Our exclusive interview with co-writer Michael Aiello!

We were very pleased to be able to contact one of the authors of this year's Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Show script and he was very gracious in taking the time to answer some questions for us!  So here's our interview with the outstanding Mike!

B&TEOA:  How long have you worked for Universal Studios, Florida and in what capacity?

MICHAEL:  I have worked for Universal Studios Florida now for nearly 8 years (whew,  has it been that long?) and have worn many hats.  I started in Ride and Show working at Jaws then moved to the  Entertainment Dept. not long after.   I  perform in various shows such as Elwood Blues in the Blues Brothers show, The Horror Make-up Show, Poseidon's Fury.  During Christmas I play the Grinch for Universal's Grinchmas celebration.  I have worked many Halloween Horror Nights in these 8 years doing many roles ranging from haunted house scareactor, to Chainsaw Drill team member, to the insane clown halloween icon Jack.

B&TEOA:  How did you become involved in penning this year's Bill & Ted show script?

MICHAEL:  My involvement in Bill and Ted this year is result of many different things.  I worked with Michael  Roddy and assisted in writing last years show (2002) with him which was a total blast, we had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas.  I even was able to participate in the show as Gandalf the Gray from Lord of the Rings.  Based on my experience with that and a gracious recommendation from Michael Roddy, Universal contacted me to help write this years show (2003).

B&TEOA:  Had you seen the movies and were you a fan of Bill & Ted prior to working on the show?

MICHAEL:  Yes I'm a big fan of the films.  I saw them both in the theater when they came out, and they are a part of my DVD collection.

B&TEOA:  What was one of the more challenging aspects of working on the script?

MICHAEL:  This year a challenge because we went about writing the script a little bit differently.  It was a team effort by a group of people with lots of different ideas and viewpoints.  Universal had a basic idea that they wanted a little more music in the show this year and we (myself and Kenny Babel) wrote first based on that.  Gregg Birkhimer (this year's director) gave us many points and ideas for his vision of the show.  It was a fun process and a great learning experience.

B&TEOA:  Which parts of the script are you the most proud of?  The least proud of?

MICHAEL:  I am most proud of the pre-show video, which is a different take on the traditional announcement made at the beginning of the show every year.  It is getting great reactions.  I am also proud of some of the risks we took this year with some of our characters (if you've seen the show you will know who I am talking about).  I don't want to give anything away but they rhyme with Faddam and Gosama.  It's really great to hear the boos these two characters receive and how those boos turn to laughter when the audience realizes how much fun we are making of these guys.

B&TEOA:  Were there any parts of the script that didn't make it into the final show that you wish would have?

MICHAEL:  Yes many good bits get cut due to time before it goes in front of an audience.  There was a bit when Gollum eats Nemo's dad that was very funny.  An entire sequence where Morpheus gets turned into different characters.  Freddy and Jason being talked to about anger issues by Dr. Phil.  Also an Ashton Kutcher Punk'd ending that never made it in.

B&TEOA:  Who are the actors playing Bill & Ted this year?  And have they ever played them before or is this their first show?

MICHAEL:  We have two very talented gentlemen, Aaron Bailey who is playing Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Scott Stenzel who is Ted Theodore Logan.  Aaron played Bill a few years earlier and this is Scott's first time in the show.

B&TEOA:  You play a part in the show as well.  Tell us about that, and what is it like being on the other side of the show, performing to an audience of Universal Halloween Horror Nights regulars as well as people experiencing all of it for the first time?

MICHAEL:  I play a character in the show (rhymes with Faddam).  It is an awesome experience to perform in front of a Halloween Horror Nights audience.  There is just something different about it.  The crowd fires you up and all you want to do is give it back to them ten-fold.  Every night is something all its own.  It's a rush.

B&TEOA:  Some fans feel the quality of the shows has declined somewhat in past years. What is your opinion of this and do you feel this year's show is a step back in the right direction?

MICHAEL:  This show has been done for many, many years and I have seen just about all of them.  I do not feel the show's quality has degraded.  I do feel however that die hard fan's expectations of the show are becoming harder to meet.  With a show like this you kinda need to go in with a clear and open, positive mind and just want to have a good time.  The show is its own entity, and has something different to offer every year.  Whether those fans latch on to it or not, the essence of the show has remained constant.

B&TEOA:  Do you see a long future for the Bill & Ted shows at Universal?  And do you hope to continue to work on the shows in coming years?

MICHAEL:  I think William and Theodore have a few more adventures left in them.  I would like to do this again definitely.

B&TEOA:  What are your ultimate goals, to be a writer or an actor or both?

MICHAEL:  Both.  I would like to be a Jack of all Trades.

Thanks again to Michael for being most non-heinous about answering our questions!