Written by:
lost girl97

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"Ted?" Bill said looking really sad at his best friend.

"Yeah, dude?" Ted said while un-plugging his guitar after a practice.

"I......ummm......" Bill stammered.

"What?" Ted asked as he sat down by his best friend.

"I......I'm moving......" Bill said as he put his head down in his hands.

"Dude! If you move, then there won't be a band and we won't ever see each other again! BOGUS!" Ted said. "Where are you moving to, how long till you leave?"

"New York......tomorrow......"Bill said sadly.


"My dad got a promotion and Missy agreed to going there and getting a "fresh start" on things...."

"That is so totally bogus dude, I wish you didn't have to leave...."

"Ya I wish that too, I hate the thought of leaving San Dimas," Bill said. He looked at his watch and it read 9:00 p.m.

"You better go dude, it?s 9pm." Bill said sadly. "I will come by early tomorrow before you go to school to say bye.....ok?"

"Ok." Ted said as he stood up and walked away.



Bill got up in the morning, the moving trucks were here.  His stuff was already packed from the previous night before.

The door bell rang, so he had to answer it.  It was Ted!

"Hey dude!" Bill said as he hugged his best friend.  "I am going to miss you so much!  I can't believe I am moving!"

"I know!  This is so bogus!  I wish you weren't moving, it just messes everything up."

"I know, but I am never ever going to find another friend like you!" Bill exclaimed.  Bill's dad told him it was time to go.

"Sorry dude, but I have to go......I'll write everyday I guess........" Bill said, trying to lighten up the mood a little bit as he got in to his dad's station wagon.

"See ya dude....." Ted said as they drove off.