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July 12, 1985

The following are excerpts and annotations outlining the differences between
the First Draft Script and this Revised Second Draft.

The date has now been changed to 2686 A.D.

Rufus' first encounter with the Most Important People now include this exchange:

Rufus addresses the Three Most Important People:

It is time.

The fate of history rests in your hands, Rufus.

You will have 18 hours to do what you must do.

So the time frame has been changed to one day (as opposed to several days, as in the original script.)

Bill and Ted are now described this way: Both wear jeans with boxers pulled out the back and rock and roll T-shirts.  Bill is shorter and darker, with a more angular jaw and a more serious demeanor.  He is the "thinker" of the two.  He has the ability to contemplate the abstract and the long term.  He is more logical and more intent.  He must spend a lot of his time trying to get Ted back on track.  This is because Ted is a dreamer.  Taller and blondish, and with a wide-eyed, romantic look, Ted is more inclined to tangential meandering, and will usually just blurt out the first thing that comes to his mind.  Less focused than Bill, he is more into the immediate, whether it is food, fun, or, especially, girls.  Of the two, Ted is the "heart."

The scene in which Bill and Ted ask Jodie and Buffy to the prom now plays out like this:


Bill and Ted are at their respective lockers, which are adorned with lots of Heavy Metal posters and stickers.  Although neither locker is very neat, Bill?s is a lot more organized.  Bill looks through some old, crumpled notes while Ted gazes at Buffy and Jodie, the two cheerleader types we say earlier, who now approach, chatting.  They kneel down to their lockers, which are between and below Bill & Ted?s.  Ted swallows, and then turns to the girls.

Buffy.  Excuse me.  I would like to know if you would
be my date for the San Dimas High Prom this weekend.

("are you kidding")
Thank you.  No.

Jodie.  Excuse me.  I would like to know if you would
be my date for the San Dimas High Prom this weekend.


Well . . . would either of you like to be Bill?s date?


And the two pretty girls shut their lockers and walk away, giggling.

Bill.  Are there any other possible
combinations I may have missed?

Mr. Ryan is not nearly the villain he was in the first draft.  Classroom scene much closer to final version, with Ryan asking questions.  Napoleon bit and Noah?s wife bit the same as final.

Scene of them coming out of library the same as in final, except Ted?s dad comes and picks them up after school.  He drops them off at Bill?s house, warns Ted that he?s going to call Colonel Oats.  Dialogue the same as in movie except takes place in police car.

They first meet Missy in the kitchen of Bill?s house.  Mr. Smith goes for her in the kitchen.  Mr. Smith described as "forty-five, carrying a pipe and newspaper."

Bill's bedroom is described as such:

Lots of Heavy Metal posters.  IRON MAIDEN PLAYS on the stereo.  Books strewn everywhere . . . the guys have been studying hard.  Bill looks over a large checklist, which includes the guys? four basic time periods, as well as all the others covered in the class.

Okay . . . Egypt.

Moses.  Charlton Heston.



Smart dudes.


Dark ages.

Don?t know ?em.

Don?t gotta know ?em!

AIR GUITAR.  Ted, distracted, flips through some Trivial Pursuit game cards.  Bill looks back at the checklist and gets them back on track.

Description of outside the 7/11 store:

Junk food everywhere: Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos, Pudding Cups . . .  Bill stands by the door eating a microwave burrito and thumbing through a history book.  Ted eats barbequed potato chips.

The old mean man is no longer in the script.  Woman who works there is asked if she?ll buy them a beer.  When she says she works there Bill asks if she?ll give them a beer.  Ted offers Bill a HoHo.

Want some dessert?

Bill shakes his head no.

Bill and Ted's first conversation with Rufus now goes like this:

Rufus nods at Bill and Ted, who stares at him, utterly silent.  Finally ?

Will you buy us a beer?

Rufus ignores Ted?s question.

Bill S. Smith, Esquire?

Bill blinks and nods.

Ted "Theodore" Williams?

Ted gulps and nods. Then, both react, amazed, as Rufus flips down his shades, sinks to one knee, and bows his head to them.

Gentlemen.  I am most honored to be in your presence.

Bill and Ted are blown away.



(looking up)
Because I know everything about you two.

A beat.  Bill and Ted stare at Rufus, who continues to kneel before them.  Finally:

What do you want, dude?

Rufus rises.

Bill.  Ted.  It is my singular privilege ?
(flipping down his shades)
? to help you guys pass the history report.

Rufus smiles.  Bill and Ted shift uncomfortably.  Then ?

(to Ted)
Let?s blow, dude.

After New Bill and Ted disappear in van, Rufus has a line:

Well, gentlemen.  Looks like things are under control.

Dialogue about whether or not they should trust this guy the same as movie (except they comment on the music playing in the van first) . . . at end this exchange:

(to Rufus)
Can you really help us?

Rufus nods.  Beat.  Bill looks at Ted.

Go for it, dude!

They leave in the van.  Ted eats a HoHo as they leave.

It?s party time, gentlemen!

Rock music plays whenever the van is time traveling.  Time travel is now described as driving through a heavy greyish mist.


The MUSIC continues to blast.  Bill and Ted peer through the window into the onrushing murk.

Where are we, dude?

Rufus looks at the guys.

Behold, gentlemen.  The doors of time crack open for an instant
revealing their most bodacious mysteries ? their most
triumphant secrets.  William. Theodore.  Behold.  THIS IS HISTORY.

Rufus cranks the music up as the mist suddenly clears and Bill and Ted react, blown away.


As ALL OF HISTORY begins to rush past the van!  Thousands of years of life pass by in mere seconds; FLEETING IMAGES of great civilizations, movements, and individuals.  We SEE Egyptian pyramids, Greek Temples, Roman villas, and Medieval castles ? battlefields, shipyards, cities, and palaces ? wars, peoples, places, and events.  In the back of the van, Bill is totally blown away.

This is most unprecedented, Rufus!
Check it out, Ted! ? Ted?

But Ted is sitting on the wheel well, holding his stomach.

I think I?m gonna ralph, dude.

Ted.  We are in the middle of history.
are you gonna ralph?

I dunno but I?m gonna ralph now.

Okay.  Hang on.

This is when they stop in France where Napoleon is fighting.  Ted jumps out of the van to be sick and Bill notices the two opposing armies on opposite hills ready to charge with the van sitting between them.  The "We?re in the middle of a war!" line is added, and Ted says "Excellent" in mid-ralph.  Rufus can tell where they are by obscure meters on the dashboard.  A gunshot ricochets off the van and they decide it?s time to go.  The General?s horse is shot out from under him and then there?s an explosion which catapults him onto the roof.


Traveling through the time-void.  Unaware of their new guest, Rufus turns to the guys.

The history report?s at 2:45 tomorrow?

Bill and Ted nod.  Rufus looks at the dashboard.

That gives us exactly 18 hours to go anyplace
you gentlemen wish.  So . . . where first amigos?  Egypt?
Greece?  Rome?

I dunno.
(to Ted; sotto)
Where?s the checklist?

Don?t look at me, dude.  I thought we were going
to the 7-11, not all throughout history.

Rufus, can we go back and get the
checklist to find out who we need?

Certainly can, gentlemen.  But remember one thing ?

Rufus takes his watch off and hands it to Ted.

? The clock in San Dimas is always running.

Ted looks at the watch. It reads "7:45 p.m."

They arrive back at the 7/11 and Napoleon flies off the roof against the windshield, where he hangs scowling for a moment, then goes unconscious and slips to the ground.

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