In 1991 Bill & Ted's Outstanding Past & Future Appreciation Society was licensed as the only official fan club for Bill & Ted and ran through 1993 (at which time it changed briefly into an unofficial newsletter called Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Compadres Companion before finally disbanding).  As a result of being officially licensed, the club was able to produce merchandise and items exclusive to club members (in additional to producing a regular newsletter, excerpts of which will eventually be made available on this site).


Members received a white folder with the above logo printed on it which contained their membership kits, including the latest issue of the club newsletter, Scoping It Out, personalized color photo membership card, two glossy photos, a Bill & Ted magnet, exclusive Marvel comics postcard, a sheet of Pro-Set trading cards and sometimes even a mini-promotional poster for Bogus Journey.  Here are photos of some of those specific items:

Membership card




Club T-Shirts

The fan club t-shirts were an exclusive design and featured the club logo on the front pocket area
with the cartoon dudes playing guitar on the back!

Bumper Sticker

These were designed to tie-in with the 1992 presidential elections.

Calendar Card

Several variations of calendar cards were sent to members over the years.



Marvel Postcard

Designed with the full cooperation of Marvel Comics (which also promoted the fan club in the letter's section of the comic books).


Many other items were offered for sale, most of which were already available licensed products
and can be found in the other areas of this
merchandise section.

**Um . . . .**

Well, let's not make any bones about it . . . the person who created and ran the fan club was none other than yours truly, the one putting together these merchandise pages, me (and not the evil robot me, either)!  So I can hardly rate my own work, now can I?  I only hope the fan club offered quality stuff which the fans enjoyed.