6 sec.
130.72 KB

   Rufus: "And very important . . . do not do your homework without wearing headphones!"

  Ria Paschelle's invention

16 sec.
64.95 KB

   Rufus: "And a special treat from the 23rd century, Miss Ria Paschelle.  Miss Paschelle, as you all know, was the inventor of the statiophonic oxygenetic amplifiagraphiphonideliverberator.  Kind of hard to imagine the world before we had them, isn't it?"

  How's it goin'?

2 sec.
54.08 KB

   Evil Bill & Ted: "How's it goin', dudes?"

  Totally Evil Robots

6 sec.
130.02 KB

   Evil Ted: He's totally a robot!   Evil Bill:  So're you, dude!
   Evil Ted: Whoa, we're total metalheads!  (Air guitar)

  Death to Bill and Ted!

1 sec.
33.69 KB

   Evil Bill & Ted: "Death to Bill and Ted!"

  Catch ya later!

1 sec.
30.88 KB

   Evil Ted: "Catch ya later, evil dude!"

  Wyld Stallyns intro

17 sec.
68.19 KB

   Bill: "I am Bill S. Preston, Esq.!  And this is Ted 'Theodore' Logan!"
Bill & Ted: "And we are . . . Wyld Stallyns!"

  But you stink!

7 sec.
146.89 KB

   Ms. Wardroe: Guys, you keep telling me you're going to be the greatest band in the world but you stink!"
Bill: Yeah.  We don't understand it, either!


4 sec.
78.69 KB

   Bill & Ted: "Excellent!"  (Air guitar)

  Shut up, Ted!

1 sec.
33.69 KB

   Bill: "Shut up, Ted!"

  How's it goin', Bill & Ted?

2 sec.
46.374 KB

   Evil Bill & Ted: "How's it goin', Bill and Ted?"

  Unprecedented expedition

6 sec.
122.99 KB

   Bill: "Ted?"   Ted:  "What?"   Bill: "I have a feeling we are about to embark on a most unprecedented expedition!"

  Full-on robot chubby

3 sec.
66.03 KB

   Evil Ted: "I got a full-on robot chubby!"

  Bad feeling

3 sec.
67.44 KB

   Ted: "Dude . . . I got a very bad feeling."


1 sec.
38.61 KB

   Bill & Ted: "Bogus!"

  We're dead, dude!

4 sec.
92.05 KB

  Bill: "Ted . . . we're dead, dude."

  How's it hangin', Death?

10 sec.
42.31 KB

   Ted: "Who're you?"   Bill: "Ted!  It's the Grim Reaper, dude!"
Ted: "Oh.  How's it hangin', Death?"


2 sec.
42.53 KB

   Bill & Ted: "Melvin!"


2 sec.
47.05 KB

   Ted inside Captain Logan: "I totally possessed my dad!"

  Totally lied to

8 sec.
170.80 KB

   Ted: "This is not what I expected this place to look like at all!"
Bill: "Yeah, we got totally lied to by our album covers, man!"

  Get down and give my infinity!

5 sec.
111.03 KB

   Colonel Oates: "Get down and give me . . . infinity!"

  Whoa, bogus!

4 sec.
82.91 KB

   Young Bill: "Whoa!  Bogus!"

  How about a kiss?

9 sec.
182.05 KB

   Granny S. Preston, Esq.: "How about a kiss for your dear ol' Granny, Bill?"


4 sec.
83.61 KB

   Bill: "That was non-non-non-non heinous!"

  You have sunk my Battleship!

2 sec.
56.19 KB

   Grim Reaper: "You have sunk my Battleship!"

  Sorry, Death!  You lose!

4 sec.
92.75 KB

   Bill: "Sorry, Death!  You lose!  It was Professor Plum!"

  They melvined me

2 sec.
51.27 KB

   Grim Reaper: "They melvined me."

  Total headbangers

2 sec.
40.72 KB

   Evil Bill: "We're total headbangers!"

  You got it, dude!

2 sec.
42.13 KB

   Evil Bill & Ted: "You got it, dude!"

  See you real soon!

2 sec.
48.45 KB

   Grim Reaper: "See you real soon!"

  Don't overlook my butt

7 sec.
148.30 KB

   Grim Reaper: "Don't overlook my butt.  I work out all the time.  And reaping burns a lot of calories."

  Catch ya later, Bill & Ted!

2 sec.
39.31 KB

   Evil Bill & Ted: "Catch ya later, Bill and Ted!"


1 sec.
31.58 KB

   Bill & Ted: "Rufus!"

  Reaper Rap

23 sec.
449.24 KB

   Grim Reaper: "You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the Reaper.  Get down with your bad self!"

  Let's rock!

2 sec.
51.97 KB

   Bill & Ted: "Let's rock!"