Never Meant to Be

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"Hello, Preston Residence, this is Bill."

"Hey, Bill.  It's your mom, in case you didn't know.  I called to apologize about last week.  There was an emergency and I had to go out of town." She explained.

"Oh, it's okay, what happened?" Bill asked.

"Is your father home?  I'd like to talk to him about you coming to visit me next week.  If that's okay, of course?" she asked.

"Okay, one minute." he said before setting the phone down and looking for his dad.

"Dad, mom's on the phone and wants to talk to you." Bill noted.

His dad just glanced at him and got up to talk on the phone.

"Hello, Elaine.  How are you doing?" his dad asked.

Bill went to his garage to play his guitar.  What was going on?  Why was she not telling him?  Many questions similar to that ran through his mind.  What could have possibly happened?  That question could be answered in multiple different ways.  So, he didn't try to guess.

About an hour later his dad walked in the garage, "Bill, we gotta clean the house."

"We never clean the house.  Why now?" he asked.

"Your mother's coming to dinner tonight at six o'clock.  Yes, you have to be here." his dad answered.

"Okay." Bill sighed and got up to clean.  Maybe later when his mom came, he could ask her what happened.

The phone rang around five forty-five, "Preston Residence, this is Bill."

"How's it going, my excellent friend?" Ted asked.

"Not so bad, Ted." Bill answered.

"Are we practicing for the battle of the bands tomorrow?" Ted asked.

"Dude, We haven't even picked out a song."

"I know, but, why don't we pick one out now?" Ted asked.

"Well, we need the babes' opinions." Bill noted.

"Right, we'll have to pick it out tomorrow." Ted noted.

"Dude, I gotta go, my mom should be here any minute." Bill explained.

"Okay, catch you later, dude." Ted said before hanging up.

"Who was that?" Bill's dad asked as he walked in their kitchen.

"It was Ted." Bill answered.

His dad just nodded and resumed cooking what looked like peas but Bill couldn't be sure.

"I'm making peas for dinner.  I found them in the refrigerator." his dad paused, "But strangely, I don't ever remember making peas." he said before shrugging and returning to cooking.

"Do you kno-" Bill was cut off by the doorbell, "I'll get it." he noted before answering the door to his mom, looking beautiful.  He never remembered his mom dressing nice for just an ordinary dinner.

"Hey, mom." he greeted with a hug.

"Hey, Billy." she greeted as they walked inside.

"Hello, Eugene." she greeted as Bill took her to the kitchen.

"Elaine, I must say, you look absolutely beautiful." he commented.

"Oh, thank you." she said with the flirtiest smile Bill had ever seen her make.

"So, our dinner of meatloaf and peas is officially done." Bill's dad said to him self as he set a pan of meatloaf on the counter.

"That sounds incredible." Bill's mom said as she looked over at the food.

Bill put the food on the plates and set them on the table and his parents began eating immediately.


"Yes, Billy."

"What happened last week?" he asked.

His mom looked over at his dad with a 'should I tell him?' look on her face.  His dad nodded 'yes' to her.

"Billy, you remember your grandmother?  My mother, right?" she asked.

"Yeah." he answered.

"Well, my sister, Aunt Alice, had a heart attack and my mother, your grandmother, was a little scared and I had to go back to Dallas to make sure she was okay." she explained.

"Did Aunt Alice..." he paused, "Die?" Bill asked.

"No, honey, she just had a mild heart attack.  She's fine now." she answered.

"How do you have a 'mild heart attack'?" Bill's dad asked.

"Well, it wasn't a terrible one.  She didn't die, Eugene." she paused and looked at the peas once more, "Eugene, should I be worried that these peas are brown once you get to the center?" she asked.

His eyes widened.  "It all makes sense now.  I made beans four months ago and left them in the refrigerator."

Bill looked at the "peas / beans" with disgust, feeling happy he didn't eat it.

His mom could not believe what she ate and if she was standing up, she would have probably fainted.

"I'm so sorry, Elaine." his dad apologized.  "Why don't we go somewhere where they don't have beans that we mistake for peas?" she asked.

"Thats a good idea." his dad said and got up helping his ex-wife to the car, hoping she wouldn't faint.

So, they went to the first place they could find which they didn't seem to catch the name of.

"Well, Bill, your mother and I have made a decision." his dad said and grabbed his ex-wife's hand, "We've decided to start dating again." his dad announced.

Bill was shocked.  His parents, who fought every day of his life to the time he was seven were going to date each other again.  He was completely speechless.

"Billy, Honey, you okay?" his mother asked as he sat with a confused face while his mouth hung open.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he answered and hardly said anything else for the rest of the night.

"So, will I see you on Tuesday, Billy?" His mom asked him as she left their car.

"Yeah." he answered and his mom walked to her front door and tried to unlock the door to her house.  It wouldn't open.  She tried at least twice and walked back to their car.

"My house is locked and I can't get in." she noted, "Can you give me a ride to a hotel I can stay at for the night?" she asked them.

"Why can't she stay at our house?" Bill asked.

"Yeah, why not?" his dad said.

"Really?  Thank you so much." she said as he opened the door for her.


The next morning

"Good morning, Billy." his mother greeted as he walked through the kitchen.

"Good morning, mom." he greeted.

"Hey, Bill. How are you doing?" his dad asked.

"I'm fine." he answered.

"You know, Elaine, he really looks like you." his dad noted.

"Yes, he does." she agreed.

"I gotta go to school now." Bill noted as he grabbed his backpack and left.


Eight hours later

"Eugene, what do you mean?  Being an accountant isn't a real job!"

"Yes, it is!  Elaine, all you ever cared about was being a stylist!"

"Not true!  That's not true at all!  Eugene, you never listened to me!"

"Oh, yeah?  Well, you never listened to Bill!  Bill was left by you and if you would've cared you would've came back years ago!"

Bill couldn't stand it any longer.  He went to his room and buried his head between his pillows.

"I should've never agreed to date you again!  This would never work out!"

A loud slam of a door and the sound of a starting car could be heard.

Bill left his room to see his dad sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

"Bill, it's just not gonna work out. I'm sorry, we tried.  We just can't.." his dad sighed, "We can't seem to not fight."

"It's okay, Dad."



"I'll always love you son." Bill's dad said.

Bill smiled, "I feel the same way, Dad." he said before walking up the steps to go to his room.

The End