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The first of a number of video games to be based on Bill & Ted, this game was made to be played on IBM personal computers.  Borrowing from the plotline of Excellent Adventure, Bill and Ted (walking around side-by-side like Siamese Twins) need to collect historical figures to appear at their oral report.  The player must help them navigate various challenges and locate the historical personages, utilizing a Circuits of Time Phone Directory (in booklet form) to reach the various areas.  The graphics are fun and cute, the plot stays true to the movie (the dudes start out at the Circle K and must end up at San Dimas High by way of the Mall) and the game was a good start to Bill & Ted's journey into the video game realm.


Everything about this game is fun . . . sound bytes come straight from the movie, the humor stays true to the first film and the characters and the historical aspect is clever and funny.  The comedy is evident in the Circuits of Time Directory provided as a booklet . . . this could easily have been a simple list of numbers, but the creators of the game went that extra step to make them funny.  This game won't challenge the video game aficionados of today by any stretch of the imagination, and the graphics certainly don't come up to current standards, but keep in mind this was still pretty early in the PC video-gaming industry's history.  For their earliest foray into the universe of video games, this wasn't a bad way to start, and it was perfect for littler kids as well.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure -
Nintendo Video Game

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The Ninetendo Entertainment System (NES for short) was the first really big home video game format to hit the market after Atari originally broke that ground in the late 80's.  As Mario Bros. was taking the living rooms of the world by storm, this version of a Bill & Ted game was introduced.  It was likewise based on the first movie adventure of the Two Great Ones and entails the dudes trying to locate the historical dudes and babes for their final report (which is actually more of a concert).  Along the way photographic images of the dudes, historical people and Rufus pop up on the bottom of the screen to converse via cartoon talk balloons to lead the characters in the right direction.  Towns and areas needed to be searched for the historical people, and items such as firecrackers (?) and pudding cups could be collected to help ward off or appease foes (angry townspeople).  Acting as either Bill or Ted the player would need to first locate the historical figure then find the item they required, which meant going back out and about the particular time period to locate that item.  Once all the characters were found and given their items the dudes would be able to perform their most outstanding concert (the concert would get a little more elaborate as each level is completed). 


I'll admit I have not played this game in some time, but I recall it being quite laborious and time consuming for a number of reasons.  First it was somewhat hard to control the characters.  They could only walk along specified paths and areas, and a lot of jumping (from rock to rock, one field to another, over fences, etc.) needed to be done to get around.  If you happened to jump into an area you were not allowed to traverse, the character would fall flat on his butt with a loud noise.  And this happened a lot . . . an awful lot.  The set ups of the time periods were all similar and the repetition was a bit boring.  I also seem to recall an endless soundtrack of annoying music that one would eventually wish to turn down (if not off).  The most exciting parts of the game by far were the horse riding and river rafting segments, but those were infrequent and far too short.  The graphics left a lot to be desired . . . the characters are faceless, short and squat, and the captioned conversations get a bit boring as well.  Not completely horrible but still not one of the better Nintendo games ever made, unfortunately.  There was a mini-poster included in the packaging, but it's also a rather blatant advertisement for Butterfingers (which is a most excellent candy bar, by the way).

Update 2/14/04!

Vekmen88 was most excellent in sending us a link to a totally non-heinous and helpful FAQ for this game!  Written by Wilson Lau it's a must for anyone who has lost their manual, wants to read a complete overview of the game or needs tips and hints to help them get through it!
Click here to visit the FAQ!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure -
Nintendo Game Boy Video Game

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Remember your first Game Boy?  Addictive little things, weren't they?  In addition to their NES game, Nintendo also released a Game Boy version of Bill & Ted.  Fortunately the game was entirely original and completely revamped from the previous incarnation.  Loosely based on both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, this game involved ten levels with five different levels within each, making 50 levels of play altogether.  Each one offers enough of a challenge to be fun but not so tough it can't be done.  Historical dudes are both good and bad in this game, and Death even crops up to pose a few difficulties!

**Not bad!**

The graphics are nothing special (the little character which is supposed to be Ted . . . or is it Bill . . . or is it a duck with an Elvis hairdo?) but this is a much more challenging and entertaining game than the NES one.  This was good for all ages, made for quite a few enjoyable hours of fun staring at the tiny, yellow and grayish screen.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure -
Atari Lynx Video Game

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Atari released a system they dubbed Lynx in the early 90's which was apparently intended to be a full-color rival to Nintendo's Game Boy.  Why it never caught on is unclear, except perhaps at the time of its introduction it was a bit pricier than other systems (the games were also quite a bit more expensive).  But video game aficionados would likely have preferred the color graphics and much more challenging play this nifty little system had to offer!  Bill & Ted were given their own game on this system as well, and it is by far the most difficult and most challenging of the lot.  Again the basic idea of the dudes needing to collect historical figures is brought into play, but the ultimate goal of the game was to save the Princess Babes from the Grim Reaper and the depths of Hades.  The dudes collect notes and various items they must give to historical personages to navigate the various levels.  Many of the levels include challenges which not only require dexterity of fingers but also a bit of brain work to figure out how they are supposed to get through.  This game was definitely made to appeal to the real avid video game player and remains about the best of the lot.


While being challenging (if not downright difficult at times) this game had some great graphics and an awesome color handheld system to support it.  The rules were printed in a comic book format on the back of a poster of Bill & Ted, which is way cool.  It's a shame Atari Lynx never seemed to catch on, as more Bill & Ted fans probably would have liked having a chance to play this game themselves.

Subnote added 10/9/03 - Thanks to William for letting us know a website is currently selling this video game.  We don't know anything about this company, but if you're interested in obtaining a copy of the Atari Lynx B&T game it might be worth a try:  AtariAge

Bill & Ted's Excellent ONLINE SLOT MACHINES

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The excellent personages at Microgaming have created a most fitting tribute to the Two Great Ones in their three-reel, five-payline slots now available to play at various online casinos.  The game is based solely on Excellent Adventure, but great pains have been taken to utilize a lot of the characters, animated graphics and sounds from the movie.  The game features cascading reels (which means once the spin is done and the paylines have paid out, the winning panels disappear and new graphics drop down, giving you a second chance to win!), two bonus feature games and a Wyld symbol.  Good news for B&T fans, bad news for fans who might happen to have a gambling addiction, because you're not gonna want to stop playing this one!

**Most Excellent!**

This game is really well thought-out and very conscientious of Bill & Ted's fan-base.  This isn't just some slap-dash effort by non-fans who threw together a generic slot game and pasted on a bunch of Bill & Ted photos.  Fans will really enjoy the interaction and play with favorite quotes and moments from the movie being incorporated into the play.  As far as a casino game goes, it's fun to play.  We couldn't tell you about the payouts, since U.S. residents are not allowed to play for money, but the fact that there is a often a very low minimum available is most outstanding.

Check out the action (and limited free play!) at Ladbrokes Online Casino!
(If you play for real, please gamble responsibly dudes!  U.S. residents not eligible to play for money)









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