Schoolyard scenes and interacting with the popular kids

We believe a few scenes from the original script were actually filmed for the original cut of Excellent Adventure.  These scenes show Bill and Ted arriving at school in the bus and greeting the popular kids (Biff and Ox included) only to be told they are cretins (they proclaim this "Excellent!", thinking it's a compliment).  Later Bill and Ted attempt to ask two popular girls to the prom (flyers for the prom can be seen stuck to the lockers in the photos below) and are turned down.


Prehistoric visits with cavemen

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We're not positive, but in the original script there was more involvement with the two cavemen who only appear briefly in the final cut of the film when the dudes and the historical figures are stranded in prehistoric times.  The photo above where the cavemen are approaching Ted and Beethoven seems to prove this out.  Also Ted is seen holding a clipboard, which likely included a list of the historical figures collected and presumably notes for their report.


Getting to the mall?

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This photo seems to show the historical figures getting into the station wagon in front of Bill's house on their way to the mall.
Could this be another scene that was filmed but never used?


The final report, not quite as grandiose

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The famous final report was originally filmed to take place in the classroom.  The four popular students presented a dramatization dressed as historical figures themselves (you can see them sitting with their backs to the camera in the third photo above).  Beethoven apparently writes out some of his music on the chalkboard and Ted stands in front of the chalkboard which has been divided up into "Excellent" and "Bogus" sections, the historical figures having picked items for each category (girls, baseball bats, escalators, waterslides and a Nerf football making the excellent list; jail, police cars, bowling, old fashioned clubs and an iron maiden making the bogus list).  It was eventually decided the film needed a more climactic ending and the oral reports were moved to the auditorium where Bill and Ted could put on a real flashy presentation.


Remember when they went to the prom?  No??

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Another scene filmed but not used in the final movie was Bill and Ted attending their prom with the Princess Babes, who Rufus brings to them.  Bill and Ted are seen here wearing the tuxedos with short pants which inspired that design to be used for the figures in the Kenner Jam Session Two Pack sets.  This scene was changed to the final scene in the garage for the final film, presumably to keep the focus on Bill and Ted's dreams of Wyld Stallyns becoming a super band.


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