Here are a few of the "goofs" and "gaffs" which you can see while watching Excellent Adventure.  If you know of any bloopers not mentioned here already, let us know!

  • When Mr. Ryan sits down at his desk as the class is leaving, behind him you can see "Ghenghis Khan" written on the blackboard behind him.  In all other shots, it is written as "Genghis Khan."

  • If you look closely at Bill's mouth when he reads their history assignment aloud while walking away from the school with Ted, you can see he actually says the year "1987" instead of "1988."  The line was changed because the movie wasn't released for a year and a half after filming was completed.

  • As the phone booth is being formed in the futuristic dome, we see the reflection of the booth in Rufus' sunglasses with the outline and word "Phone" already completed, but when the shot goes back to the booth these features have not yet been formed.

  • Also during the phone booth forming scene, the reflection of the word Phone in Rufus' glasses is scene correctly, when the image reflection should actually be reversed!  (Submitted by David Jones)

  • The first time the phone booth lands at the Circle K, look at the upper right side and you can see one of the cables the booth was attached to falling to the side as it settles!

  • There is a very unusual paradox which occurs in the film.  When Bill and Ted meet Rufus, he never tells them his name.  They learn his name from the future Bill & Ted, who mention it when they visit their past selves at the Circle K.  But if Rufus never told them his name originally at the Circle K, how did they ever learn it?

  • While the phone book says " Circuits of History," everywhere else in the film they are referred to as the Circuits of Time.

  • When Rufus leaves in the booth outside Ted's house at night, Bill and Ted watch as the booth disappears and then reappears, empty.  During the close shots of them, they are standing beside each other, but in the long shots they are standing several feet apart.

  • When Bill and Ted get ready to leave Ted's house, Captain Logan's police car is first seen parked further forward and away from the lawn than where it is when they actually leave in the booth.

  • During the fight scene in the saloon in the old west, the cigarette in Bill's mouth appears and disappears rather quickly between a few of the different shots.

  • The phone booth is sometimes seen traveling through the Circuits of Time bottom first while other times it is traveling top first!

  • After leaving San Dimas 1,000,000 B.C., Bill is seen standing on the right side of the booth while they are traveling, the opposite position he was in when they took off and when they land at the Circle K.

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