This is a brief synopsis which was posted on our message board by the most outstanding Vincent (thanks Vincent, dude!) on October 31st.  We hope to have a more detailed synopsis in the near future.

I saw the show in Orlando, Florida two nights ago.  I'll try to recollect all I can.

The show opens with the Desperate Housewives giving their monologue over how they're "desperate" and just so happen to be "housewives"... boring intro with a sexually-explicit dance number to the old song "Smoking in the Boys Room."  They exit as the time booth surfaces in Willy Wonka's factory.  Who should pop out but...

Peter Griffin with his son (as a puppet here) Stewie.  They walk around, talking to each other about their prize the "golden ticket."  Peter reveals he had to steal the time machine from Bill and Ted.  As soon as this is said, we hear the famous car horn featured in "Dukes of Hazzard."  Bill and Ted ride into the scene with Daisy Duke and Uncle Jesse.  The other winner is Fat Albert.

Willy Wonka arrives on the scene and collects the golden tickets.  Then he announces everything is a trap.  Enter...

Emperor Palpatine (From Star Wars, of course).  Willy Wonka bows to his master.  Palpatine announces his big plan is to turn everyone to the darkside using a special chocolate.  Bill and Ted claim there's no way they'll get away with it.  So Palpatine introduces his "evil" team.  The Scarecrow (from Batman Begins), Samara (from The Ring), Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Anakin Skywalker.

As Bill and Ted attempt to save the day, Anakin gets ahold of Ted and Palpatine tells Bill if he refuses to eat the "evil" chocolate, Ted will die.  So Bill does it and turns evil.  Ted is released, but chased off by Bill.  Everyone scatters.

A couple of pop culture icons come in, at an attempt to save the day as well (Batman, Fantastic Four, Ronald McDonald and The (burger) King even have it out.  Finally, the Bill vs. Ted showdown.

They exchange words (The most memorable being; Ted: Look, I'm sorry my movie career did better than yours.  Bill: If you are so talented, why did Constantine suck so much?) and eventually Ted kicks Bill in his crotch thus breaking the evil spell (somehow).

Willy Wonka sees how evil Palpatine has become so he stops the machine and the gang talks Palpatine into being a good guy.  Bill and Ted confront the audience with the overall message,

"Be excellent to each other"