Coming soon to a phone near you . . . the all NEW
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
a video game for your cel phone from the excellent people at Kuju Wireless.

Yes, it's true . . . the Two Great Ones from San Dimas are back!  Kuju Wireless will be releasing Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure to be offered by various phone cel phone companies in the U.K. and U.S. in the near future!

We've seen some previews of the game and what can we say?  It looks totally awesome!  While some parts look vaguely similar to past video games which have featured Wyld Stallyns, this new game will feature some new twists which should make it totally non-heinous to play!


Players will be able to guide Bill & Ted through several historic settings and confront personages of historical significance whom the dudes must entrust.  Along the way they will encounter mind-boggling puzzles . . . it will be up to the player to use their skills to help the Two Great Ones escape the guardians of the past and succeed in their quest!

Direct from the Kuju Press release: "Featuring Bill S Preston Esq., Ted "Theodore" Logan and their mentor, Rufus, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a puzzle-packed time-traveling romp that's guaranteed to rock more than the Wyld Stallyns themselves!"  Not bad!!!

Most outstandingly, fans will be able to control BOTH Bill and Ted in this particular game!  You will be able to choose your own path through each time zone and receive help from Rufus and the various people you'll meet.  The creators promise there will be numerous side-quests to explore if as well!

Update: Since this article was written, Kuju Wireless' games have moved under the banner of Finesse Mobile!

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