The New Kid - Part 1

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Bill woke up to the loud sound of Missy banging pans around.

It was almost time for school and he couldn?t be late again.  So, he grabbed his backpack and went down the steps.

"Morning, Bill.  How are you doing?" His dad asked as soon as he noticed him.

"I?m fine." Bill answered.

His dad just nodded and continued to read the paper.

"Hi, Bill, would you like something to eat?" Missy asked.

Bill remembered the disgusting food Missy made the night before and answered "No, thanks.  I gotta go to school now anyway."

"Oh, Okay, Bye."

Bill left to the bus stop and waited for the bus.

As soon as the bus came by he got on and left for school.

Ted noticed him and motioned for him to sit by him.

"Hey, Ted.  How?s it going?"

"Good, I guess." Ted answered quietly.

"Did your dad see the prom pictures yet?" Bill asked.

"Well, you know, uh, I don?t really know if I want him to see the pictures.  You know?  He?s my dad and you know how my dad is." Ted answered.

Bill nodded and said, "Yeah, I know."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

6 ? hours later

Location: History class

"So, since they didn?t accept him, Hudson Taylor turned into a Chinese guy.  So they would accept him." Bill answered the previous question asked.

"No, Bill, Hudson Taylor went to China and dressed in the Chinese attire so they would accept him." Mr. Ryan explained a few seconds before the bell rang.

"Okay, Class, You are dismissed." Mr. Ryan said as all the students left the classroom.

"Ted, I heard you got Prom King, nice job." Mr. Ryan noted.

Slightly embarrassed, Ted left the classroom.

"Oh, yeah, that?s right.  You did win Prom King this year." Ox noted.

"Yeah, by the way, you guys had the best history report." One of the other jocks noted.

"Totally." Another one agreed.

"Oh, thanks?" Bill said.

"I don?t even get how I won though." Ted noted.

"Uh, we all voted for you." Ox said.

"Why?" Bill asked.

"Because of the awesome history report you guys did." The other one answered.

"Whoa!  Really?" Bill asked.

"Yeah, totally." Another one answered as they all left.

Bill looked at Ted who only shrugged.

"Bill, Ted, this is the new kid, Kale.  Can you show him his locker and show him how to put the combination in?" Mr. Ryan asked.

"Oh, uh, Sure." Ted answered as he and Bill walked the shot guy with blonde dreadlocks to his locker.

"So, short, blonde, dreadlocks dude, this is your locker.  Here is the combination.  Do you know how to use it?" Bill asked.

Kale nodded before noticing a Dorito in his hair, pulling it out and eating it.

Disgusted, Ted decided to ask him, "Do you speak English?"

Kale nodded, "Why won?t you talk then?" Bill asked.

"Because I?d just rather not talk sometimes." Kale said in a fake Jamaican accent.

Noticing the fake Jamaican accent, they realized he was the lead singer of the Tame Rainbows.

"Hey!  Dude, you?re the lead singer for the Tame Rainbows." Ted said.

"Yeah, and you?re the guy who won Prom King." He replied blandly.

Ted shrugged, "So, how old are you?" Bill asked.

"Well, uh, how old are you?" Kale asked.

"Seventeen and a half." Ted answered.

"Uh, me too." Kale answered.

Noticing the time Ted said, "We have to go catch the bus now, so, uh, Catch ya later."

"Okay." Kale said before walking away.



"That dude is strange." Bill mumbled.

Ted nodded and walked to the bus with Bill.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So, who is this Kale?" Elizabeth asked.

"He?s new at our school." Bill answered.

"What does he look like?" Joanna asked.

"He?s got dreadlocks and blonde hair and he?s kinda short." Bill answered.

"You?re one to speak." Missy commented.

"Oh, Hey, Missy, I mean, Mom."

"Bill, I?m going out to the mall, you guys can come if you?d like." Missy mentioned.

Bill looked over at Ted, who looked at Elizabeth, who looked at Joanna, who shrugged.

"Okay, let?s go." Bill said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

One hour later

"It is so loud in here." Joanna commented as they walked into a store that played loud music.


"It?s loud." Joanna said loud enough for him to here.

"Yeah." Bill agreed.

"What do you think?" Ted asked walking up with one glove on his hand.

"Dude, you look like Michael Jackson." Bill answered.

"I don?t exactly get the whole ?one glove? thing.  It actually looks sort of odd." Elizabeth mentioned.

"Yeah, you?re right, Babe." Ted agreed taking off the glove.

