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Evil Bill & Ted Evil Ted bag the Princess Babes

The scene in which Evil Robot Bill & Ted kidnap the Princess Babes to take them to the Battle of the Bands was notably different for several reasons.  First, the robots knock Missy out, not with their breath but with Evil Bill's fist!  In early drafts of the script, Captain Logan also confronted the robots, only to be pushed up into the ceiling by them.  The robots then pull an outrageous bluff by unzipping their skins to reveal themselves to be disguised . . . as each other!  (This would have tied in with Rufus' revelation of actually being Ms. Wardroe at the end of the movie.)  And finally, after talking to Bill & Ted on the phone and then De Nomolos, they leave behind ominous cylinders which would have led into the facing the fears scene also cut from the final film.

Production storyboards also illustrate how this scene played out originally:



These behind-the-scene photos show what it would have looked like when
Evil Bill & Evil Ted reveal that they are actually disguised as each other:

If you look closely while watching the movie, you can see the discarded
skins on the floor behind Evil Bill & Ted as they talk to Bill & Ted on the phone!

 In the final film, the footage of Evil Robot Bill & Ted opening their skin to reveal
their inner workings was used to scare the Princesses instead of when they
would reach inside themselves to retrieve the cylinders.

 This scene was also included in the novelization as follows (the photos are not from the novel but included for illustrative purposes):

The Porsche was pretty beat up by now, but it still went fast, so fast that the game of trying to annoy people on the freeway turned out to be no fun at all.  With the tape deck cranked up as high as it would go, Evil Bill and Evil Ted wanted to go fast, not slow, no matter how steamed it made the other drivers on the road.  They had to content themselves with trying to run over cats on the streets around Missy?s house.

Evil Bill was driving and Evil Ted was keeping a sharp lookout for any small creature they could run over.  While they had originally thought of cats, anything would do, actually - squirrels, poodles, raccoons - they weren't particular.

Suddenly Ted pointed.  "Whoa!  There?s one, dude!"



Evil Bill yanked the wheel and the car careened wildly across the street.  There was the sound of screaming tires and a cat - it would never know how lucky it was - yowling in the night as it scrambled to get out of the way.

"Just missed!" yelled Evil Bill.

"Dang!" shouted Evil Ted.  He immediately looked around for more cats or, failing that, some other way of having fun.  But they were running out of time; Missy?s house was just up the street.  "Dude, we?re there!"

"Okay," said Evil Bill.  "I have a truly triumphant idea.  Take off your seatbelt."

"Why?" asked Evil Ted as he unclipped the harness.

"Because, dude, we?re gonna make an entrance!"


Evil Bill steered the car directly at the Logan house, aiming for the picture window in the front of the house - then he slammed on the brakes.  The car screeched to a halt, jumped the curb and ploughed onto the lawn.  Evil Bill and Evil Ted smashed through the windshield and were headed for the picture window like two circus dudes shot from a cannon, air-guitaring as they went.

In the living room were three very worried young women, each with her own close connection to Bill and Ted - the princesses, Joanna and Elizabeth, and Missy, who at one time had been stepmother to one or the other of the two boys.  They were too deep in conversation to notice the sound of the powerful Porsche engine in the street outside.

"We?re worried about them," said Joanna.  "They are just not the Bill and Ted we know."

"And love," said Elizabeth, softly.  "They seem so . . . so completely different."

No one noticed the screech of brakes.

"You know . . . ," said Missy, "I had a strange experience with them myself.  It was . . . weird."

"Well, we?re not saying that things wouldn?t be strange with Bill and Ted."

"Yah," said Elizabeth.  "Things do tend to get quite totally strange when Bill and Ted are around."

"But they are never rude.  And never inconsiderate."

"Never," agreed Elizabeth.

Just then, Evil Bill and Evil Ted came crashing through the living room window.  Glass scattered everywhere and Joanna, Elizabeth and Missy dove for cover.

