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Ted was sitting on the couch, waiting for Bill to arrive.  (Bill was out buying some snacks from the Circle K.)  Ted kept peeking through the door every few minutes to see if he was there.  After doing this for about an hour, he finally saw Bill coming.  Ted was slightly relieved.

"What?s up, Ted?  You look stressed or somethin?."

Ted did looked stressed, and he was stressed.  He wasn?t sure how to break it to Bill.

"Is something wrong, Ted?"  Bill was confused.  What was wrong with Ted?

"Dude, I don?t know where the babes are."

"What?"  Now Bill was stressed.

"You know how they said they were coming over this afternoon for band practice?"

Bill nodded in agreement.  He looked around noticing the absence of their presence.  "Where are they?"

"I don?t know?they never came!  I called their apartment, but they didn?t answer.  I even left a message and they didn?t call back."


Both of them were extremely worried.  What had happened to the princesses?

"What should we do, dude?" Ted asked.  Both of them thought silently for a while.

"Still have that phone booth?" Ted asked. "Is it still in your dad?s garage?"


"Maybe we could go back in time and see what they were doing today."

"Yeah!  Good thinkin?, Ted!"  Ted showed a small smile from his friend's praise.  He felt a bit better with that compliment.  "Well?Let?s go get the booth!"  Ted was hoping it was still there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What do you mean you sold it?!?" Bill asked his dad angrily.

"Well it?s not like you guys used it all the time!" Mr. Preston was pretty angry, too.

Ted stood there, thinking while they had their father-son argument.  After listening to them exchange many rude remarks, Ted thought of something.  "Who?d ya sell it to?"

Bill and his dad froze.  They stared at Ted for a few moments.  "The man didn?t tell me his full name, but he said everyone called him ?Rufus?."

"Rufus!" Bill and Ted said excitedly.

"What?" Mr. Preston was rather surprised.  "You guys know him?"

"Uh??????.no." Bill said as Mr. Preston raised an eyebrow.  "Just reminded us of somethin? we saw on TV last night."  Ted acted like this was true and nodded in agreement.  "Did he say where he was going?" Bill asked his dad.

"No.  He just said he was looking for a phone booth.  And he didn?t say why, so don?t ask."

Why would Rufus want it?  He has at least one extra booth.  Why did he need theirs?  They figured if there was a problem with the Stallyns (in the future) he would help them.  He?d already done it
once before, so why wouldn?t he do it again?  They could only hope?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I?ve got it!  I?ve got the booth!  Now there?s no way those idiotic fools can save you now!"

The princesses squirmed in the chairs they were tied to.  Their squeals were muffled by the tape that was stuck to their lips.  They didn?t know what terrors he could unleash.  They were horrified.  Then his evil mouth spoke, "Now the Stallyns will be no more!  I?ll lure them into this ingenious trap.  Then I kill them!  Ha, ha, ha!  Oh don?t worry," he said listening to their squeals.  "I didn?t forget about you.  You?ll be gone before they have to worry."

The princesses grew silent.  They were staring at the man.  Their eyes showed sheer terror.  "Their stupid band will never be a hit thanks to me!  DeNomolos!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Rufus!"  Bill and Ted were more than happy to see him.

"Greetings.  I have some very bad news."

"Before you say anything, Rufus," Ted said, "Why did you take the booth?"

"Yeah, Rufus!  My dad said you bought it. We needed it for once and you took it!"

"I took the booth?" Rufus said, shocked that they would accuse him of something?anything for that matter.  "I would never do such a thing."

"Well then, who was it?" Bill asked.  The Great Ones were most confused.

"I believe it was DeNomolos.  He?s always plotting things against you.  Even you should know that by now."

"Oh yeah!  He took the babes, didn?t he?" Ted asked, feeling like he was getting smarter over the past few hours.

"That?s why I came," Rufus informed them, "I came to help you save the princesses.  I noticed, on our radars, that the princesses weren?t with you, so I figured I better come help.  Seems like I was right."

"You said you have a radar?" Bill asked.  Rufus nodded.  "Well, do you know where they are?"

"DeNomolos has them in 2692."

"OK?but where in 2692?"

"Well?" Rufus paused.  "No one knows.  We?ve tried using our most advanced locating devices, satellites, everything, but DeNomolos has the whole thing covered up."

"Well?lets go try and find the babes!" Ted exclaimed, just wanting to see Lizzy?s face once more.  All three of them went into the booth and Rufus dialed the numbers.  They were off to find the babes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"?and here?s our radar detectoreciplinifier.  It?s the most advance locator in the universe." Rufus explained.  (They had taken Rufus? phone booth to 2692.)

"You still couldn?t find them on this?" Bill asked rather shocked (and worried).  Rufus shook his head.  "No."

Bill and Ted exchanged an expression of worry.  Where could they be?

"In previous attempts to stop you," Rufus continued, "DeNomolos has always been in an office building down on West Stallyn Road.  Of course, we don?t know if he?s still there.  Although it is possible that he is there.  After all, he hasn?t changed location over his past failed attempts."

Bill and Ted stood there thinking about what they should do.  "Should we try the building, I mean he?s not that smart, so he probably didn?t change location."  Ted was hoping Bill would agree.  (After all, he was feeling smart.)

"Alright.  Let?s go."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hello?" Bill?s voice echoed through out the vacant office lobby.  The building was completely dark except for the light shining through the windows.  All of the furniture looked old and tattered.  Dust was everywhere.

