Now they are traveling through the Circuits of Time, riding in the open booth on its side as if it were a boat.  "We?ve got plenty of time but we don?t got any more room left," Ted says.  "Ted, we?re out of control," Bill reports.  "What?" Ted asks.  "Next place we stop we gotta try and figure out what?s wrong with the booth," Bill suggests.  Ted looks down over the top of the booth and sees the antenna in shatters, sputtering sparks.  "Bill, I think I got an idea what?s wrong," Ted says.  "What?" Bill asks.  "The antenna?s broken," Ted points out.  Bill and Ted both let out a scream as they continue to race through the Circuits out of control.  Back in San Dimas, Deacon, Napoleon and their dates are now at the bowling alley.  Deacon bowls a strike and cheers.  He walks back to sit down and then he looks at the overhead projection of their bowling score sheet where he can see Napoleon adding a "1" in front of his rather pitiful score of "43," giving himself a "143," the highest score.  The girls notice this as well. Napoleon simply looks at them as if defying them to say anything, which they don?t.

Napoleon gets up to bowl, motioning for the man in the lane next to him to wait.  He lines up the ball, makes his stride and then throws.  He doesn?t let go of the ball right away and ends up flying part way down the lane.  As his ball ends up in the gutter, Napoleon swears loudly in French.  Deacon suggests to the girls that they ditch him, and they hurry and leave.  Seeing his attendants leaving him, Napoleon hurries after but is stopped by the manager of the bowling alley.  "Hold on there!  Not so fast, buddy."  "Buddy?" Napoleon asks with indignation.  "You ain?t paid yet," the manager points out.  "Pay?" Napoleon cries.  "Pay!" the man nods.  Moments later the manager throws Napoleon out of the bowling alley and tells him he never wants to see him again.  Napoleon pulls himself together with as much dignity as he can, then stands alone in the empty shopping center parking lot and calls for Deacon, but Deacon and the girls are nowhere in sight.

We see Bill sitting on top of the phone booth working on the broken antenna.  A caption on the screen informs us this is "San Dimas, California - 1,000,000 B.C."  There is the sound of animals around.  Ted is walking down the line of historical figures, who are sitting and waiting, handing each of them a pudding cup from his rucksack.  "Here is a treat to make our minor prehistoric pit stop a bit more enjoyable." Bill is trying to bend one of the prongs of the antenna back into shape, but instead it snaps off in his hand.  "Uh oh," Bill says worriedly.  Moments later, we see the line of historical figures removing wads of chewed bubble gum from their mouths and adding it to the others, passing it down the line until Ted sticks on his own piece and hands the wad to Bill.  "Thanks guys," Bill offers, then sighs, "I sure hope this works."  Later, Bill and Ted are in the booth with their fingers crossed, the historical figures all crammed in as well, as the booth starts and sparks.  We can see the antenna has been repaired using the chewing gum and pudding cup cans.  "I think it?s working, dude," Ted says hopefully.  As the booth is sparking, two cavemen approach, one holding a burning piece of wood and the other chewing bubble gum.  They watch as the booth disappears and turn and run away in fear.

As the booth travels through the Circuits of Time, Bill assures everyone, "Just a little farther . . . I hope."  The booth drops out of the Circuit and lands in front of the Circle K next to an identical phone booth.  They can see themselves standing with Rufus.  "Hey!  That?s us!" Ted exclaims, "We?re back in San Dimas."  "Yah, only now it?s not now, it?s last night," Bill points out.  "Dude," Ted says.  "What?" Bill asks.  "Let?s go talk to ourselves," Ted suggests.  "Excellent!" Bill agrees.  "What?d we say anyways?" Ted asks.  "I dunno," Bill says, "Let?s go find out!"  They step out of the booth.  The scene dissolves to a bit later as Bill and Ted answer, "69, dudes!"  "We gotta go," Bill says.  "Rufus!" Ted exclaims.  "Listen to this dude, Rufus.  He knows what he?s talking about," Bill insists.  "Right!" Ted agrees, then adds, "Oh, and Ted . . . give my love to the Princesses."  "Who?" past Ted asks.  "You?ll see!" Ted smiles.  They start back to the booth and Rufus joins them.

"Gentlemen?  Is everything all right?" Rufus asks.  "Yah," Bill says, "but how come the number we dialed for San Dimas brought us here instead of to tomorrow, Rufus?"  "Because in San Dimas it is tomorrow, William," Rufus explains, "You have to dial one number higher."  "Oh yah!  Thanks, Rufus!" Bill smiles.  "And you better hurry, ?cause you don?t have much time," Rufus warns.  "What do you mean, Rufus?" Ted asks, checking his watch, "We got ten hours left."  "You got two hours," Rufus corrects.  "Ted, you forgot to wind your watch again," Bill sighs, "And after you reminded yourself not to."  "Well, I?d better remind myself again!" Ted says, then calls over to past Ted, "Ted!  Don?t forget to wind your watch!"  "Thanks, Rufus," Bill and Ted offer, and the go to the booth and open the door.  "Catch you later, Bill and Ted!" they call to their past selves.  They cram their way back into the booth and after a moment it sparks and then disappears down into the Circuits again.  We see Rufus motioning to Bill and Ted toward the other phone booth.

