The second (and last) anthology of Bill & Ted's excellent
comic book adventures, re-printed by the most outstanding personages
at Slave Labor Graphics, in stores soon!!!!

Slave Labor has just published Volume 2 of their Bill and Ted anthology series which compacts Evan Dorkin's classic and unique Bill & Ted comics (original done for Marvel) into two nifty, handy books and it's due to be released on July 27th, 2005 (copies were already available for sale at San Diego Comic Con last week.)

The second anthology begins with another new introduction from Evan entitled Bill & Ted's Most Trivial Timeline which gives a rough rundown of the history of the Bill and Ted comics from Evan's unique perspective.  This volume contains the rest of the Bill and Ted comics penned by Evan Dorkin, from issue #5 through issue #12.  (Issue #8, Bob Spelled Backwards, is not included in this book as it was written by Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovih and drawn by Steve Buccellato).  Once again all the cover artwork is included in the back.  It should be noted this collection includes some of the best of the comic book series, including It's a Living? (in which Death is replaced by a skeletal brat named Morty) and Lincoln Immemorial (in which Bill and Ted find out about Lincoln's assassination, save him from such an egregious fate, only to find they must restore history by, well . . . you get the picture!  This comic also includes the classic Planet of the Apes marathon segment).  Our many thanks to the excellent personages at Slave Labor for making these comics available again!

You can order this volume online from (plus any number of online vendors . . . check Google to find more)!  Or go to your local comic book store and ask if they can order it for you!  Party On!!!!

It's totally here, dudes!  The first anthology of Bill & Ted's excellent
comic book adventures, re-printed by the most outstanding personages
at Slave Labor Graphics, is in stores now!!!!

In 1991 comic book artist Evan Dorkin (known for such unique and hilarious works as Milk and Cheese and Pirate Corp$) was hired by Marvel Comics to work on a new series of monthly Bill & Ted comic books which would begin with an adaptation of Bogus Journey.

Now some 14 years later these comics, which have had a cult following ever since, are available for the first time in an anthology collection from Slave Labor Graphics.  The first volume includes the Bogus Journey adaptation (which includes illustrations of the film *before* the major changes were made, so yes this basically has all the missing scenes laid out in comic book form!) plus the first four comic books in one handy volume.  The comics are reprinted in black and white but a lot of attention to detail was put into this collection, plus a brand new cover and an introductory page from Evan Dorkin makes this well worth adding to your non-heinous Bill & Ted collection!

You can order this volume online through Slave Labor directly or from (plus any number of online vendors . . . check Google to find more)!  Or go to your local comic book store and ask if they can order it for you!  Party On!!!!


To help celebrate the reprinting of Evan Dorkin's Eisner-nominated (for Best Humor Publication) Bill & Ted comics, we're offering some exclusive insights into Evan's work, plus letting you in on one correction made from the original books!

In the Bogus Journey adaptation, as well as the first issue of the comic book, Evan accidentally named Bill's son Little Bill and Ted's son Little Ted.  In the movie, of course, the dudes named their kids after *each other.*  Obviously there was an attempt to correct this in the new editions, as you can see by the scans below:

Panel from the original Bogus Journey adaptation:

Reprint of same panel in Slave Labor anthology:

But even the most diligent artist and/or editor can make a mistake when the names Bill and Ted rifle a comic as often as "and" and "the!"  So we don't begrudge the fact there is still at least one mistake name-wise in the new reprints, as you'll see below:

Evan Dorkin is definitely one of the most outstanding dudes in the comic business, and his work is unrivaled, definitely!  Here now, for the first time ever, we're printing Evan's outlines for the first four pages of the Bogus Journey anthology!  These are pencil sketches done to outline how the panels will be staged and how they will fit onto the page.  Just click on the pictures to see them larger!

bjoutline1.jpg (187856 bytes)    bjoutline2.jpg (202999 bytes)    bjoutline3.jpg (192833 bytes)    bjoutline4.jpg (236154 bytes)

If you look at these side by side comparisons of the finished pages, you can see Evan stayed very close to his original layouts!

bjoutlinecomp1.jpg (151575 bytes)     bjoutlinecomp2.jpg (176922 bytes)    bjoutlinecomp3.jpg (169460 bytes)    bjoutlinecomp4.jpg (187994 bytes)

Many thanks to Evan for making so much of his artwork available to us back in the fan club days!
You are truly one excellent dude!

Earlier report from 2004:


It's true!  The excellent personages at Slave Labor Graphics, one of the most innovative and creative of current comic book publishers, will be offering two anthology collections of the Bill & Ted comic books previously published by Marvel Comics.  The books are scheduled to be published in August and October 2004.  We will bring you more information about these reprints as news becomes available.

On July 3rd, comic books took part in the annual Free Comic Book Day event across North America and in other parts of the world.  As part of this special day, Slave Labor offered a compilation comic book featuring artwork from many of their titles, including a four page excerpt from the upcoming Bill & Ted anthologies (the excerpt was from Issue #2, Welcome to Club Dead).  Also featured were some Milk and Cheese comics, also penned by Evan Dorkin.  The free issue a brand new cover by Evan Dorkin, featuring Bill, Ted and Death on the cover:

slavelaborfree.jpg (286633 bytes)