After the first sample issue was sent to fans (as well as to Orion Pictures and Nelson Entertainment) I began the arduous task of trying to make the fan club official.  This can be a complicated task when it comes to movies and television, and after pursuing many dead ends I had resigned myself to running an unofficial club, since no one seemed to particularly mind that I was doing it.  Then just about the time Bogus Journey was released I heard from the licensing company that was handling the merchandising for the movies.  They had received a copy of my premiere issue and wanted to talk business.  After working with them, the fan club became officially licensed and we were asked to put together our first "official" newsletter, approved by both the licensing company and production companies.  This issue, which would be the only one released in an A5 size, was also sent out free to interested fans, as we began anew with our newly christened official fan club!


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