Sometimes Credited as: Richard Christian Matheson

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

Matheson hails from a screenwriting family.  His father, Richard, is a renowned science-fiction author (among his credits: TV?s original "Twilight Zone" as well as the films "Somewhere in Time" and "Jaws III").  His older brother, Richard Christian, was recently represented by Universal?s "3 O?Clock High."  With several other film projects in development, Matheson?s ultimate goal is to direct his own scripts.

Biography from 1991 Bogus Journey Press Kit

Matheson hails from a renowned screenwriting family.  His father, Richard, is an accomplished science fiction author who wrote for TV?s original "Twilight Zone," and his older brother, Richard Christian, wrote the screenplay for "Three O?Clock High."  Matheson has branched out into directing and recently completed writing and directing several short, independent comedy films.

Updated Biography

Chris has continued to work as both a screenwriter and a director.  His writing credits include the films Mom and Dad Save the World (co-written with Ed Solomon), A Goofy Movie, Mr. Wrong, The Wise Ones and Evil Alien Conquerors, the last two also being films he directed.  Chris not only made a cameo appearance in both Bill & Ted films but also in Mom and Dad Save the World.

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Most recently, Chris Matheson co-wrote the screenplay for the Eddie Murphy film Imagine That with Bill & Ted co-writer Ed Solomon and has penned the script for Rapturepalooza (which is also producing.)  He is also slated to co-write the big screen adaptation of the television series The Greatest American Hero.

Chris Matheson also teaches Advanced Scriptwriting at the School of Film in Portland, Oregon.

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