A Most Non-Bogus Bogus Drawing!

The outstanding Pash sent us this most resplendent drawing he did of a
memorable scene from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey! 

Pash also created these most stellar story boards for a scene from Bogus Journey!

Pash dude also felt sorry for his Ted bobble-head doll without having Bill around . . .
. . . so he made a Bill bobble-head doll to keep him company!


Pash also created this incredible bit of Bill & Ted Art Nouveau for us to enjoy!
This is an even more updated version which is even more outstanding!  Excellent!!

Pash was totally thrilled when he had the opportunity to meet The Great One, Alex Winter,
himself!  As if that weren't incredible enough, Alex was familiar with Pash's name and artwork!
And why not?  I think we can all agree that Pash is a most talented artist and dude!

And you can totally visit Pash's websites on both Wix and MySpace
and check out his other great art!  Not bad!!!

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