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December 20, 2005

bill1.jpg (143567 bytes)ted1.jpg (143533 bytes)A New Twist on the Old Switcheroo . . .

It's true . . . Bill, Ted and even Rufus have been immortalized in a most awesome way!  Introducing Swicherz, the revolutionary 3-D stickers!  Swicherz were developed as an alternative to two-dimensional flat stickers traditionally used to adorn skateboards, bikes and other action sports rides.  Each Swicherz comes with a base which can be stuck onto anything . . . a simple twist removes one figure which you can replace with another . . . hence you can constantly "switch" characters to have countless adornments for anything and everything!  Swicherz founder Tom Viscount also happens to be a total Bill and Ted fan, so now you can own your own Bill and Ted Swicherz!  Excellent!  Available are Bill, Ted and Rufus Swicherz sold individually or a really awesome box set with all three figures in a collectible phone booth designed box! 

We'll have much more information about this outstanding new product in the coming weeks, but you can learn more about Swicherz and even buy your own from the Official Swicherz website!  Or go right to the Bill & Ted Swicherz page by clicking here!  Check them out, babes and dudes!

September 25, 2005

This is No Time for Playing Games!

Wanna watch Bill and Ted on your PSP?  Well, the UMD version of Excellent Adventure will be released on September 27, 2005!  No word if Bogus Journey will be soon to follow but one can hope!  For more information, click here.

Many thanks to Adam dude for keeping us up to date on this release on the Message Boards!!

September 12, 2005

Superstar of Air Guitar . . .

We recently received an e-mail from Gary Saint Martin who sent us an mp3 of his song Superstar of Air Guitar by the Jesse Christopher Band.  This song was the winner of the 1982 Honolulu 98 Rock FM Miller High Life Rock to Riches contest.  It received good rotation on the Honolulu radio stations and has been awaiting an air guitar enthusiast audience so it can resurface again.  Since Bill and Ted are such air guitar enthusiasts we thought you might enjoy hearing this most outstanding anthem!  The tune will eventually be available on CDbaby but for now you can hear it for free in this special sneak preview!!  So enjoy, babes and dudes!  It's a really rocking tune!

Click here to listen to the Mix version of Superstar of Air Guitar!

August 10, 2005

Not that I recall . . . .

It may be the most unknown urban legend-type rumor you've never heard . . . and if MGM/UA has its way you never will!  Speculation still abounds . . . is there a hushed-up recall of Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection, the 3-disc DVD set, or not?  Well it seems the answer is yes, there is . . . don't look for any press releases from MGM/UA on their website about it and don't even expect to find many people talking about it online or offline, but here's the lowdown . . . according to reports the artwork on the outside sleeve of the box set (which is designed to look like a phone booth) includes a sticker which reads "How's My Time Traveling?" and then offers a 1-800 number which utilizes some numbers Bill and Ted have been known to recount when meeting themselves (not literally, of course).  Unfortunately someone either didn't do their homework or pulled a prank on the distribution company because the phone number actually connects to a porn line!  Sad, but true.  We've tested it ourselves and indeed, it does connect to an adult-entertainment phone service.  We're not giving out the number simply because I'm not sure if this company charges for its services or not and I'm not about to field complaints from angry parents for encouraging calls to sex lines!  We've had reports from various fans who have heard directly about the recall from stores and the box set is now unavailable on  A stop at Suncoast Video Store didn't make anything clear . . . they have not heard about any recall but they also had NO copies of the box set in the store!  We'll have to see if future versions of the box set appear without the number (or perhaps with store stickers placed over it??) but in the meantime hang on to your original sets if you have them!  They may be considered collector's items some day.  And we recommend you don't let your fingers do the walking on this one . . . unless you're over 18 and into that kind of thing.

Update: The box sets are now being issued without the offensive phone number.  They are again available on, however a picture submitted by a fan shows the box set with the number on top (not clear enough to see the number but it's there.)  Do NOT assume that box sets ordered from Amazon will be the ones with the number . . . chances are likely they won't be.  Some box sets with the numbers are turning up on eBay, so collectors may want to look there for them.

July 23, 2005

slavelabortwo.jpg (71504 bytes)Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Adventures Volume 2 -
It's Coming, Dudes!!!

Slave Labor Graphics is releasing the second (and last) anthology of Bill and Ted comics by Evan Dorkin.

Click here for the complete story!

July 23, 2005

Alex Speaks Some More!!!

