Bill & Ted's Final Trip

The most excellent Elliot Bobin posted this on our Forums recently:

It is the year 2039 - Wyld Stallyns have rocked the world.  The newly appointed Rulers of the World - Bill and Ted are swamped with the demands of making decisions for the whole earth.  They travel through time collection the most outstanding Rock legends of the past to help them in their time of need - Including their idols - Eddy Van Halen, Bruce Dickingson, Gene Simmons, Angus Young etc.  But the clash of so many rockstar egos means nothing ever gets done.  There are only two people who can save the planet - Bill and Ted.  Before they became the most excellent band in the world!  After being contacted by Rufus the duo travel forward to save their future selves from a most heinous disaster.

Most creative, Ellbobin!!!!  Thanks for sharing!

Ellbobin also sent in these photos of himself and his friend Warren
dressed as Bill & Ted!  Rock on, dudes!!!!


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