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News Archive - 2013

December 7,
Updated December 10, 2013

Alex's Kickstarter for Deep Web Has Its Rewards!

Earlier this year saw the release of Alex Winter's fascinating documentary about the rise and fall of Napster entitled Downloaded.  Now Alex is tackling the current and highly relevant topic of our time, the story behind Bitcoin and The Silk Road.  It promises to be another thought-provoking piece of filmmaking, and you can help to get it off the ground!  A couple of weeks ago Alex began a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 to fund the project.  As of this date close to $33,000 has been raised.  Of interest to Bill & Ted fans specifically are some really unique and exciting B&T related rewards Alex is offering fans for their donations.  We'll outline the ones being currently offered here, but be sure to check out the Kickstarter page because new rewards are being added all the time!  And in addition to the rewards being listed below are many more, including personal Skype calls, advance screenings of the documentary, and much more! 

For a pledge of $65 or more Alex will send you an autographed copy of his production screenplay for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, which includes different character names, scenes and dialogue from the finished film.

Or for a pledge of $65 or more Alex will send you an autographed copy of his production screenplay for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (when it was still being called Bill & Ted Go to Hell), which also includes different scenes and dialogue from the finished film.

For a pledge of $85 or more Alex will send you an autographed copy of his production screenplay for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure as well as a DRM free digit download of the documentary Deep Web when it is completed.

For a pledge of $100 or more Alex will send you a bundled package of both Bill & Ted scripts autographed by him.

For a pledge of $120 or more Alex will send you autographed copies of three rare production stills, one each from Excellent Adventure, Freaked and The Lost Boys.

For a pledge of $200 or more you can attend a Most Outstanding Bill & Ted Screening Party with Alex in attendance in New York.  That's right, you can watch Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure with Alex in a New York City location on January 4, 2014 (travel and accommodations not included.)

Just added!  For a pledge of $200 or more you can attend a Most Outstanding Bill & Ted Screening Party with Alex in attendance in Los Angeles.  That's right, you can watch Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey with Alex at the Cinefamily theater on January 30, 2014 (travel and accommodations not included.)

For a pledge of $250 or more you can get a signed Bill & Ted's Excellent Cereal box, the one and only one from Alex's personal collection!  There's only one of these, so get it while you can!

For a pledge of $300 or more you can get a bundled package of both Bill & Ted scripts autographed plus digital downloads of Deep Web in progress, a digital download of the final film, a digital copy of Downloaded, a personal Skype call with Alex and your name in the end credits of the film!


Click here to visit the Deep Web Kickstarter Campaign


August 31,

A Most Outstanding Screening!

Fans of The Two Great Ones in and around the Tempe, Arizona area on August 17th were treated to a most excellent evening of big screen entertainment (not to mention the 3D entertainment taking place before and after in front of the screen) at Cult Classics' special screening of Excellent Adventure this month!  Fans were treated to non-heinous door prizes, photo opportunities in front of a Wyld Stallyns step and repeat area replete with inflatable guitars (true air guitars!), dealers tables and even a message from Bill S. Preston, Esq. himself, Alex Winter, which played on the big screen (which you can watch below!)  Not bad!


Get the complete recap on Cult Classics' website!

View all the event photos on Cult Classics' Facebook Page!


July 27
, 2013

Animated Series DVD Release!

We had no idea this was coming, but we're most certainly glad that it's here!  Fans began spotting a "Best of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" (the animated series) in $5.00 bins at various Wal Marts in the midwest and eastern United States around mid-July.  At first it seemed too strange to believe . . . why were these DVDs suddenly appearing out of nowhere?  And in the $5.00 bins?  Why are they not showing up in all Wal Marts across the country?  And why was there no information about the release online?  Thanks to many diligent and devoted fans on Facebook, we were able to piece together the answers, which you can now read about in our complete review of this unique DVD release by clicking below!  And don't worry, you should be able to pre-order your own copy of the DVD from the Wal Mart website by clicking here!

Read Our Complete Review of this DVD!



June 29
, 2013

Napster Matters!

These are words spoken by Alex Winter during his interview with Bloomberg, and it accurate sums up the overall impression left on the viewer by his outstanding documentary, Downloaded, now playing in theaters around the United States.  At a number of these showings (some of which include a double bill of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) Alex has appeared in person to answer questions from the audience.  The documentary is making a notable impression on many, and well it should!  It's an incredibly thought-provoking piece (just as Keanu's film vs. video documentary, Side by Side . . . can't wait to view both films as a double bill one day!)  If you can't get out to see the film in a theater, it should be available to download on July 1st (we'll bring you more information about this next week!)

We try to share news about upcoming screenings in our Facebook Group, but if you want to keep up with absolutely everything you can keep up with all of the latest news on Downloaded by following the Facebook Page for the film, as well as following Alex Winter on Twitter.  There is also the Downloaded Official Podcast available for your listening pleasure!  Not bad!

Read Moviehole's interview with Alex Winter

Bloomberg TV's interview with Alex Winter

Read Co.Create's Interview with Alex Winter

The Hill's Interview with Alex Winter



June 15
, 2013

The Nerdist is Most Excellent!

Alex Winter recently sat in with The Nerdist's Joe Manganiello for about an hour of completely hilarious, fascinating and insightful conversation, covering Alex's new documentary Downloaded, Alex's career as a director and actor, some interesting background on the Bill & Ted movies (as well as the most recent status of the potential Bill & Ted 3, which is pretty much the same as before), and so much more!  This is not to be missed, babes and dudes!

