Young Friendships

Written by:
lost girl97

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?Mommy?? 5 year-old Bill Preston said.

?Yes Bill?? Kerri asked.

?Can I go outside?  I unpacked a lot today,? he said.  She thought for a moment.  It was only 5 in the afternoon and she did need time to herself to prepare for dinner.  She also thought it would be good for Bill, maybe he would make a friend or two.

?Alright sweetie, but be careful and don?t go in the road,? she said.

?Ok mom.?  He said as he headed outside.  When he got outside, he saw a little kid playing with a ball.  When the ball hit on a rock when the little boy was playing with it, the ball went over into Bill?s yard.

?CAN I GET MY BALL BACK PLEASE?? the kid yelled from the other side.

?OK!? Bill yelled back.  Bill was more of a loner, but he thought this kid wouldn?t be so bad.  Bill picked up the ball and ran next door and gave it to the kid.

?Sorry, I would?ve thrown it but I can?t throw very good,? he said.

?I can?t either, that?s why I just bounce it,? the boy said.

?I just moved here and I don?t have much friends, do you want to be friends?? Bill asked.

?SURE!  I don?t have any friends either, my name?s Ted Logan, what?s yours?? Ted asked.

?Bill Preston.  I have to go, I?ve been out here a long time, my mom might get worried, I?ll see you tomorrow?? Bill asked.

?Ok, bye,? Ted said.

?Bye,? Bill said while he crossed the road.  Then went inside, his dad was already home.

?BILL!  Where were you?!  Your father got home and said you weren?t outside!? Kerri said as she hugged Bill.

?I met a kid!  He?s nice and he lives across the street!? Bill said excitedly as he hugged his mom back.  ?Can I play with him tomorrow??

?Well I guess I could talk to his parents?..? she said as she picked Bill up and set him on a chair and fixed his plate and put him to bed by 8p.m.  He couldn?t waited for tomorrow.

When Bill woke up the next morning, he could smell pancakes.  He liked pancakes.  Bill looked around his new room, got up, went to his closet, and put on a red t-shit with dark blue jeans.  Then put on his socks and shoes and went downstairs.

?Hi mom!? he said.

?Hi baby,? she said as she laid 2 pancakes in front of him and put butter and syrup on it.  She waited until Bill took his first bit and smiled.

?These are good,? he said.

"Thanks baby.  I talked to Ted's mother this morning, she is going to drop him off in about 3 minutes, I was going to wake you up, but a growing boy needs his rest," she said as she kissed him on the forehead and took his plate to the sink once he was finished.  The door bell rang.

"I?ll get it," Bill said as he slide down from his chair, went to the door, and opened it.

"Hi, you must be Bill, Ted couldn?t wait to come over today," Amy Logan said as Mrs. Preston walked up to Amy and started introducing herself, then they sat on the couch and started talking, an hour went by.  When it was time to go, she called Ted, he came down.  When they were about to leave Kerri asked if she would like to have dinner over at their house tonight.

"Sure, we would love to!" She replied.  "What time?"

"Is 6 ok?" Kerri asked.

Kerri started cleaning the house while Bill watched.  He got bored so he started watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.  It was only 30 minutes until they got there anyway.  It got to the part where Charlie found the golden ticket when the door bell rang.

"I?ll get it," Kerri said as she walked over to the door and opened it.

"Hi, won?t you come in?" she said as she stepped aside to let the Logan family in her home.  Mr. Logan stepped in first along with Mrs. Logan and Ted.  Ted went over to Bill and started watching Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

"Dinner time, boys," Mrs. Preston said as both of the little 5 year olds went to the dinner table.  The parent talked while the boys made forts with their mashed potatoes on their plates.


"Ted, please don?t play with your food like that," Mrs. Logan said.  Ted stopped.

"Ok, mommy," Ted said as he stopped playing with his food.

"Thank you," she said as she got back to the conversation.  Bill and Ted were so bored.  Both of them slipped out from their chair and went into the living room and finished watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

"I like this movie," Ted said.  "Everyone in my class thinks it?s a baby movie."

"It?s my favorite movie, too.  A lot of kids in my old school picked on me for liking this movie too," Bill replied.   "What is it like at school anyway?"

"It?s ok, I mean the teachers are nice . . . ." the boy replied.

"That?s cool," he said as the movie ended and he turned it off.

"Ted?  Are you ready to go?" Amy asked.

"Ok mom," he said as he told Bill ?bye? as him and his family left.

(Later on at San Dimas Elementary School . . . . )

After everyone said ?hi? to Bill, they started their lessen.  Soon after it was lunch . . . .

Bill saw Ted at lunch.  "Hey Bill!" Ted said as Bill came over to Ted?s table.

"Hi Ted!" he replied.

"Will you promise me something?"

"Sure, what is it?" Bill asked.

"That we will stay friends forever and never let anything come between our friendship," Ted replied.

"Friends Forever!" Bill said, which was a definite promise.

"Friends Forever!" Ted said as they continued eating their lunch.