Bill & Ted's Bogus (NOT!) Bay to Breakers

Whoa, did you know that Bill & Ted attended the most outstanding San Francisco Bay to Breakers 7.5 mile footrace on May 21st, 2006?  Well, in actuality it was two most outstanding dudes named Matt "Bill S. Preston Esq." Coelho and Jay "Ted 'Theodore' Logan" Pisano who decided to partake in this year's event as the Two Great Ones, along with some outstanding historical friends!  This is totally outstanding!!!

Here's Matt's account of the day, plus some outstanding photos from the event:

"People come up with some pretty creative costumes and floats, but we knew that a Bill and Ted theme would inspire a universal joy amongst the the masses.  So, we built a phone booth and recruited our friends to dress up as characters from the movie.  Within 10 minutes of joining the crowd we made the news.  Mile after mile we were barraged by people young and old shouting quotes and cheering us on.  Everywhere we turned people were hopping on the float looking to get pictures together with us or in the phone booth.  A number of people told us we were by far the best float of the day.  Certainly a most unprecedented event that we'll always remember . . . . "

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This article about the event also appeared on The New Awesome blog!!!  Excellent!!!

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