There have been many different releases of Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, both the movies and the soundtracks, in various forms.  We don't even remotely have a complete list of all the released versions as well as those overseas, so if anyone can help out with scans or information about any releases not listed, please let us know!

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Excellent Adventure
was originally made available on Orion Video in 1989.  Various versions were released on tape, one of which included a 900-number contest introduction with Amy Stock-Poynton (Missy-Mom)!

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Bogus Journey
was released on Orion Video in 1992 and also was released on laserdisc, although not letterboxed format for some reason.  These releases also included Slaughter's music video of Shout it Out!  I believe Excellent Adventure was also available on laserdisc for some time.

A Japanese version of Excellent Adventure was made available in letterbox format with Japanese subtitles.  This was distributed by DeLaurentis Group, the original producers of the movie.

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Bogus Journey
was re-released on video by MGM Home Entertainment in 2000 prior to both movies being made available in DVD format at the end of 2001.

Many thanks to The Fux who sent in copies of the covers for the German releases of Excellent Adventure (known there as Bill & Ted's verr?ckte Reise durch die Zeit which translated into English would be Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey Through Time) and Bogus Journey (Bill & Ted's verr?ckte Reise in die Zukunft translated into English would be Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey Into the Future.)  Many thanks for these!!!

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Our many thanks go out to Nick of London who provided us with this scan of a videotape release of Excellent Adventure from England.  He notes this release is interesting for the following reasons: a) It's a widescreen VHS copy, which is pretty rare indeed!  b) It's released by BMG/Canal rather than Orion or Universal (BMG/Canal handles the release of the films for much of Europe)  c) It doesn't have the usual pic of the guys sitting on top of the booth on the cover (Napoleon looks a bit odd and it seems like they've pasted Bill's
head onto the body) and d) There's a shot of Bill & Ted in their Prom suits on the back.  Click to see the full size cover:

btvideocoverfull.jpg (353961 bytes)

The question about Napoleon is a valid one . . . I've actually seen this photo on a DEG promotional flyer and noticed the actor in the Napoleon costume is NOT Terry Camilleri!  It's likely another actor was brought in just for this particular photo shoot!  And indeed you can see Bill's head has been pasted onto his body!!!  See the detail below:


current dvd releases from MGM/UA

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MGM Home Entertainment has made both movies available on DVD for the first time!  They include trailers and the Bogus Journey release has a Behind the Scenes segment as an extra.
Most excellent!
Available for sale through most online video sellers and at your local video store or visit for more information!

Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection!

Click here to read our review of the new MGM/UA Bill and Ted Box Set!!!!


This is a breakdown of where the Bill & Ted movies are currently available on DVD:

Region 1 (U.S. and Canada)
Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey available

Region 2 (Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa)
Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey available

Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America)
Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey available


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Excellent Adventure soundtrack - original album released by A&M Records

     eacdfront.jpg (41249 bytes)   eacdback.jpg (36424 bytes)
Excellent Adventure soundtrack - original CD release by A&M Records

     bjcdfront.jpg (34917 bytes)   bjcdback.jpg (47108 bytes)
Bogus Journey soundtrack - original CD release by Interscope Records

Copies of the Excellent Adventure soundtrack are currently available for sale on CD through your favorite online music dealers or local music stores!  The Bogus Journey soundtrack appears to be currently out of print (if anyone has information to the contrary, please let us know!)

The outstanding Nick of London also sent us some stellar scans of a rare 12" Bogus Journey picture disc from 1991 published by EastWest records!  Check out these pics, babes and dudes!!!

lpfull.jpg (49150 bytes)    lpfront.jpg (54433 bytes)    lpback.jpg (72043 bytes)

And the non-heinous inserts, which include the Most Excellent Phrasebook:

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Many thanks, Nick, for sharing this excellent part of your B&T collection with us!!!









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