The rockingly triumphant Lolita Haze (Bill) and her outstanding friend Jodey (Ted)
decided to attend the Phoenix ComicCon as their favorite movie heroes!  And as luck would
have it, their excellent compadre Doc just happened to look like Rufus!  No way!  Yes way!!!


Tom (as Ted) and Brady (as Bill) struck the classic "And we are . . . " pose
while masquerading as the Two Great Ones for a 2008 Halloween party.  Whoa!!!

    Ryan (as Bill) and Tom (as Ted) rock out on their literal air guitars (filled with air!) as
the Two Great Ones!  Most bodacious, dudes!!

Gavin (Bill) and c.j. (Ted) are most bodacious as they party on in their
outstanding Halloween costumes!  Yes way!

Lawrence (Bill) and Trenton (Ted) from San Antonio, Texas, don their
most excellent threads for Halloween 2008!  Most outstanding!!!

Stewie (Bill) and Owen (Ted) from Vancouver, Canada have a
most excellent Halloween!  Party On, Dudes!!

Maya (as Bill) and her friend Nadia (as Ted) sent in these photos of themselves
dressed for Halloween 2008!  Totally outstanding costumes!  Yes way!!!

The outrageously bodacious Allie (as Ted) and Van (as Bill) party on in
stellar Halloween costumes for 2008!  Non-non-non-heinous outfits, babes!!


Excellent brothers Dustin (Bill) and James (Ted) attend a most triumphant
Halloween Party in 2008 as the Two Great Ones!  Whoa!

 Catherine (Bill) and John (Ted) were most gracious in letting us post
this photo of them in their outstanding costumes they donned last
Halloween!!  Totally excellent job, babe and dude!!

Nicole (Ted) and Molly (Bill) dressed as the Two Great Ones for an
80's theme party!  Nicole had a red baseball cap painted with the Wyld Stallyns logo
and used blonde curls from an old wig to stick out the front (or back, rather).
Most creative and excellent job, babes!!

Mark (Bill) and Dave (Ted) rock on for a 90's theme
party as Bill & Ted!  Station!!!

Melissa (Ted) and Brittany (Bill) had a most excellent
time as the Two Great Ones this past Halloween!!!  Whoa!!

Ashley babe created some most amazing makeup effects for her
"Girl Ted Zombie" costume this Halloween!  As the pictures are a little on the
graphic side, we've decided to put them behind links for our more sensitive
visitors.  To view her costume, click on the links below (and don't say
we didn't warn you!)

Ashley Zombie Ted Costume Photo # 1

Ashley Zombie Ted Costume Photo # 2

Ashley Zombie Ted Costume Photo # 3

Kris (Bill) and Eric (Ted) rock on in their most resplendent
Bill & Ted gear!  Will the real Wyld Stallyns please stand up?? 

The creative and non-heinous Shona also used our website to help her make
these most excellent costumes for fellow University students Dan (Ted) and
Gregor (Bill), proving that Bill & Ted totally rule in Scotland!!
Excellent work, babe and dudes!!

Amanda (Ted) and Errol (Bill) used the costume tips on our website to
make these outrageously bodacious outfits for Halloween 2007!  Yes way!!

Drew (Ted) and Alex (Bill - how appropriate!) are most
outstanding as The Two Great Ones!  Party On, Dudes!

Jim (Ted) and Drew (Bill) strike the classic Wyld Stallyns pose which
works well both indoors and out!  Most excellent costumes, dudes!!

Kyle (Ted) and Randy (Bill) perform some excellent air guitar to
totally celebrate Halloween in 2007!  Party On, Dudes!!!

Julie (Bill) and Tim (Ted) find out strange things are afoot at the Circle K!!

The bodacious Royce (Ted) and outstanding Matt (Bill)
rockin' the excellent Halloween in July party!  Not bad!!!

The most bodacious Stephanie parties on dressed as Ted when she goes
to her friend's house!  Station!

Richard (as Ted) and Greg (as Bill) totally rocked last Halloween
in their most bodacious costumes!!  Totally excellent, dudes!

Joe (as Bill) and Christian (as Ted) don Bill and Ted gear
for their friend's 18th birthday party.  Party On!

Bryce (as Ted) and Robbie (as Bill) are totally Wyld Stallyns!
Outstanding costumes, dudes!!!!

Babes make great dudes, too!  Scope out Elly (as Bill) and Addie (as Ted)!
NOT BAD!!!!!!  Totally excellent, babes!

Whoa, dudes!  Jimmy (Bill) and Dan (Ted) are definitely a non-non-non-heinous
Bill & Ted of the non-robotic and non-evil kind!  Awesome job on the costumes, dudes!!!


Andy (Bill) and Steve (Ted) actually won several hundred dollars at various costume contests
with their outstanding Bill & Ted personas!  Excellent work, dudes!!


Shawn (Ted) and his most excellent friend Bubba (Bill) put together most outstanding
outfits for Bubba's Halloween party.  And check out the phone booth and the Wyld Stallyns banner!!
Totally outstanding job, dudes!!!!


Bry (Bill) and Andy (Ted) are having a non-bogus journey in their
most creative costumes!!!  Love their imitation of the movie poster, too!!!

Luis (Ted) and Oskar (Bill) from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico!!
El m?s excelente!

Drew (Bill) and Kevin (Ted) strike a totally classic pose!!

Colleen (Bill) and Rachel (Ted) are most outstandingly awesome as The Two Great Ones!!!


One of the very first Bill & Ted cosplays from the Captain Plaid Archives . . . these costumes were
for a Halloween group costume contest back in 1989!  Excellent!!!

Will & Chris dressed as Bill & Ted when they visited Universal Studios!

Laila's awesome impersonation of Ted "Theodore" Logan!

Marcy rocks out as Ted!!

Terry and Sabrina totally decorated their jeans for a movie night with friends!

Cathy and Ginger dressed up as the Two Great Ones for a most excellent ski trip!

Matt (Bill) and Jay (Ted) got some excellent friends together to dress for the Bay to Breakers!

Ellbobin (Ted) and his friend Warren (Bill) don their costumes for these excellent pictures:

Want to share your Bill & Ted related Halloween costumes with us?
Just e-mail us and put "Bill & Ted Costume" in the subject line!