Lost in the Net

Written by:
Nick W.

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"Bill, Bill!!!"  A voice yelled through the hall.

"Over here, Ted," Bill said.

"Oh, there you are Bill, what are you doing on your computer?" said Ted itching his head.  Bill said, "Looking on the internet for some guitar tabs."

"Excellent!" yelled Ted and did some sweet air guitar.  Ted pulled up a chair and sat down next to Bill.  "There it is, Ted," Bill said.  Bill hit the print button on the computer and then pressed the power button on the printer.  "Ted get the paper," Bill said.

"What paper?" Ted said.

"The paper over there, Ted."

Bill pointed over to where the paper was above the computer.  Ted said, "There is none up their dude."  Bill looked up and said, "What?  There was some paper up there a few days ago."  "Well I guess we have to go up to the Circle K and get some."


"Hop in, Bil,l" said Ted.  Bill hopped into the van and shut the door.  They pulled away from the house and down the street.  Bill asked Ted "After we get the tabs off the computer I say we try it."  "Excellent idea, dude!" Ted yelled.

Ted turned into the Circle K and parked the van into a parking spot.  Both Bill and Ted got out of the van and shut the doors.  Bill and Ted walked into the Circle K.

Bill took some computer paper and walked up to the counter and paid for it.  Ted found some pop and bought it.  Bill was first to the van and a few seconds later Ted came out and said "Got what you need, dude?"  "Ya," said Bill.

They both got into the van and drove to Bill's house.  Bill got out and ran into the house.  Ted followed Bill into the house, shutting both car doors and the house door behind him.  When Ted got to the computer he found Bill printing the tabs to the song that they were going to play.

"Bill look!" said Ted.  Bill turned his head to see Ted pointing at the pop that he had bought at the Circle K.  "Excellent, Ted," Bill said and played air guitar.  Ted opened one of the pops and gave one to Bill.  Ted opened another one for him but when Ted opened up the pop some of it came out and splashed on to the hard drive of the computer just as Bill said, "Got it."  The computer started to make very weird sounds.  Sparks started to come out of the hard drive.

"What did you do, Ted?" asked Bill.

Ted replied, "I opened a pop dude."

Five minutes later the computer stopped sparking.  Bill came out from behind a nearby chair and looked at the computer.  He pressed the power button for the computer but nothing happened.  Ted came out from behind the sofa and walked up to Bill.  Ted said, "I have an idea."


"Ted, the last time we tried this we got sucked into the television remember?" said Bill.  Bill walked around the phone booth and got in with Ted.  "Yes I know dude," said Ted.  Ted pressed a few buttons and the booth went into the ground and came up in Bill's living room.  Bill got out and took a cord and stuck it to the top of the booth.  "It's in, Ted," said Bill.  Ted took the other end of the cord and put it in the hard drive of the computer.  Ted said, "Let's see if this works, Bill."  Both Bill and Ted walked into the booth and shut the door.  Bill pushed in 4129075 and the * #.  The booth started to make some sounds and then the computer turned on.

"Alright dude, it works," said Bill.  "Okay I am going to shut it off, Bill," said Ted.  Ted turned around and pushed the * # buttons.  "Um Bill, it's not working," said Ted.  The booth went into the cord and into the computer.  "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Bill and Ted yelled.


Detective Logan pulled up to Bill's house trying to find his son.  He saw that the van that Ted drives was there and that the front door of the house was left open.  Detective Logan stepped out of the car and went up to the front door.  He knocked once and said "Ted, are you in there?"  No one answered his call so Detective Logan opened the door and stepped in.  He first went into the kitchen of the house and saw no one was there.  Then after he looked there he went into the garage to see if the boys were playing their guitars.  Detective Logan saw no one then he finally went into the living room.  He saw that the computer was on and then said to himself "Where are those boys?"  Detective Logan walked out of the house and shut the front door.  He walked back to his car and pulled out of the driveway.


The phone booth was spinning and doing flips around what looked like the circuits of time but the booth was in the computer.  "Bill, where are we, dude?" said Ted.  "I don?t know, Ted," said Bill.  The booth landed and Bill and Ted stepped out.  "Ted, I can only see white," Bill said.  "Ya, me too," Ted replied.  The boys walked around and they heard echoes when they walked.  "Lets get back to the booth, Ted," said Bill.  They went back into the booth and pressed some numbers and then the booth went through the ground.  "Ted, I think that we are lost in the Internet!" Bill said.

To Be Continued . . . .