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The Final Speech

Originally when Bill & Ted their final speech to the audience, they did it in their regular clothes and their dialogue tied in with the conquering of their fears earlier in the movie.  It was after the speech that they got into the phone booth to go back in time and learn to play their instruments, plus marry the Princess Babes and introduce their baby sons.

The following photos show how parts of this scene originally may have looked:

Some brief clips from the original final speech were seen on MTV's The Big Picture when they
visited the set for a behind-the-scenes look.  And dialogue from the speech also made it into
The Reaper Rap as it was released on the movie's soundtrack:


This scene was also included in the novelization as follows:

"And now, gentlemen, the stage is yours."  Rufus gestured toward the microphones and the crowd.

Bill and Ted gulped.  "Thanks, dude . . . "

The Wyld Stallyns were a much bigger band now.  Rufus picked up a guitar, Joanne crossed to the keyboards, Elizabeth to drums.  The Reaper took a stand-up bass, the Stations on percussion.  Even the good robots got in on the act, trying to clap along.  They were pretty lame, but their electronic hearts were in the right place.

Bill and Ted looked into the crowd.  It was the same old problem.  Time travel, evil robots, Easter Bunnies with murder in their hearts, Heaven, Hell, the Grim Reaper ? piece of cake.  Talking to the crowd, playing their instruments ? no way.

"Bill . . . what are we going to say?"

"I dunno.  But it better be good."

All eyes were on them, the crowd figuring that a little music shouldn?t be too hard for dudes like Bill and Ted to arrange.  After all, they had gone to a lot of trouble with the rest of the show.  The guys looks at each other for a moment, their brows furrowed.  Then Bill looked over at the Grim Reaper and got an idea.  Once he had been scared of Death.  Now they were pals.  There was a moral in that ? if only he could find it.

He stepped up to his microphone.  "Kiss your fears, dudes," he blurted out.

"Yah, or just call ?em," said Ted, picking up the thread of Bill?s thought.  "Call ?em up and offer ?em a honey bun or something.  And maybe they?ll get smaller, and maybe even go away."

"Yah," agreed Bill, thinking of Granny S. Preston.  "They?re not that bad."

"Here?s what?s bad: evil robot versions of you."

"Yah," said Bill.  "Never allow yourself to get programmed by anybody other than yourself."  Bill glanced over his shoulder at the Stations and the good robots.  "Unless maybe a Martian."

The Stations clapped happily.  "Station!"

"Beyond that," said Ted, "all we can say is . . . "

"Let?s play!" yelled Bill and Ted together.

The crowd roared as Bill and Ted launched into their first number.  It was a good thing the crowd was making so much noise, because otherwise they would have heard how terribly the band was playing.

Bill and Ted could tell, though, and they were disappointed.  They were going to lose their fans almost before they had them.

"Dude. After everything that?s happened, we still don?t know how to play."

Bill nodded sadly.  "Maybe we oughta get good, Ted."


Both of them looked over to De Nomolos? phone booth and had the same thought at the same time.  A little time travel never hurt.

"Joanna!" yelled Ted. "Elizabeth!  Get in the booth!"

Bill turned to the microphone.  "Ladies and gentlemen, excuse us a second."  Then he too stepped into the booth and disappeared, leaving the crowd staring in disbelief.

The audience, not being really hip to time travel, didn?t have too long to wait, not even time to get disappointed, because a matter of seconds after the phone booth vanished in a cloud of sparks it reappeared, blasting back onto the stage.

Everything happened so fast that it seemed at first as if nothing had changed ? as if nothing could change in a matter of seconds ? but as soon as the door of the booth opened, it was obvious that there had been some major changes in the leaders of Wyld Stallyns.

For one thing, Bill and Ted looked older ? not a lot older , but enough to make an impression, say about a year and a half ? because in the few seconds they had been gone, they had actually traveled sixteen months in the Circuits of Time, going back in time so they could really prepare for this very important gig.

They were dressed completely different.  Gone were the demins and sweats, replaced by professional black leather costumes designed and sewn by Elizabeth and Joanna.  Their hair was different too ? Bill wore a long beard and Ted had grown an impressive mustache.  Although inside they were the same old Bill and Ted, externally they didn?t look like Bill and Ted, they looked like rock stars.  And they played like rock stars too.

"That was a fast sixteen months of intensive guitar training," Bill whispered to Ted.

"Yah, except for that two-week honeymoon we spent in Medieval England with the princesses."

"Time well spent, dude."  Perhaps the biggest change in Bill and Ted was what they had strapped to their backs.  They stepped up to the mike and turned, revealing to the crowd the two little babies they had on their backs, carried in little baby backpacks.

"Hello, San Dimas," said Bill.  "Say hello to little Ted!"

"And this is little Bill," yelled Ted.

The crowd screamed welcome to two new members of rock?s aristocracy.  The proud mothers, Joanne and Elizabeth, stood in the background beaming.

"One, two ? one-two-three-four!" Bill and Ted counted off and then launched into amazing, over-the-top, indescribably masterful guitar solos.  The music blazed out over the crowd, loud melodic fire that seemed to grip the audience and lift them up high to the heavens.  Wyld Stallyns had arrived.  They had fulfilled their destiny.

Rufus only had one thing to say to that: "Station."