Listen to The Nerdist Podcast interview with Alex Winter


June 1
, 2013

Billy the Kid Speaks to TV Store Online!
Dan Shor on Excellent Adventure

Dan Shor is an incredibly talented actor with many credits to his name, not the least of which is his iconic role in the revolutionary Disney computer-enhanced epic Tron.  But Bill & Ted fans will forever think of Dan as the irrepressibly mischievous Billy the Kid, the first historical figure that Bill & Ted "bag" on their Excellent Adventure (if you don't count their inadvertent bagging of Napoleon before that.)  In the interview, Dan talks about the making of the film and his audition for Billy the Kid, how he changed his mind about how he was going to play the role on the first day of filming (and the director's surprised reaction), as well as his honest opinions about who he thought was going to be the breakout star from the film (one hint . . . it wasn't Keanu!)  Dan goes into great length about the many films he's made over his career, and TV Store Online provides many photos and some video clips as well for you to enjoy!  Definitely check this one out, babes and dudes!

Read Dan Shor's interview at TVStoreOnline.com


April 6
, 2013

Downloaded's L.A. Premiere
and Panel at the Grammy Museum

We were very excited to attend the highly-anticipated premiere of Alex Winter's documentary Downloaded, which chronicles not only the rise and fall of Napster but delves deeply into the impact which the sadly maligned company had on the Internet and on social media as a whole.  The film, which was shown as part of The Grammy Museum's Reel to Reel series, is incredibly engaging, and the description given by TourBusLive.com for 95.5 KLOS (link below) is spot-on when they say partway through the movie you're hit with the realization of just how relevant this story really is, even today.  Alex has been working on this project off and on for many years and the end result is well worth the wait!  If you have a chance to see it at a local screening, by all means don't miss it!

After the screening of the movie, a panel discussion about the film's subject matter was moderated by The Grammy Foundation and MusiCares vice-president Scott Goldman, who excelled at directing questions to Alex Winter, as well as the inimitable Henry Rollins and The Collective Music Group's Jordan Berliant.  The panel continued to discuss the ramifications of Napster on the music industry, the record companies' less-than-lackluster enthusiasm to get on board with Internet technologies, and how artists are coping with these challenges.  It was a fascinating discussion and hopefully clips of it will surface online soon!

This (and all other Reel to Reel panels) are available to view at The Grammy Museum by appointment!

Read 95.5 KLOS' review of Downloaded

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March 16
, 2013

Alex Winter Debuts His Long-Awaited
Napster Documentary, Downloaded! 

So far the media has been very excited and interested in the debut of Alex Winter's documentary, Downloaded, which debuted at SFSX this past week.  

So far the documentary has received a lot of good press and Alex has had the opportunity to discuss the film with many media outlets.  Inevitably some of these interviewers have also asked about the proposed third Bill & Ted movie, and Alex has been very happy to answer their questions!

Alex talks to MTV about Bill & Ted 3

 Alex talks to What's Trending about Downloaded and Bill & Ted 3



 Alex Interview with Daily Motion about Downloaded and Bill & Ted 3


And here are more interviews with Alex about Downloaded!

Good Day Austin Interview

The Hit List Interview

Flick Direct Red Carpet Interview

Mashable Interview

Soundcheck Interview

Film Threat Interview


March 9
, 2013

Bill & Ted 3 in Purgatory?
In Hollywood It's Called Development!

At first fans wondered if the rumors of a third Bill & Ted film were at all valid.  When word came through that Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson had indeed written a script and that Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves had read said script and were interested in doing it, there was much excitement.  And then much silence.  So what is the status of the supposed third movie?  Will it ever see the light of day?  Fortunately, SlashFilm.com reporter Germain Lussier asked Alex Winter about the status of the threequel during an interview about Alex's upcoming premiere of his Napster documentary, Downloaded, at SFSX this coming Sunday.

When asked by Mr. Lussier what the hold up was for B&T 3, Alex explained, "Well the funny thing is there really isn?t a hold up.  Nothing held it up other than it got leaked really early in the process, so these things take a ****load of time to get bobbed around and we are really just in the process.  It?s really mundane to report the day-to-day process of trying to get a movie made.  "Right now they?re doing a rewrite??  You know?  That?s my news, ?they are doing a rewrite.?  That will take a while and then we will look at it and that might need another rewrite and that will be my next bit of news.  So it?s just like? "

Alex went on to say, "The short answer is it got leaked way too early.  It got leaked just as we started, me and Keanu and Chris and Ed, the two writers just started to put it together.  Then you?ve got the whole genesis of putting it together in front of you still, which is where we are at now."

Alex and Germain then went on to discuss the dissemination of film news online today, which ties in with the way the music industry has changed because of Napster.  So the bottom line is that everyone should just be patient . . . if and when a third movie happens, it will happen, which is a most excellent prospect!

Read Alex's comments on B&T at Slashfilm.com!

Read the Downloaded interview with Alex at Slashfilm.com

Visit the SFSX page for Alex Winter's documentary Downloaded


February 23, 2013

It's Not Bogus, It's Skam! 

If you follow our Facebook Group at all, you'll have heard Skam, a rockin' band from Leicester, England, whose new classic-rock album, It's Come to This, has already spawned two singles; the second of these is the newly released Massacre.  Look closely at the video for the song and you'll see that our outstanding compadre Steve Hill is wearing his Wyld Stallyns t-shirt!  Steve yearns to recreate Ted's look at the end of Bogus Journey, which we think is a most outstanding goal!  If you love to rock, then most definitely give this band a listen!  Also, according to the Classic Rock Magazine website, the band is planning on traveling to SXSW in Texas next month to showcase their sound.  Maybe they'll be able to catch up with Alex Winter at some point, who'll be premiering his long-awaited documentary, Downloaded, at the event!  Whoa!!!


Read the article about SKAM on the Classic Rock Magazine website


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