Ted's outfit - Bogus Journey

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Let's begin with the shirt, or rather shirts (Ted always prefers the layered look!).  First he wears a tank top style shirt which should be either a rusty, rose or brick red color.  See the photo below for how this shirt should look without anything else over it:

The next item may prove a little more difficult to find.  Ted wears a peach or light orange sweatshirt with an attached hood.  A hooded sweatshirt isn't hard to find, but finding the right shade of peach or orange might be a little harder.  If all else fails, you might consider buying a white hooded sweatshirt and then dyeing it the appropriate color.  The sweatshirt should zip open down the front, but if you simple can't find one like this you might be able to cut a sweatshirt down the front to achieve the same look.  Again, look around thrift shops first, and keep checking back as they get new items in all the time!

On top of all that Ted wears a bright red vest.  In actuality this is more of the jean jacket with no arms.  In fact it's very much like Ted's jacket in Excellent Adventure sans sleeves!  Only this jacket vest is in pretty good shape.  It should have pockets and buttons in the front if possible.  See below for how the sweatshirt and jacket vest should look:


On the back of the red jacket vest Ted has a large smiley face.  As far as I know this is a one of a kind item and not something that was ever mass produced like this.  But you can paint a large smiley face on the back of the vest yourself using either fabric or acrylic paints.  Draw the smiley face on the back of the vest first with either light pencil or a seamster's chalk pencil first to make sure it's where you want it.  The smiley face should take up most of the back of the jacket!  See above for how this should look.

Now to the pants, which are simply dark blue jeans which are not very worn or discolored.  These should not be difficult to find, but again check the thrift stores to find something more affordable (and definitely stay away from the once again popular flared jeans!).

We can't really see Ted's socks in Bogus Journey, but the above picture indicates they may either be red or white socks with red stripes on the top.  Either kind should be fine.  (The most excellent Ryan informs us the socks are indeed red!)

In Bogus Journey Ted wears white Adidas high-tops (thanks again, Ryan dude!) with green shoelaces:

He also wears friendship bracelets on his left wrist.  These appear to include a reddish woven band, a black leather band with a green wooden bead and a thin brown leather band:

It doesn't appear that Ted wears his watch in Bogus Journey as he does in Excellent Adventure.  Instead on his right wrist he is wearing two brown or black leather bands with silver snaps or buttons on them:

As for Ted's hair, if you're not naturally graced with short dark brown hair you may need to resort to finding a wig that matches Ted locks, but be careful because a majority of wigs are made for women and it's a fine line between Ted's hair and a woman's bob!  It might be necessary to buy a wig and then have it cut to the right style, but that can be quite expensive.  Check with your local wig store or supplier (or even an online wig store) to see if they can assist you in finding something that will work.

Checklist of items you'll need to make Ted's costume:

Reddish tank top
Peach or Light Orange Sweatshirt with hood
Red Vest-style Jacket
Dark Blue Jeans
Red Socks
White Adidas High Top Sneakers
Green Shoelaces
Friendship bracelets
Leather wristbands or bracelets
Black and Yellow Fabric or Acrylic Paint


To make an Evil Robot Ted costume:

Follow the same steps as above, but add very dark sunglasses as pictured below.  Wallah!  Evil Ted!

To make a Ghost Ted costume:

This is a little trickier, but if you want to go as the ghost Bill and Ted then you should seek out the same clothes as above but all should be in varying grayish colors instead.  You'd then need to use gray face paint to color your face and all exposed skin (neck, hands, etc.).  You should only do this if you have some experience with costume makeup or know someone who does who can help you.



Have fun!!!!

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