Win a FREE Collectors
Phone Booth Box Set of Swicherz!

One GRAND PRIZE winner will win a Collectors Box Set
of the all new Swicherz, a most excellent prize indeed!

Swicherz are unique 3-D stickers which you can stick anywhere!
And not only can you stick them, you can switch them!  Interchange any Swicherz character with another for an ever changing decoration in or on your car, on your skateboard or snowboard, your desk, television, bed headboard . . . the possibilities are endless!
Want to know more about Swicherz?  Click here!!!

We've stuck five Swicherz around the Bill & Ted website in the form of this animated Swicherz graphic.  Take a good look at it, because you'll be searching for FIVE of them in five different places!

(And no, this one does NOT count!)

With each graphic you find there will be a keyword.  Make a note of all five keywords and then come back to this page to fill out the form below.  The keywords don't have to be in any particular order, just find all five and enter them in the spaces!  That's all you need to do!

And to make it a little easier, here are clues to finding all five of the hidden animated graphics!!  These are clues to the location of each animated graphic only, not clues to the keywords.
(Hint: using our Site Map might also be helpful!)

Clue #1: Ted's dad would know where to find one.

Clue #2: If you know that non-non is a positive instead of a negative, you can likely find one.

Clue #3: If you know which song Bill & Ted rocked the world with in Bogus Journey, you can find one.

Clue #4: If you know what the actor who played Bill in the live action series had to say about the experience,
chances are you'll find one.

Clue #5: If you know the plot of the 1992 Universal Halloween Show, you can find one. 

Found all the keywords?
Just fill out the entry form and click submit!  That's all there is to it!
One winner will be chosen at random from all entries on February 25, 2006!
(Only ONE entry per person . . . see below for complete rules and details)

Bill & Ted Swicherz Contest Entry Form
Collect all 5 keywords by finding the Swicherz picture around our website.  Write them down then come fill in this form when you've found them all!  Please note the keywords do NOT have to be in any particular order, as long as you have all five!!

*Keyword #1:

*Keyword #2:

*Keyword #3:

*Keyword #4:

*Keyword #5:

Please provide your mailing address
(this is where your prize will be sent!)

*Full Name:

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All information gathered here will be kept 100% PRIVATE!!!  Your name and address will NOT be sold or given to anyone outside this site!  Anyone under the age of 18 must get their parents permission BEFORE submitting any of your personal information on this page!

Entries will also be accepted by regular mail, mailed entries must be received by February 20th to qualify.  Simply send the above information and the five keywords on a postcard or in a letter to:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Swicherz Contest
c/o Linda Kay
P.O. Box 4340
Oceanside, CA  92052-4340  USA

One entry per person.  Multiple entries for the same person will be narrowed down to only one.  Please do not send in entries using false names or addresses, such entries will be disqualified.  It's totally okay to ask your friends to enter on your behalf, providing they actually do exist!!!  P.O. Box addresses are okay!

Winners will be chosen by random from the entries received by the deadline on February 25th.  Winners first names and city will be posted online and winners will also be notified by e-mail before prizes are mailed.  Entries will be accepted from anywhere in the world.

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Any questions?  Feel free to e-mail us (be sure to put "Bill & Ted Contest" in the subject line)!