When you want to reach out and touch someone . . .

So this dude Phil sent us the following picture of his own personal time traveling phone booth in progress:

Here's his story of how he came to obtain this outstanding replica:

First and foremost I must say that I am a dork, on many levels.  Now the story of my booth.

Since I saw their Excellent Adventure I've been a fan of the Great Ones.  And being a comic book & Superman fan, this sealed the desire in my brain for a phone booth.  I made a shoddy one once out of 2 x 4's and plywood, but no, this would not do.  I was aggravated by the $1000 price tag I found on some nice ones online, but then it happened.  A cluster of like 20 booths, one vintage 60's 'Superman style', which I later learned they're actually called now.  They were beautiful.  They were behind this little building, so I went to their front door, found inside a front desk.  They were some payphone company of sorts.  I asked the elderly woman who greeted me "What must I do for a phone booth, you have many in back."  She replied, "Oh, noooo.  You can't have those, they're owned by the the state of Washington."  Mind you, I live just outside the capto of NY.  Yeah, I'm not sure why they were there, but I must have one.  I planned, plotted, schemed and any other word with similar meaning.  I was gonna steal me a phone booth.  I needed a truck.  No one with a truck would help.  A few would help if it were legal, but none would risk jail time for my love of a 300+ lbs. of metal & glass.  I went back to plead with the woman, I'd ask for a number or something.  She wasn't there.  A younger fellow would help this time.  I asked him what I asked the woman.  He wandered back to a desk and made a phone call.  He discussed with someone, whom I know not, a fishing trip for the following weekend.  Talks maybe 5 minutes then says "Oh yeah, there's this kid that wants a phone booth.  Yeah, yeah.  Yeah.  See ya this weekend."  Comes to me and says, "OK, name yer price."  I knew not what to say.  I was dumbfounded.  He said $50.  I said yes, left and got the willing friend (if it were legal, which it now was) and came back.  I was gonna go for the vintage one, but upon return there was an old man there.  He said no, that one's mine.  I'm here to make sure you don't take it.  Which though minorly disappointing (because it had a door, the newer models, however larger to accommodate wheelchairs had done away w/doors, as some odd safety thing) I then saw her.  The exact style the Great Ones used to rock the Circuits of Time.  Oh yes, she now is mine.  Carrying it up and down various flights of stairs in movings since then give rise to many a story as well.  I at first had people graffiti it with dates throughout time, but they couldn't handle the responsibility and wrote crap.  It was repainted inside which is why it's blue.  Now it has superhero stickers as an interior theme.  I later found an acceptable sliding door at a garage sale, which is what you see in the pic, put on in a swinging saloon style.  I like it, and that's how I came about my phone booth.  Oh, also, kinda interestingly, shortly after I got the booth, the cluster from whence it came vanished.  The building now empty.  I've found more phone booths, but I don't think I need another quite yet.

Hopefully this Phil dude will send some pics when he has the booth completed!  Not bad!!!!

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