There have been many different releases of Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey in various forms.  We don't even remotely have a complete list of all the released video versions as well as those overseas, so if anyone can help out with scans or information about any releases not listed, please let us know!

Excellent Adventure was originally made available on Orion Video in 1989.  Various versions were released on tape, one of which included a 900-number contest introduction with Amy Stock-Poynton (Missy-Mom)!



Bogus Journey
was released on Orion Video in 1992 and also was released on laserdisc, although not letterboxed format for some reason.  These releases also included Slaughter's music video of Shout it Out!  I believe Excellent Adventure was also available on laserdisc for some time.


A Japanese version of Excellent Adventure was made available in letterbox format with Japanese subtitles.  This was distributed by DeLaurentis Group, the original producers of the movie.

Bogus Journey was re-released on video by MGM Home Entertainment in 2000 prior to both movies being made available in DVD format at the end of 2001.


Many thanks to The Fux who sent in copies of the covers for the German releases of Excellent Adventure (known there as Bill & Ted's verr?ckte Reise durch die Zeit which translated into English would be Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey Through Time) and Bogus Journey (Bill & Ted's verr?ckte Reise in die Zukunft translated into English would be Bill & Ted's Crazy Journey Into the Future.)  Many thanks for these!!!


Our many thanks go out to Nick of London who provided us with this scan of a videotape release of Excellent Adventure from England.  He notes this release is interesting for the following reasons: a) It's a widescreen VHS copy, which is pretty rare indeed!  b) It's released by BMG/Canal rather than Orion or Universal (BMG/Canal handles the release of the films for much of Europe)  c) It doesn't have the usual pic of the guys sitting on top of the booth on the cover (Napoleon looks a bit odd and it seems like they've pasted Bill's head onto the body) and d) There's a shot of Bill & Ted in their Prom suits on the back.

The question about Napoleon is a valid one . . . I've actually seen this photo on a DEG promotional flyer and noticed the actor in the Napoleon costume is NOT Terry Camilleri!  It's likely another actor was brought in just for this particular photo shoot!  And indeed you can see Bill's head has been pasted onto his body!!!  See the detail below:


Most appreciative thanks to Nj?l of Norway for sending us these outstanding scans of the Norwegian VHS cassette of Bogus Journey, which is known there as Bill & Ted drar til Helvete, or rather Bill & Ted Go to Hell!  (Nice to know they've kept the original title in that part of the world!)  Nj?l also sent us the translations of the covers as well!  Excellent!!!


Front cover translation: Life have never been easy.  But death haven't exactly been either ...

Back cover translation: Death is just the beginning, dude...

From their safe existence in San Dimas, California, where life consist of loud music, pizza, loud music, hot babes, and even louder music, Bill & Ted are being sent on to a journey no one has ever seen the likes of.  First they get killed, and so they go to heaven, hell, and beyond.  The duo must then get their lives back, save the babes, protect coming generations, and - of course - win the Battle of the Bands.  On the way they meet formidable figures as God, The Devil, The Grim Reaper, two martians, Albert Einstein, and not least Bill's 88-year-old Grandma Preston!  Bill & Ted are hard to shock, but this!!!!!

And thanks to Rob Babe for sending us photos of one of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on laserdiscs!  While this format didn't last a long time, many collectors sought copies of movies on laserdisc because of the high picture quality (before DVDs became the standard format of choice.)  Rob Babe explained, "Being the massive B&T fan that I am, I snatched these up quickly many years ago from a local video store named Heads Video Corner.  The store was going out of business after over ten years of operation serving our small town of Napanee, Ontario."  And we're totally glad you did!

current dvd releases from MGM/UA

MGM Home Entertainment has made both movies available on DVD for the first time!  They include trailers and the Bogus Journey release has a Behind the Scenes segment as an extra.  Most excellent!
Available for sale through most online video sellers and at your local video store or visit for more information!

Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection!

Click here to read our review of the new MGM/UA Bill and Ted Box Set!!!!




It was with some surprise that in July of 2013 fans started finding a DVD entitled "The Best of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures," the animated series in the $5.00 bargain bins at Wal Mart stores in the midwest and east coast.  One thinks of the bargain bin as a place to find DVDs which have been on the store shelves for a while and which need to be liquidated.  But apparent a small company out of Pennsylvania called TGG Direct was able to obtain the licensing rights to a large catalogue of classic shows, including a batch of programs from MGM Home Entertainment, and is releasing these shows to the Wal Mart bins before they go on sale through the store's website.  So it is we now have some of the B&T cartoons on DVD at last!

The two-disc release includes the first eight episodes from Season 1 (Hanna-Barbera) and all eight episodes from Season 2 (DIC.)  One could argue that naming this release "The Best of . . . " is frankly misleading, as there was obviously no thought of putting out the "best of" the episodes from the two series . . . unless it's a very strange coincidence that the episodes not worth putting into that classification just happen to be the last five episodes of the first season.  This is a bare-bones release with no whistles or bells . . . the box artwork is nice but not detailed and with the set incomplete the fans can't really consider this a fantastic release, but it is certainly better than just having one lone episode available on the above box set!  So we can't (and won't) complain!

Having said all that, the quality of the transfers is very good; at least better than many low-budget DVD releases of old TV series (and certainly better than the bootleg copies which have been circulating from videotapes recorded off the original broadcasts.)  And the episodes are complete and uncut with opening and closing credits included, so that's another big plus!  I never attempt to rate sound quality as it's completely out of my field of expertise, but to my ear the sound quality is also good (the logo on the back indicates the sound is Dolby Pro Logic II . . . the original episodes were broadcast in stereo, at least on the Season 1 episodes on CBS.)  The video format is NTSC but there is no indication of what region release it is.  We have to assume this is a Region 1 release but will let everyone know if we learn otherwise.

Currently the DVDs are only in about 1300 stores in certain midwest and east coast locations, but you can pre-order it from the Wal Mart website as well.

(Many thanks to the most excellent Tim dude for providing information to us about this release!)


This is a breakdown of where the Bill & Ted movies are currently available on DVD:

Region 1 (U.S. and Canada)
Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey available

Region 2 (Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa)
Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey available

Region 4 (Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America)
Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey available

Our most excellent compadre, Nj?l of Norway, sent us the covers of the DVD release
of Excellent Adventure!  If you have copies of the DVD from other parts of the world you would
like to share with us, you can send them to us at this
e-mail address!  Thanks, dudes!

Translation: Bill and Ted are two young men with a big problem.  If they don't succeed in getting the best grade on a history presentation they won't graduate.  As through a miracle Rufus shows up from the future.  He has an important message . . . the world's future depends on that Bill and Ted succeed with their history presentation.  They receive a time machine in the shape of a phone booth for help.  The machine leads them through time and space, and they meet historical persons (figures) like Napoleon, Billy the Kid, Freud and many more.  How will they, with the help from these persons manage to solve the mission?  The crazy adventure can begin . . . .