a couple of days in the hospital, Bill & Ted went to a concert at which they were going to rock. The concert was a thanks to them for defeating De Nomolos. Bill & Ted went onstage.

"Face your fears, dude!" said Bill.

"Ya, or offer them a honey bun or something," said Ted.

"And you?re not that bad dude, SO DON?T GET PROGRAMED BY ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF! So let?s Rock!!!!!!"