One of the Best Days Ever

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Bill woke up, the sun was shining on the posters in his room. He stood up and looked out the window to see San Dimas, sunny as usual.

He got dressed in the first thing he could grab from his closet, which was a Kiss T-shirt and jeans.

He went to his garage and played his guitar for a while when he heard footsteps outside.

He opened the garage door finding Ted waiting for him.

"Hey, dude.  What are you doing here?" He asked Ted.

"You told me to be here at ten." Ted replied.

"Oh, right." Bill said.



"I was wondering, do you think today, since the princesses are at the mall shopping all day, Do you wanna visit the future?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, sure, twenty-six eight-eight?" Bill asked.

"Nah, How about a little earlier, like maybe a couple decades later than now?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, sure, let?s look through the book and see what we can find?" Bill said getting the ?Circuits of Time? book and looking through the pages, "How about two thousand ten?" Bill asked.

"Sure," Ted replied as they got in the booth and typed in the numbers for two thousand ten.


February 9th 2010, (Location: Cincinnati,Ohio)

Cincinnati had a huge snowstorm which there was at least three inches of snow on the ground.

Julia did have dance classes on Tuesdays, but because of the snow dance class was cancelled and she stayed home.

She played out in the snow for about an hour, came inside and sat at the computer as her younger brother left to a friend?s house and her older sister was on Facebook.

"I?m going to a friend?s house?" Jude noted as he pulled his Nintendo DS lite bag over his shoulder and grabbed his toy lightsaber.

"Okay, have fun." She said.

"I get to see his new dog, Ginger." Jude said excitedly.

"That?s awesome.  Tell me how cool she is." Julia said as she opened the door to make sure he got across the street without falling in the snow.

"Bye," He said.

"Bye." She said as she shut the door and went back to the computer.

Around ten minutes later, at two thirty-three p.m. there was a loud crash outside.

Thinking it was one of the huge trees that were in her front yard, she opened the front door to run outside and check what was going on.

She didn?t find a fallen tree but did find a telephone booth which seemed to have two guys in it.

"Uh, Hi." Julia said as one of them opened the door to the booth.

"Greetings, short, brunette babe of the future." The blonde one said and the brunette one waved with a smile, "I?m Bill S. Preston Esq.," The blonde one announced.

"And I?m Ted ?Theodore? Logan." The brunette one announced.

"And we?re Wyld Stallyns!" They both said really loud.

Julia giggled, "Am I being punked?" Julia asked.

"What?" They said in perfect unison.

"Nothing," she replied, "I am Julia," She said holding out her hand for them to shake it, and they both did.

"Excuse us, but, do you know what year it is?" Ted asked her with a curious face.

"It?s two thousand ten, Barrack Obama is our President, and no, we still don?t have telephone booths that you see often." Julia answered pointing at the telephone booth when she mentioned the lack of telephone booths.

"Dude, there?s a lot of snow for it to be San Dimas?" Bill noted.

"San Dimas?  This is Cincinnati, Ohio.  You know, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals?" she explained to them.

"Whoa!  Dude!  We?re on the other side of the country!" Ted said happily.

"Yes, you are," She said.

"You know, You look kinda familiar to me.  I just can?t seem to figure out who you look like." Bill said.

"Oh, I do?" She asked.

"Yeah, she does look familiar," Ted agreed.

"Nah, she doesn?t look like Missy, Jody, or Buffy, Was it Joan of Arc?" Bill asked Ted.

"Nah, her hair?s longer than Joan of Arc?s was." Ted noted.

"Yeah, you?re right." Bill said.

"Okay, We can find this out later," Julia said, "How did you get here?" she asked them.

"We time-traveled here from the past." Ted answered.

"Ted!  She?s not gonna believe us!" Bill yelled upsetly.

"What do you mean? I believe you." Julia said.

"See, dude.  She believes us." Ted said, and looked over at her, "Do you?" He asked her.

"Of course I do!" She said with a smile, "I know I seem naVve, but there?s a way I know you?re telling the truth." She continued.

"Do you travel time, too?" Ted asked.

She smiled, "I only wish?" she answered.

"Well we can make that wish true?" Bill said, "Do you wanna travel time with us?" He asked.

"Sure," she replied.

So Bill, Ted, and Julia went to the phone booth.

"Where are we going?" Bill asked.

"Um," She said thinking, "How about? San Dimas in nineteen eighty-eight?" She asked.

"Okay." Bill said and typed in the numbers and they ended up in front of Bill?s house, and it was nineteen eighty-eight.

"Hey, Bill," Bill?s dad greeted as they left the phone booth.

"Hey, Dad, This is me and Ted?s new friend, Julia." Bill explained.

She smiled at the fact that Bill just called her his friend, "Nice to meet you Mr. Preston." She greeted.

"Nice to meet you, too." Bill?s dad greeted.

"You wanna go to the mall?" Bill offered.

"Sure, I?ve always wanted to see the San Dimas mall." She replied.

They left to the San Dimas mall, "Welcome to the San Dimas mall.  You can find just about any store here?" Ted said.

"Is there a Hot Topic?" Julia asked.

"What?" Bill asked.

"Oh, right.  Hot Topic doesn?t come out until later this year." Julia explained.

"Hey, Joanna!" Bill greeted.

"Hello, William." Joanna greeted.

"Julia this is Joanna, Joanna this is Julia." Bill introduced.

"Hi," They both said.

"And this is Elizabeth." Ted introduced.

"Hi Elizabeth, I?m Julia, Nice to meet you." Julia greeted.

"Nice to meet you, too." Elizabeth said.

"Whoa!" Bill exclaimed.

"What?" Ted asked.

"That?s who she looks like!  Julia looks like Elizabeth!" Bill explained.

"Yeah!" Ted agreed.

"Really?" Julia said with a small laugh, "I have mostly been told I look like Diane Franklin." She said.

"The actress?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah," Julia said.

"Yeah, I can see that." Joanna said.

"Who?" Ted asked.

"We can find a picture of her later," Elizabeth said.

Julia looked at the clock that said four fifteen p.m. "Oh, dang, It?s late, I need to go now." She explained.

"Well I guess we?ll go." Bill said and the three of them left to the phone booth and zoomed through the circuits of time to finally get to snowy Cincinnatti.

"Bye, Julia." Bill said.

"Bye, dudes, Thanks for showing me San Dimas, in the eighties." She said.

"No problem, Maybe sometime we?ll come back to get you so we can go back again." Ted said.

"Okay, just let me know when." She said as she stood back, watching them go back to San Dimas, California.

She went back inside her house and looked at the clock to find it was two thirty-eight p.m.

Around an hour and a half later her brother came back.

"Hey, Jude." She said.

"Hey." He said.

"Did you have a good time?" She asked.

"Yeah," He answered, "You?" he asked.

"I had a great time." She said with a smile