Dude, it's Cosplay gone Excellent!!!

Back in 1989 when a little movie called Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure came out, a group of most excellent compadres decided to dress up as the cast for a Halloween contest at Hofstra University in New York.  Unfortunately the judges had not seen this particular flick and doubted whether or not this was even a group costume, so the most excellent personages did not win.  But we think they did a most excellent job!!!

(Back Row, left to right)
Dave Streich as Billy The Kid
Dude Whose Name I Forgot as Socrates
Clive Young as Rufus (complete with "Circuits of Time" phonebook and trenchcoat)
Rich Paul as Sigmund Freud
Jeff Marsocci as Abe Lincoln
John Katz as Genghis Kahn
(Front Row, left to right)
John McDonough as Bill S. Preston
Pat Fitzgerald as Ted "Theodore" Logan
Jen Wynne as Joan of Arc

Note that the dude playing Bill actually had dark hair and the dude playing Ted had
light hair, so Ted bought the wigs!

This photo was brought to us by the Captain Plaid archives.  Many thanks, dudes!!!!!

Clive Young also sent us this most interesting bit of Bill & Ted strangeness, also a product of the
creative minds at Hofsta University!  Clive said to credit this as "From the Nonsense archives of KL Stracher!"
(And keep in mind there is some naughty bits in this . . . well, one little naughty bit anyway!)
Nonsense was Hofstra University's humor magazine and this was a fake ad based on the handlettered
style of a Ben & Jerry's ice cream box!  Most hilarious!

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