Bill's outfit - Bogus Journey

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Let's begin with Bill's shirt.  Bill's wearing a very simple plain yellow t-shirt.  It should be a bright, colorful yellow, not a dull yellow.

Over the yellow shirt Bill wears a green and black plaid flannel long-sleeved shirt (sometimes he wears it tied around his waist as well).  While wearing the shirt you should turn up the sleeves a bit so they are between the elbow and the wrist.  While you may have trouble finding the exact pattern the colors are quite common for plaid shirts, so be sure to check your local thrift shops to try to find one that will work for an affordable price.  Check the photo below to see how both shirts should look.

Bill's pants are a dull brown color, somewhere between gray and brown, and are made of a denim material.  A good pair of brown pants should work if you can't find denim, but again try thrift shops to find a color that may work.  It isn't seen in the photo below, but the bottom of the pants legs are cut off to have ragged edges, so if you find pants a little long that's okay, just cut them to the right length and leave the edges frayed.

Since we can't really see Bill's socks we'll assume they are white tube socks or white ankle socks.  If you want they can have a blue or green stripe at the top.

In Bogus Journey it's Bill whose wearing black high top sneakers.  He accents these with red shoelaces which are tied rather loosely (in fact the laces are not tied on top, but laced only partway and then looped up through the shoelace hole along the side.  See below for how this should look.


Finally you'll need to find a red baseball cap which Bill wears backwards on his head (with the bill toward the back).  Bill has the Wyld Stallyns logo on the front of this cap but since he wears it backwards the logo is to his back as well.  Use the logo below as a guide to how the logo should look.  You can find a red baseball cap just about anywhere, and it's not too difficult to paint the logo on the cap using yellow and black fabric paint or even just acrylic craft paints.  There are several ways you can transfer the logo onto your cap . . . there are some paints available where you can paint on the back of the sheet of paper and then iron the paint to your project to use as a guide.  There are also computer programs that will help you prep a design to iron onto a project (it's best if you just plan to use these as guides and hand paint the logo so that it will come out brightly.  It might take several coats for the yellow paint to cover up the red underneath it).


As for Bill's hair, if you're not naturally blessed with curly blonde hair you might consider a wig, but make sure it fits your head tightly and will work with the baseball cap!  In a pinch, if you can somehow find an old wig you might be able to cut off some of the locks and attach them so they stick out of the front of (or rather back of, since it's worn backwards) the cap to get the right look.

Checklist of items you'll need to make Bill's costume:

Yellow t-shirt
Green and Black Plaid Flannel Shirt
Brown Denim pants
Black high top sneakers
Red shoelaces
Red Baseball Cap
Black and Yellow Fabric or Acrylic Paints
Blonde curly wig (optional!)


To make an Evil Robot Bill costume:

Follow the same steps as above, but add very dark sunglasses as pictured below.  Wallah!  Evil Bill!

To make a Ghost Bill costume:

This is a little trickier, but if you want to go as the ghost Bill and Ted then you should seek out the same clothes as above but all should be in varying grayish colors instead.  You'd then need to use gray face paint to color your face and all exposed skin (neck, hands, etc.).  You should only do this if you have some experience with costume makeup or know someone who does who can help you.



Have fun!!!!


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