The outstanding Daniel dude directed us to an absolutely outstanding interview he did with Alex Winter which is now posted on the Suicide Girls website.  This is one of the best interviews with Alex I've seen in years . . . outstanding job, dude!!!!

Click here to check it out!!!

July 14, 2005

All About Alex Winter at and DVD reviews.

There's a really outstanding and lengthy interview with Alex Winter on the website which you can check out by clicking here.

And here are some reviews of the DVD box set which you can scope out:'s review of the Bill & Ted Box Set

DVD Fanatic's Review of the Bill & Ted Box Set's review of the Bill & Ted Box Set

July 9, 2005

We have seen the box set and it is good . . . .

Click here for our exclusive review of the new DVD box set Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection!


May 28, 2005

Now your phone can be used for time travel!

We've previously mentioned that the excellent folks at Kuju Wireless were coming up with a brand new Bill and Ted Video Game for cel phones.  We now have more information about the upcoming game, so click on the picture below to find out more about what this game is all about and to read our exclusive interview with the creative team at Kuju!

May 14, 2005


Okay, babes and dudes, the box set Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection, is now listed on the MGM/UA website as a coming release.  Click here to read more!  BIG AIR GUITAR!!!!

April 19, 2005

It Is Time!!!

While waiting for official word from MGM/UA on the proposed upcoming Bill and Ted box set, story after story has popped up on the Internet about the upcoming release, so at this point we're going to assume it's a go (hey, when lists it for sale already we gotta pay attention!)

So here's what we know: Bill and Ted's Excellent Collection will be a DVD box set which contains both movies (Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey) plus a third disc of extras which are slated to include:collection.jpg (73186 bytes)

Bill & Ted: In Conversation with Chris & Ed (an original feature)
The Most Triumphant Making-Of documentary
An Interview with Guitarist Steve Vai
An Air Guitar Tutorial with Bjorn Toroque and The Rockness Monster
The Hysterical Personages of Bill & Ted (in 3 Minutes or Less)
One Sweet and Sour Chinese Adventure To Go (the first episode of the animated series)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book
Miscellaneous Radio Spots

The set is scheduled to be released on July 12th, 2005, and is expected to retail at around $39.96.

 You can pre-order the set from by clicking here!

So far this release is NOT on MGM's official website, but they are only listing new releases through June right now.  As we find out more about this exciting box set we will be sure to let you know!!!!!

April 3, 2005

Hey, If It Worked Once . . . . .

Hey, babes and dudes . . . some time back the most esteemed personages of Alex Winter and Tom Stern set up a petition to convince the people at Fox to release Freaked on DVD.  Apparently the petition was instrumental in getting the movie slated for a DVD release this summer (see the related blurb a couple of articles down).  Now Alex and Tom are back again asking for your help to sign a petition to get MTV to release The Idiot Box, their short-lived but never forgotten series they created for the music cable network in the early 90's.  For those who grew to love Eddie the Flying Gimp, Lockjaw, Voltar, the Burrowing Bishop, Falco the Sarcastic Clown and The Huggins Family, this series is LONG overdue for release on DVD (heck, it should have been released on video ages ago!).

If you would like to sign the petition to convince the powers that be that The Idiot Box should be released on DVD, click here!

January 26, 2005

A Most Excellent Possibility!

When two most outstanding friends direct you to the same story on the same day you know you have to pay some attention, so here it is: According to The Digital Bits website, MGM may be planning a three disc Bill and Ted DVD box set which could be released sometime in 2005!  Now bear in mind this is categorized as a *rumor* at this point, but the possibilities are intriguing!  Click here to read the original story on the Digital Bits website Rumor Mill page!  And we'll be sure to bring you any and all information if and when MGM/UA confirms such a product is really going to happen.  In the meantime, big air guitar everyone!


January 15, 2005

Freaked finally coming to DVD!  Excellent!!

The most excellent Paul dude let us know about this article from Fangoria Magazine about Anchor Bay Entertainment's plan to release Freaked on DVD in American in the early summer of 2005.  Sounds like it will be a special edition DVD loaded with outstanding features and (hopefully) maybe even director's commentary!  Freaked is not only a wildly hilarious movie but it is of special interest to Bill and Ted fans as it's the only other movie to feature William Sadler and Keanu Reeves with Alex in a feature film!

For more information on Anchor Bay Entertainment and the announcement of this release, click here!


January 14, 2005

Joan of Arc Naked on VH-1?  Now That IS Surreal!!!