"Whooooooaaa!" yelled Evil Bill and Evil Ted as they sailed into the room.  They crashed to the floor and slid across it, smashing their indestructible metal heads against the fireplace.

Joanna, Missy and Elizabeth peeked out at them, staring, aghast, as Evil Bill and Evil Ted picked themselves up unharmed and dusted themselves off.

"How?s it goin?, lady humans?" said Evil Bill with a nasty smirk on his face.

Ted kicked a coffee table out of the way, Missy?s crystals and tarot cards scattering all over the place.  "Hey, Mom, how?s about a kiss where it counts?"

Missy jumped to her feet and, unable to restrain herself, slapped Ted hard in the chops.  "Don?t you speak to me like that!  Just wait till your father gets home."

"Whoa . . . am I scared."

Evil Bill and Evil Ted each grabbed his respective princess, holding her tight around the waist.  The girls tried to pull away.

"Ready for the big night, babes?" said Evil Ted with an unpleasant leer.

"No!" shouted Elizabeth, her pretty blue eyes wide with fear.

"We?re not going!" said Joanna.

"Sure you are," said Evil Bill.  They started dragging the struggling girls toward the door.  Missy blocked their way, putting out both hands to stop them.

"I think you guys better stop right there.  We are going to get some things settled right here, right now.  Do you hear me?"

Evil Bill and Evil Ted exchanged looks.  They may have heard her, but they had no intention of doing anything Missy had in mind.

"Listen," said Evil Bill.  "We gotta go."  He slugged Missy hard on the chin, knocking her out.  "So, catch you later, future wife."

Missy tumbled to the ground.  The princesses gasped and stared, first at Missy, then at Evil Bill and Evil Ted.

"Who . . . who are you two?"

Evil Bill and Evil Ted both assumed completely false looks of earnest sincerity.

"Well, you see, girls," said Evil Bill, "it?s kind of sort of hard to explain . . . "

"Yah," said Evil Ted.  The two exchanged winks and then unzipped their bodies, revealing that, over their electronic skin, Evil Bill had, in fact, been wearing an Evil Ted suit, and Evil Ted had, in fact, been wearing an Evil Bill suit.  That each of them was, in fact, the other, plus the sight of the wires and circuitry that actually formed them - it blinked and clicked like a manic computer - was, to say the least, a little hard on the girls.  Joanna and Elizabeth stared wide-eyed and horrified; then, like wilting flowers, they both fainted dead away.


"Whoa . . . " said Evil Ted, "a brilliantly pointless surprise there, Evil Bill."

"Totally," agreed Evil Bill.  "Now, let?s bag these babes and take Missy?s car."

"On to the Battle of the Bands."

With the princesses slung over their shoulders like sacks, the two robots were about to air-guitar into the night and on to the next and most heinous stage of their evil plan.  But just then the phone began to ring.

"Do you think we should answer that?" asked Evil Ted.

"Nawww, what for?"

"Maybe it?s someone calling for them, someone we could insult most heinously, further destroying their relationships with their family and friends."

"Good thinking, dude," said Evil Bill.  He tossed away his princess as if she were a bag of dirty laundry and raced to answer the phone.


There was no answer at the princesses? apartment.  "Where could they be?" said Ted.

"Maybe they went over to our place looking for us.  I mean, we?ve been gone a long time - they must have figured out that something weird is going on, right?"

"Good thinking, dude."  Ted dialed his own number and listened as the phone rang and rang.  Finally, he hung up and looked grim-faced, at Bill.  "Nope, they?re not there."

"They?re not at their place and they?re not at ours," said Bill.  "Maybe they went to talk to Missy.  Why don?t you try your dad?s number?"

"Good idea," said Ted, hoping that Missy or one of the princesses, not his father, would answer the phone.  It would be kind of hard to explain to him where they had been for the last couple of days.

All things considered, though, Ted would have preferred to talk to his father than to the person who actually did answer.

