Amanda babe sent in these awesome pictures of her and her most esteemed
associates dressed as Bill & Ted and various Excellent Adventure characters
for Dragoncon 2010!  Way non-heinous!!!!

Jared (as Bill) and Josh (as Ted) based their most excellent costumes on the ones used for "Bill & Ted's Excellent
Halloween Adventure" for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights for their Halloween costumes!  Not bad!!


John (as Bill) and Patrick (as Ted) from L.A. rock on as Bill & Ted last Halloween!  They didn't
make it over to San Dimas High School, but they did make it to the Circle K!  Excellent!


When the most excellent Lucy (as Bill) and Ryan (as Ted) decided to cosplay as the
Two Great Ones, they pulled out all the stops!  And Ryan babe has some most excellent advice
for those working on Ted's Bogus Journey costume:
"I took a Cotton blend white hoodie (Do NOT go
100% cotton or it will be too dark.)  Walmart has a product right now called "Dancekin."  They have Poly/cotton
blend white hoodies.  I took RIT dye in Tangerine and Petal pink.  I followed the directions and used the whole
pack of tangerine and just 3/4 of the petal pink (To get peach).  I made sure not to do it in a bucket, but it a large
plastic tote instead so the color would be evenly dispersed.  It turned out great! 
Bill has super long hair and didn't
want to buy an entire wig for something that only had the bangs showing, so she just bought one of those
hair pieces that have like the rubber band on it and stuffed it under the hat so the curls came through like bangs."

Thanks for the excellent advice, babes!  And the costumes came out most excellently!!!


The most excellent Julia, who has been submitting so many great stories for our site,
also sent us this self-portrait of herself as Bill from Bogus Journey!  Excellent!

Grant and Daniel are rockin' it at the age of 9 as the Two Great Ones!
Outstanding costumes, dudes!!

Now this has to win the prize as the most original and creative Bill & Ted costume design EVER!
Bob dude dressed . . . as the time-traveling phone booth!  Here is what he told us about this costume:

"I constructed it completely out of cardboard, duct tape, red tissue paper, an old umbrella (for a movie-accurate
antenna), cellophane (for windows) and some standard printer paper.  There was enough room for only one person,
and it had no floor so it could be lifted up and walked around the room during my girlfriend's Halloween party.
I made a "phone mask" out of a old black Sony phone, a cardboard box, and a pair of goggles, and hung a phone
book around my neck.  Needless to say it was very uncomfortable, but the discomfort was worth suffering
through for the Two Great Ones!  I have attached several pictures of the booth, me in the booth, and one
of me wearing the phone mask at the party." 
What can we say but, "Most outstanding, dude!!"

Brian (as Bill) and his roommate Joe (as Ted) dressed for Halloween 2009 at their
college's homecoming tailgate party where by chance they met up with a buddy
who was kind of dressed like Genghis Khan!  Most excellent costumes, dudes!!!

Check out Devin (as Ted) and her little sister Danae (as Bill) in their most resplendent
Halloween costumes!  These babes did a totally outstanding job on their outfits!
Big air guitar for a totally excellent job!!!!

This week we're most pleased to bring you some non-heinous photos from a totally
non-non-non-heinous Bill & Ted Halloween Party!  This most excellent affair was put on
by Kelley (as Ted) and Lauren (as Bill).  Making appearances at the party were Kevin
(as Evil Robot Bill) and Kim (as Evil Robot Ted . . . the evil robots were NOT invited to the
party but came anyway, because, as Kelley put it, "they're dickweeds . . . the characters,
not our friends!"), Paul as Beethoven, Vinnie as the Salad Dressing Dude (Caesar, of course!),
Matthew as a military recruit, Sam and Michael as Jackie O's cousins from Grey Gardens,
and Carol and Julie as bodacious princesses (well, they were wearing 80's gear, at least!)
For the air guitar contest, contestants had to pick a song from the Sock o' Rock.
Kelley created a brochure for Oates' Military Academy which was given to the losers
of the air guitar contest.  The winners pack, which was awarded to Beethoven included
a copy of the Circuits of Time phonebook, Bubble Yum (always handy in a booth breakdown
emergency!), pudding cups and Twinkies (for that excellent sugar rush!)  There are so many photos
we have added them as thumbnails, so just click on the smaller pics to open them!  Don't we all wish
we could have totally partied on at this party???  Outstanding job, babes and dudes!

