Our Exclusive Q&A with
Rappy McRapperson!

A month or so ago it was brought to our attention that there was a new song about Bill & Ted gracing the airwaves in Michigan via WHFR-FM.  The Bill & Ted Super Song by Rappy McRapperson became the talk of our forums and we immediately set out to discover just who this dude is, what is his mission and how he came to create such an excellent song!

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Bill & Ted?s Excellent Online Adventure:
Tell us something about yourself; where you hail from and what's brought you to this particular point in time?
Rappy McRapperson: Im from the forest.  Theres lots of trees and other varius foilage.  You gotta love it.  Right now I have a spot in Pioneer Square and Its filled with ghosts.  I think Im going to Move to Georgetown or Tukwilla because there are less ghosts there.  Plus I need room to stretch my legs.

B&TEOA: How did you get started in music?  And do you write all your songs yourself?
Rappy: I made a bunch of songs with my friends and whutnot when I was in shcool.  We would ditch shcool to record stuff and be crazy all the time.  wooohoo!

B&TEOA: What inspired you to write and perform such an awesome song about Bill & Ted?  Are you a big fan of the movies?
Rappy: Yes, it seemed like a good idea.  Anybody that can travel through time must be super magical must be honored in musical form.

B&TEOA: Do you see any correlation between your music and that of Wyld Stallyns?  Do you feel your music has the potential to change the future in the same immense way as theirs?
Rappy: I wish, but Nobudy can mess with the Wyld Stalions.  Bill and Ted are the main bosses.  Traveleing through time, doing amazing adventures.  And music too.  The wild stalions music balanced out the whole galaxy, and created world peace and whutnot..  Im just full of shenanagins, and my music makes people barf.

B&TEOA: Your song is about Excellent Adventure.  Will you ever write a follow-up song about Bogus Journey?
Rappy: Mabye, That is a good idea.  If I did, the song would be really crappy.

B&TEOA: The Bill & Ted Super Song appears on your new CD, Fight the Gorlax.  For those who may not know, could you explain who or what The Gorlax is and why we should all be on the defense against him / her / it?
Rappy: Gorlax's are evil monter dudes who try to mess with your mind.  If your not carfull, you might turn into a gorlax mind slave.  It happed to this looser I used to know.  His name is Greg and he is a frikkin looser.

B&TEOA: Do you think that Bill & Ted are essential to fighting the Gorlax?
Rappy: No duh.

B&TEOA: You seem to write a lot of songs about food.  Is food essential to fighting the Gorlax?
Rappy: No duh agian.  It is very important to keep a balanced diet filled with vegtables and whole grains and whutnot.  try to stay away from too many fatty foods like lard and bacon greese.  If you dont eat good food then your mind will turn to mush.  and thats not excelent.

B&TEOA: What would you like people to know about you (whether or not we really want to or should know it?)
Rappy: That me and my friends are working hard at doing music.  Even though everyone else might think were a bunch of retards.

Just goes to show . . . you too can ditch shcool and not know how to spell yet still create excellent music that makes people barf!  If you want to know even more about Rappy McRapperson, check out his website by clicking here!  Thanks Rappy for taking time out from fighting the Gorlax to talk with us!