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Re: under the weather.....

Posted By: carlos <[email protected]>
Thursday, 31 July 2003, at 4:47 p.m.

In Response To: Re: under the weather..... (Linda Kay)

hey you guys. i gues that my sister has told you about my breakup with my boyfriend. it was bad. he dumped me on the phone, and that was really bad because he wasn't man enough to talk to me face to face about the situation that we were in. but ity was mostly his fault. i'm sorry to put the blame on him, but it was his fault because he never paid any attention to me when we were out, and we were always with his friends, so i was wondering whether i came first in the relationship or his mates. i dont think that he was comfortable in my company anyway. and plus i was always the one chasing him, and he never once called me to see how i was, making excuses to not see me, and he went to a stag party last friday and he never told me when it actually started. what happened was that he came about half 3, and stayed until half 4. then he decides to tell me when it starts in the car when we were on our way to see chirm, one of his mate, at work. and i was thinking, and i dont know whether this sounds selfish or not, he was there to see me, and he said, why dont we go and see chirm, and i hadn't even seen him for almost 2 weeks, and about 12 in the afternoon, he had said a couple of nights before hand that we would spend the day today, so i was led to believe, and it turned out that he was in yeovil with stampy, another one of his mates. and all those times that we were together, i felt so lonely, because he was always talking to his mates. i just felt forgotten, if you know what i mean. and the worst part of it was, that i blambed myself for it. i thought that i had done something wrong to make him like it. the only times that we were together, as in alone, is when we were at his place, watching a movie or something. the bad thing was, that we never really talked. and the first time that we went out, he was the one that asked me out, but i was the one that made the first move. and what topped it all off is that i really did love him. he was my whole world, i think that all that time that he was lying to me. i really hate him for that. that he couldn't trust me for him to tell the truth. and he didn't even tell me about the anniversary of his dads death, when we were out, at the greylake, i found out from kim about it, and his excuse was that he didn't want to ruin my evening. that really hurt, that did. relationships are based on communication. and he never told me. i wanted him to feel like he could tell me anything, but that went down the drain. sorry to get really deep and rant on like this but i really needeed to get things out and in the open, so to speak. thank you so much for caring, i dont know what i would do without you guys. where do you lot live??? i just wondered, as i have an idea, we could meet up somewhere sometime, if thats alright with you?? if you're not too busy and you dont live too far away, i understand if those are the circumstances.
love you guys so much,
ps, thank you for thinking about me.


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