Pro Set's Trading Cards came in packs of 10 and collectors could compile a complete set of 100 cards promoting both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey.  Pro-Set is one of the leaders in the trading card world and they did a most excellent job on this set, using pleasing colors, great photos and telling the stories of both movies on the back in a fun way.  Also the use of *different* photos on the back was a nice decision, meaning fans would get around 200 different photos with this set!  A scratcher card contest (with scratcher cards included in every pack) offered fans the chance of winning a trip to San Dimas, a GTE Telephone Booth or smaller prizes such as Bill & Ted Nintendo Game, Game Boy Game or T-shirts.


A most amazing set of collector's cards, these were a class act all the way.  This is definitely one of the best of the Bill & Ted tie-in products.  A special collectors card with Excellent Adventure on the front and Bogus Journey on the back was also available, possibly as a promotional item.