LOOK IN! MAGAZINE (1991-1992)

Marvel was not the only publication company to do Bill & Ted comics.  Look In! magazine for kids in Britain had their own comics, most of which were based on the animated television series although a few original comics were produced as well.  The dudes were given two pages each issue in what was typically a continuing story following one of their adventures.  The first entry appearing on January 18th, 1992 included the first two pages of the The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teacher episode of the DIC series of Bill & Ted cartoons.  The comic series ran for about a year and often other tidbits about Bill & Ted (or Keanu and Alex) were included in the magazines as well.

**Not bad!**

We love seeing the dudes in the comic pages, and these versions of the animated series could have easily been done in the States as well, except Marvel opted to have the incredible Evan Dorkin pen their comics and we were spared this kind of literal translation to the comics page.  The colors are rich but the artwork leaves a little bit to be inspired.  It would have been nice if they'd done fewer translations of the animated series episodes and more of the original strips (which are quite entertaining) but that's as may be.  For what they are these strips aren't bad at all.

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