"They?re probably farther back in the building," Rufus suggested.

"Yeah?let?s keep going."  The three of them started walking through the building, but they saw no one.

"You think we should split up?" Ted proudly suggested.

"Let?s give it a shot," Bill said.  "Rufus could you stay with the booth?"

"Of course," Rufus bowed a bit.  After all, he was granting the Great Ones request.

"OK?which way do you want to go?" Bill asked.

Ted looked around.  "I?ll go this way," Ted said pointing in some direction.

"Alright, I?ll go this way," Bill pointed in the opposite way.

They started walking in their chosen directions.  Both of them kept walking and walking.  They went up and down countless staircases.  After searching for about an hour, Bill heard something ?moving.  "Hello?" his voice echoed again.  No one answered.  "Ted?"  Still no reply.  Suddenly someone grabbed his arm.  "TED!" Bill shrieked.  A hand covered his mouth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ted was looking around.  There was absolutely nothing in this place.  Where could they be?  Was DeNomolos really in that building?


"Bill?" Ted cried out into the office he was in.  Oh no.  Ted tried to follow the voice of which, he was pretty sure, was Bill?s.  What had happened?  Ted was now extremely scared.  He was all alone in some creepy office building and he had no idea where his friends were.  Come on!  Was he a wimp or something?  Pull yourself together, Ted?pull yourself together.  He continued walking through the offices, but he saw or heard no one.  Then he saw something he hadn?t noticed before?an elevator door.  Why hadn?t he noticed it before?  Oh well?did it matter?  Ted pushed the single button outside the elevator and waited for the door to open?it didn?t.  He pushed it again.  Why didn?t it open?  Ted figured it was broken or something?it was a really old office building, so the elevator probably didn?t work.  Ted pushed the button one last time, just to make sure it worked?the door opened, and to Ted?s surprise, did not reveal an elevator, but another room. 

"Whoa?" Ted walked in cautiously.  The door slammed shut behind him.  Ted jumped.  "Hello Ted."  He was greeted by Rufus.

"RUFUS!  Thank goodness I found you!"

Then DeNomolos walked in behind Rufus.  Ted?s heart stopped.  Oh no?

"So nice of you to join us," DeNomolos said as evil as he possibly could as he stepped to the side.  There was Joanna, Elizabeth, and Bill tied to chairs with tape across their faces.

"Bogus?" Ted thought?why wouldn?t he?

"Now as for you?" DeNomolos paused.  "Would you like to watch them die or die trying to save them?"

"NO WAY!" Ted yelled.  He was really ticked.  DeNomolos was now officially on his "bogus" list.

"?No way!?" DeNomolos mimicked, "what?"

Ted thought for a few seconds.  What in the heck should he do?  "Rufus," Ted addressed him, "do you know where the booth is?"

"Why should I tell you?" Rufus remarked.


Rufus peeled the skin off his face.  He was a robot.  Bogus!

"You see why he came to ?help? you?"  DeNomolos was overjoyed.  He had never been so close to stopping the Wyld Stallyns.  "Rufus?tie him up."

The robot grabbed Ted?s arms.  Ted tried to fight back, but to no avail.  He slammed Ted into a chair next to Bill?s.

"I?ll do somethin? dude." Ted murmured to Bill as the robot turned to get some rope and tape.  Bill nodded.

Ted jumped up.  DeNomolos and the robot turned and looked.  "No way, dudes!"  Ted pulled a random weapon off of DeNomolos? "Wall of Weapons".  He aimed straight at DeNomolos.  "Dude!  How do you work this?" Ted whispered back to Bill.  Bill shrugged and showed a face of confusion.  Heinous?

Then a flash of light came down behind DeNomolos and his cohort.  It was a phone booth.  Out stepped the real Rufus.

"RUFUS!!!" All four of Stallyns shrieked excitedly.  (Of course, three of them were muffled by tape.)

DeNomolos turned around.  "Oh no you don?t!" he cried, "Not this time!"  He pulled a rather small gun out of his pocket and aimed it right at Rufus.

"Oh please," Rufus said, "Don?t start the ?I-know-it?s-small-but-it?s-very-powerful? routine.  That gun is useless!"

"How did you know?!?" DeNomolos screamed.

Rufus took the gun and knocked DeNomolos out with it.

"EXCELLENT!" Bill and Ted thought to themselves.

Then Rufus ripped open the robot and crushed its robot parts.

"DUDE!" the Great Ones, again, thought to themselves.  They had no idea that Rufus was such an excellent fighter.  Ted and Rufus then untied and untaped the other Stallyns.

"Whoa?" Bill said, finally able to breathe at last, "that was totally triumphant!"  Everyone laughed.

"Thank you very much." the babes thanked Rufus in unison.  Rufus did the usual bow.

"Let?s go home, dude." Bill suggested to Ted.  Into the booth they went?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bill and Ted sat on the couch next to the babes.  They were watching MTV.  They all sighed, surprisingly, in unison and then laughed.  They couldn?t believe what had happened the day before.  Being captured by an evil villain from the future?whoa.  What a day that had been.  Bill and Ted looked at each other across the couch.  They exchanged looks of relief and happiness.  They were so glad the babes (and each other) were okay.  They just sat there and wondered, "What will happen tomorrow?"