"Theodore, William, would you mind if Elizabeth and I went to a store right across the hall?" Joanna asked.

"Sure, Can you meet us back here in ten minutes?" Bill asked.

"Totally." Elizabeth answered before she walked with Joanna to the store they were headed to.

"Where are they going?" Bill asked.

After watching them enter the store Ted answered, "Aeropostale."

Bill nodded and they continued to wait for twenty minutes.



"They said ten minutes, it?s been twenty."

"Yeah, they?re just girls, they go in a store and like everything they find and decide to try everything on and-"


"Ted, they?re fine."

"Well, can we go check on them?"

"Why would we need to go check on them?  Ted, they?re our age and can handle being on their own."

"I know, but I got a bad feeling."

"Maybe it?s just that big cheeseburger you ate in the cafeteria-"

"No, not like that."

Bill sighed, "Okay, we?ll go check on them, and you will see that they are fine."

Bill and Ted walked Aeropostale, and looked for Elizabeth and Joanna.

"Hey, Babe." Bill greeted taping on girl with red hair?s shoulder.

She turned around, "Uh, sorry, I don?t think I know you."

Realizing this wasn?t Joanna; Bill apologized and walked up to Ted who couldn?t find Elizabeth.

"Ted, I can?t find Joanna." Bill noted.

"Well, I can?t find Elizabeth!  I told you I had a bad felling, Bill!  Next time it might be best to believe me!"

"Ted!  Ted, it?s okay, we?ll find the babes, just calm down." Bill assured hoping to get everyone?s attention away from them.

Ted walked up to the counter and asked, "Excuse us, but have you seen two beautiful babes anywhere that are probably a few inches shorter than my colleague here?"

"Uh, I see some everyday.  I?d need you to be more specific than what you?re describing." The guy at the counter said.

"Okay, there?s one about his height," He said pointing to Bill, "With red hair and you can often see her wearing pink, and uh, there?s one with brown hair who comes up to my shoulder.  She wears blue a lot, and they speak in English accents." Ted described.

"Uh, I think I saw them today.  Claire, did you see two girls in here that spoke in English accents?" he asked.

"Uh, no." she answered.

"Sorry, that?s all I can do." The guy said.

Bill and Ted sighed and spent the next hour looking for Elizabeth and Joanna.

"Bill, what are you doing here?" Missy asked as Bill and Ted went to the last store.

"Looking for Elizabeth and Joanna." Bill mumbled.

"Are you playing hide and seek again?" Missy asked.

"No, they went to a store and we went to that store later and they weren?t there." Ted answered.

"We looked in every store and we can?t find them." Bill added.

"They probably went on the bus or something. Let?s go home now, Bill."

"What about Elizabeth and Joanna?!  We?ve gotta find them!" Ted freaked out again.

"Ted, they probably just rode the bus home."

"This isn?t right!  Elizabeth and Joanna wouldn?t leave the mall without telling us first!  Bill, we gotta look for them!" Ted continued.

"Ted, let?s go."

"I don?t wanna go without knowing Elizabeth?s okay." Ted said while his eyes filled with tears.

"We gotta go, Dude." Bill said taking Ted with him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day

2:30 P.M.

San Dimas High School

Ted felt slightly depressed.  He didn?t know where Elizabeth was, and wasn?t able to go back and look for her again.

He couldn?t believe how Bill acted at the mall.

Standing at his locker, he didn?t want to open it, for some strange reason.

Bill walked up to him, "How?s it going, Dude?" He asked.

He turned around, "Heinous.  You were there.  We couldn?t find Elizabeth and Joanna, and we just left the mall.  Who knows what could?ve happened to them?"

"What are you talking about, Dude?" Bill asked.

"Dude, we went to the mall.  The babes, they, they went to Aeropostale and we went back and couldn?t find them.  Then when we were about to go look for them again, you had us leave before we could find them."

"No, you found them at Aeropostale and left me at the mall with Missy, didn?t you?"

"No, that?s not what happened."

"What could?ve happened?" Bill asked as Ted opened his locker and a small note fell out.

"What does it say?" Bill asked.

"Bill and Ted, I found your princesses, but you have to come get them.  Meet me at the San Dimas mall food court at three o?clock tomorrow and I?ll tell you what the price is for them.  I hope to see you there.  Kale." Ted read.

"No way!  This is most unfair!" Bill commented.

"Bill, it?ll be fine, we?ll go tomorrow and save the babes.  We?ve done it before." Ted assured him.

"You sure we can do this?"

"Most definitely."

To be continued . . . Maybe?