We next see the Preston?s back yard.  Missy is in the backyard watering plants with a garden hose while listening to music on headphones.  The booth lands behind her but she doesn?t see or hear it.  She only notices it because it lands on the hose and the water stops flowing, so she looks around to see what the problem is.  She removes her sunglasses to stare at the phone booth.  Inside the booth, Billy the Kid asks who the senorita is, that she?s cute, and Ted tells him it?s Bill?s mom.  Bill and Ted step out and she smiles, removing the headphones.  "Hi, guys," she greets them.  "Hi, Missy . . . I mean, Mom," Bill says.  They look back at the booth full of people and realize they have to make some introductions but not give away what they?re doing.  "Uh, Mrs. Preston," Ted begins, "we?d like you to meet some of our . . . friends."  "Yah," Bill jumps in, "This is, uh . . . Dave Beeth Oven."  Beethoven greets Missy in German and kisses her hand.  "And, uh . . . Maxine of Arc . . . Missy," Bill continues, "Herman the Kid."  "Bob Genghis Khan," Ted continues, "So-crates Johnson.  Dennis Frood.  And . . . uh . . . Abraham Lincoln."  "Well, it?s nice to meet you all," Missy smiles, then she adds, "There are sodas in the fridge."  "Mom, can you give us a ride someplace?" Bill asks.  "Bill, I?m not taking you anywhere until you do your chores."

We next see a speeded up montage of the historical figures pitching in to help Bill complete his chores, set to the "William Tell Overture."  Sigmund Freud is using a handheld vacuum to clean up while listening to a Walkman but accidentally sucks up a newspaper on the coffee table which Bill has to help remove.  Socrates stands in boxer shorts while Abraham Lincoln irons his toga.  Bill shows Beethoven how to clean the windows using a spray bottle and rag.  Genghis Khan lifts the lid of the toilet and is about to reach in when Bill shows up to stop him.  Beethoven continues to clean the window, enjoying himself.  Billy the Kid, wearing an apron, has to clean dishes which still have food on them.  He look around slyly, then opens a drawer and dumps the half eaten sandwich inside, closing it quickly.  Bill demonstrates to Genghis Khan how to use a brush to clean the toilet."  Beethoven cleans windows with a passion.  Sigmund Freud vacuums a throw pillow on the couch.  Beethoven has moved outside to clean the other side of the windows.  Genghis Khan uses the brush to clean the toilet.  Billy the Kid makes eyes at Joan of Arc as they wash dishes together, Billy spit shining a plate and wiping it on his elbow sleeve.  Genghis Khan uses the brush he?s been using to clean the toilet to brush his clothes and hair.  Sigmund Freud looks at the end of the vacuum hose and it sucks in his beard and mouth, causing him to fall over.  Ted checks on the progress in the kitchen.  Beethoven kicks off his shoes.  Everyone is gathered in the kitchen to announce, "Done!"

We next see an escalator in a mall where Bill, Ted and the historical figures are using to get to the second level.  "This is the San Dimas Mall," Bill explains, "and this is where people of today?s world hang out.  All right, everybody, watch your step getting off.  Beeth Oven, make sure you don?t get sucked under.  Everybody get together, remember who you buddy is."  They step off the escalator at the top, Billy riding up on the handrail.  "So-crates, watch out for your robe, dude!" Bill warns, then when everyone is at the top he begins the tour.  "Okay.  Follow me.  You got your Broadway over here.  You got your Sears over here."  Meanwhile, in the San Dimas High School auditorium, the students are giving their final oral reports.  One girl is making the comparison between the breakdown of modern society and that of Marie Antoinette?s kingdom.  "Today, leaders are impeached rather than beheaded."  Mr. Ryan and two other teachers are in the back, listening.  Mr. Ryan checks the clock.  It is 1:33.  He checks his roster and Bill and Ted are scheduled for 2:45.  "Still, while in her day Marie Antoinette said, ?Let them eat cake,? perhaps today she?d say, ?Let them eat fast food.?"  The audience applauds.

Back at the mall, Ted sets down a tray of Slurpees on a table in the food court where the historical figures are sitting.  "Enjoy!" Ted says.  "Okay, look around.  See what you think," Bill tells them, "We?ll be back as soon as we find Napoleon, okay?"  Bill tells Ted they don?t have much time and they leave the historical figures, Lincoln calling after them, "Yes, but what do we eat?"  At Deacon?s school, Bill and Ted have found him playing baseball.  "You ditched Napoleon?" Bill gasps through the chain link fence.  "Do you realize you have stranded one of Europe?s greatest leaders in San Dimas?" Ted asks.  "He was a dick!" Deacon explains.  Bill and Ted turn away in frustration.  "Well, how are we gonna find him?" Ted asks.  "Okay, wait," Bill says, "If we were one of the greatest generals in history . . . and we were stranded in San Dimas for one day . . . where would we go?"  They think a moment and then answer at the same time, "Waterloo!"  We next see Waterloo, the water slide park, where people are racing down the waterslides and having a fun time.  At the entrance, a woman is paying for eleven kids, but one of the children has some problem and stays with her just below the ticket window.  The other kids file in behind her, and at the end of the line is Napoleon, who pushes through the turnstyle and says, "Mon Dieu!"

A bit later, at the top of one waterslide, Napoleon is wearing his underclothes as he eyes the tube openings.  A worker urges him to go forward.  Napoleon approaches one tube but isn?t sure what to do.  "Buddy, you?re holding up the line!" the worker says.  Napoleon still hesitates, so the worker comes up behind him and says, "Come on, buddy!" and gives him a push.  Napoleon sails down the waterslide tube, rolling and turning and screaming all the way down.  By the time he reaches the bottom he?s laughing and thoroughly enjoying himself.  We see a montage of Napoleon continuously running up the stairs and coming down different slides, pushing his way past other people in line, even taking one child from the top of a tube and going ahead of them.  Later he does try to encourage a little girl to go.  After coming down one slide and exiting the water in elation, Bill and Ted are waiting for him with a towel.  "Come on, Napoleon," Bill urges, "Everybody?s waiting for us at the mall."  Napoleon protests as they lead him away.

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