Jane Wiedlin, who played Miss Joan of Arc in Excellent Adventure (oh, and we understand was also part of a fairly popular band from the 80's called the Go-Go's) is one of the "Surreal Seven" on VH-1's new season of The Surreal Life.  The reality show, which started on the WB and was later picked up by VH-1, is now in its fourth season and if the debut episode was any indication this will be the wildest, most unpredictable and shocking entry into this bizarre reality experiment which poses the question "What happens when seven celebrity strangers live together in a house for a short period of time?"

Joining Jane Wiedlin in this season's show are Adrianne Curry (from America's Next Top Model), rap star Da Brat, former pro-wrestler Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer, model Marcus Schenkenberg, actor Christopher Knight (Peter from The Brady Bunch), and actor Verne Troyer (best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies).

The show features mature themes, although much of the behavior on the first episode of this new season was decidedly juvenile, with Adrianne and Jane skinny dipping in the pool in full view of the cameras and their housemates and Verne Troyer indulging in acts which are probably best left forgotten.

For more information about The Surreal Life 4, click here.


January 8, 2005

Premiere Attempts to Find Keanu (via Neo)

The February 2005 issue of Premiere Magazine is currently on the news stands and features a cover story entitled "Finding Neo" about Keanu Reeves which includes quotes from many of the people he has worked with over the years.  Included in this "cast of characters" is Alex Winter, and he and Keanu discuss Bill and Ted, more specifically how Keanu "is not Ted."

"I have a joy for life, and I think I really centered in on it for Ted," Keanu is quoted.  "He's so nonjudgmental.  He wants to see the best and is really alive in the best way.  I don't know, he's in grace."

Alex Winter explains the audition process for Excellent Adventure: "The auditions were like something out of a nightmare acid-trip version of A Chorus Line.  There were, like, two hundred actors.  It was me and Pauly Shore, Keanu and Keifer Sutherland or somebody.  We were given scenes to do: at the Circle K, meeting ourselves.  They were trying to figure out how the two guys would work off each other.  By the time we were told we had the roles, and we showed up at Interscope's offices to have a chat with the producer, Keanu thought he was Bill, and I thought I was Ted.  Then the assistant came out, and it was the opposite.  Keanu just went gray.  I said, "What's wrong?"  And he said, "I really wanted to be Bill."

Alex Winter is also quoted as saying: "Maybe he still had some "Whoas" and "Dudes" left in him, but he's not Ted.  He's a bourgeois, shy intellectual from Toronto.  He couldn't be further removed from the So-Cal mall rat."

Excellent Adventure producer (and Keanu's manager) Erwin Stoff explains more about the Ted mystique: "Here's the thing: Keanu looked at Bill & Ted as much as an actor's creation as he did My Own Private Idaho.  It's just that one was ridiculously successful and created this whole iconic thing.  Because he was really ill at ease with press, it became a real hook for people to say, "Oh, that's who he is, he's Ted."

Finally Keanu explains the story behind Ed Solomon's comments on I Love the 80's about spotting "Bill and Ted" at a McDonald's: "Alex and I went to Arizona, and we were sitting in this McDonald's, hanging out.  We come back to the production office and overhear this guy saying, "I was across the street, and I just met the real Bill and Ted!"  We walk into the room, and he says, "It was you guys!"  Isn't that great?  I love that.  "It's us, dude!"

For more information about Premiere Magazine, click here!


January 2, 2005

mgmdvdset.jpg (98472 bytes)Two DVDs Are Better Than One

Thanks to Merlin of KeanuWeb for letting us know that MGM/UA UK released a two-disc DVD set of both Bill and Ted movies back in October 2004!  We're not sure how they slipped this one out, and we have no information about whether or not this set includes any extras or not (we suspect it's just another form of packaging for the two individual movie discs they have been selling separately) and we also understand it's completely sold out at the major online DVD sellers (like Amazon UK) but keep your eyes open and it might become available again (and some of these companies are making them available for rent), or you may still be able to find copies in various stores.  Product info for the disc set can be seen at MGM/UA's site by clicking here.  No word on whether or not a similar box set is planned for the U.S., although of course we're hoping for a more extensive detailed release with some additional materials and extras.  That would totally be most excellent and non-heinous!


January 1, 2005

Bogus News for Australian Fans . . .
Which is Actually Quite Excellent!

A  most excellent fan and compadre from Down Under sent us the non-heinous news that Bogus Journey is now available for sale in Australia and New Zealand.  Finally made available in Region 4 format, this DVD should also be marketed in New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America as well!  Not bad!!!!!!!!


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