A New Spin on the Animated Bill!

We totally love this drawing done by Zeldaartist of the animated
Bill S. Preston, Esq. from the first episode of the Hanna-Barbera series!

Zelda babe also sent us this great pencil drawing of the
Good Robot Bill!

Zeldaartist also created these very unique photos in school using Photoshop!
Most creative indeed!!

While confined to bed recently, Zeldaartist came up with this intriguing sketch
of Bill in a similar situation.  She may eventually make a comic strip out of this idea!

And here's another sketch Zeldaartist did of the cartoon Bill from one of the
episodes.  Totally cool effect with the coloring on this one, babe!

And here is a piece of artwork Zeldaartist did for a new hospital site
warning people not to smoke around the facilities!

And here we have even more awesome artwork by Zeldaartist!!

A special drawing just for Easter!

We look forward to posting more awesome artwork from Zeldaartist soon!

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