Overture - Anthem 1

4 min, 29 sec.
1.07 MB

   Introduces the characters of Bill and Ted and their dream to become rock superstars.

  One Foot in the Past

3 min., 32 sec.
905 KB

   Mr. Ryan explains to Bill and Ted why learning history is important.


3 min., 50 sec.
964 KB

   Napoleon's theme song.

  Son of a Gun

3 min., 44 sec.
942 KB

   Billy the Kid's theme song.

  With a Little Bit of You

4 min., 15 sec.
1.03 MB

   Bill and Ted express their love for the Princess Babes.


5 min., 14 sec.
1.30 MB

   Sigmund Freud's theme song.

  Soldier's Heart

3 min., 40 sec.
916 KB

   Joan of Arc's theme song.

  Anthem 2 - Future Dudes

6 min., 8 sec.
1.57 MB

   The people of the future appeal to Bill and Ted to save the past.

  Act 2 - Kung Fu Man!

3 min., 34 sec.
954 KB

   Genghis Khan's theme song.

  Don't Surrender

3 min., 46 sec.
907 KB

   Bill sings to Ted when he think he's been killed by the medieval dude.

  I'm the King!

5 min., 14 sec.
1.33 MB

   A rapping Grim Reaper challenges Bill and Ted and the history dudes to a game show contest.

  The History Report - Anthem 3

16 min., 53 sec.
4.23 MB

   Bill, Ted and the History Dudes present their final report to the auditorium.

  People Wanna Party!

3 min., 23 sec.
899 KB

   The entire cast encourages everyone to Party On!

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