Now Museum, Now You Don't

First aired: 9/14/91

Written by: Doug Molitor

Regular characters: Bill, Ted, Rufus

Guest characters: Museum curator

Historical figures: King of the island of Milo, Venus the Amazon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa

Time periods:

  • The Island of Milo
  • Florence, Italy - 1503
Notable events:
  • Broke the arms off the original Venus De Milo
  • Encouraged Leonardo Da Vinci to paint Mona Lisa
  • caricatures of Siskel and Ebert shoot a cannonball through Leonardo's front door as a review to his latest painting


Heinous mishaps at the San Dimas Art Museum leave both the Venus De Milo and Mona Lisa in shambles and two dudes traveling throughout time trying to replace them.

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