kelleyexcellentfoursome.jpg (49693 bytes)    kelleybogusdude.jpg (42650 bytes)    kelleygreygardens.jpg (48297 bytes)    kelleyprincesses.jpg (52194 bytes)    kelleytheprincesses.jpg (35019 bytes)

kelleywyldstallyns.jpg (36326 bytes)    kelleysockorock.jpg (36814 bytes)    kelleycaesarairguitar.jpg (44764 bytes)    kelleyevilbillairguitar.jpg (40806 bytes)    kelleybeethovenairguitar.jpg (40827 bytes)

kelleybeethovenairguitarbeer.jpg (42326 bytes)    kelleybeethovenwin.jpg (43263 bytes)    kelleycoloatstrainee.jpg (39217 bytes)    kelleypartyonpumpkin.jpg (28441 bytes)    kellywyldpumpkin.jpg (32682 bytes)

Vince (as Bill) and Taylor (as Ted) used our online instructions
to create these outstanding costumes for their non-heinous
Halloween celebrations in New York City in 2009!  Party on, dudes!

Randall (as Bill) and Clayton (as Ted) hit five parties in the Salt Lake City, Utah
area as the Two Great Ones!  Not bad!  We also have to thank Clayton dude for
pointing out to us that Ted's shoelaces are actually purple!

Ashley (as Bill) and Augusta (as Ted) totally Partied On at their Senior Halloween
Party in 2009!  And what a most excellent Bill & Ted these babes do make!

Jason (as Bill) and Aaron (as Ted) know how to really party down at their work party
in the outstanding city of Toronto!!  Excellent costumes, Canadian dudes!!

Kyle (as Bill) and Topher (as Ted) found our costume instructions most helpful
when they decided to create Bill & Ted outfits for their buddy's outstanding
80's movie characters theme party!  Who wouldn't want to attend such a
muy bueno feista celebration??


Richard (as Bill) and David (as Ted), as well as Claudine (as the Grim Reaper),
rock on as the Two Great Ones at the Pewsey Carnival in 2009!  Excellent!!!

Nick (as Bill) and Jay (as Ted) are seen here with members of Design and
Engineering at the Walt Disney World Canoe Races of the World.  And a most
excellent time was enjoyed by all!

Here's a group of fans who know how to PARTY!!  Cully (as Bill),  Drew (as Ted).
Dave as Rufus and Julie as Joan of Arc as seen on Halloween 2008!  Check out
the totally bodacious phone booth they made from an old refrigerator box!
Most creative and excellent!!!!  No wonder they were the hit of the many parties
they went to that night!

Nick (as Ted) and Sean (as Bill) don their most excellent
threads and perform a raucous air guitar!  Yah!!!

Dennis (as Bill) and Flo (as Ted) are wunderbar German fans who
dressed as the Two Great Ones for a carnival!  Most ausgezeichnet!!

Hailee went to a movie party with friends where everyone was to dress
as their favorite movie character.  Hailee chose Ted!  Excellent!!!!!

Nick and Jack donned their Bill & Ted gear for a costume party
at UEA and totally won the costume competition!  Excellent!!!!

Jason (as Ted) and his brother Harry (as Bill) strike
a totally non-heinous pose as the Two Great Ones!

Jack and Joe from Norwich UK make a most outstanding Bill & Ted!
Totally excellent job on the costumes!!!

Our most excellent compadre, Terry, spotted these outstanding dudes dressed
as the sequel Bill & Ted, along with a most bodacious Death dude, at DragonCon in
Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 and even posed with them (she's the outstanding Faith from
Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the pic!)  Way excellent job by all, wouldn't you agree?

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