"Logan residence, Evil Bill Preston speaking," said Evil Bill.

"Whoa," said Ted.  "Bill, it?s the evil you!"

"Bogus," said Good Bill.  "What?s he doing at your dad?s house, dude?"

Evil Bill was kind of surprised to hear from a person he had pushed off a cliff in a desert a long way away and then loogied into the bargain.  "Check this out, Evil Ted," he said to his evil partner.  "It?s them.  They?re back from the dead."

This didn't seem to faze Evil Ted a bit.  "Oh," he said with a shrug.  "I guess we get to have all the fun of killing them again."

"Excellent!" said Evil Bill.  "You guys are really dead meat this time, dudes."

"No way," insisted Good Ted.

"Yes way," said Evil Bill.

Good Bill snatched the phone out of Ted?s hand.  "We?re gonna get you dudes," he yelled.  "This time we?re ready for you!"  He glanced over his shoulder.  The Grim Reaper and the Stations were furiously ripping through the store, their cart piled high with all kinds of stuff suitable for building good robot versions of Bill and Ted.

Good Ted wanted to get in some threats of his own. He grabbed the phone from Bill.  "Yah!  You dudes don?t stand a chance.  And where are the princesses?  If you two have done anything to Elizabeth and Joanna . . . . "

"They?re right here, dude," said Evil Bill.  "And don?t worry about a thing.  Nothing?s happened to them . . . yet."  He laughed and slammed down the phone, tearing it off the wall.  It fell to the debris-strewn floor in a shower of sparks.

"What did he say?" asked Evil Ted.

"Just that they?re gonna be ready for us."

Evil Ted smiled one of his evil smiles.  "Well, I think we can be ready for them too."

"Yah.  They?re never even gonna make it to the concert.  We?re just too smart for them."

"Totally," said Ted with a little flourish of air guitar.  But he stopped mid-note and got a very strange look on his face; his eyes started spinning.  It could only mean one thing.  A second later and a very angry-looking De Nomolos appeared in his eyes.

"Hail, Evil Genius Leader-dude," said Evil Bill.

De Nomolos was not interested in exchanging pleasantries, particularly not with an electronic moron of his own creation.  "What was that all about?"

"Well, uh, seems they didn't die when we pushed them off the cliff.  Sorry."

"Ignoramuses.  Both of you."

"Yah.  Totally."

"And what did they mean when they said that they were ready for you?"

"Dunno, boss."

De Nomolos snorted derisively.  "Begin the emergency plan.  You are capable of that, aren?t you?"

"Totally," said Evil Bill.  "Emergency plan.  You got it, Great One."

De Nomolos leaned forward and stared hard at them, his eyes seeming to bore into Bill?s metal skull.  "Do not fail me, you metallic buffoons."  Then he vanished from Evil Ted?s eyes, leaving behind only a cloud of fuzzy static.

Evil Ted shook his head vigorously, clearing the interference from his vision.  "I totally hate it when he does that.  No warning, no nothing.  And then he totally insults us through my eyes."

"Emergency plan, Evil Ted.  You heard the boss-dude."

"Yah," said Evil Ted.  "Let?s do it."

Evil Bill and Evil Ted pulled up their shirts and reached deep into their electronic guts.  Buried deep within them were secret weapons, three canisters full of so much scary stuff that not even Evil Bill and Evil Ted felt comfortable carrying them around.  The robots dropped the metal tubes on the floor.

"I?m glad to get rid of these things," said Evil Ted.

"Definitely."  Evil Bill shuddered as he looked at the tubes, which were beginning to split open.  Three small creatures - but growing fast - were trying to get out.  "Let?s go, dude.  These things give me the creeps."

They shouldered the princesses and raced out the door, leaving behind them on Ted?s dad?s living-room floor three growing, breathing horrors.

The comic book adaptation also included this scene:

Excerpts from this scene were also featured on the Pro Set trading cards:

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