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Birthday: September 2, 1964
Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon
Father: Samuel Reeves
Mother: Patricia
Marital Status: Single

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

Ted, the eternal optimist of the team, who logically observes that their rock band will improve when they have triumphant tee-shirts ? and learn to play musical instruments ? is portrayed by KEANU REEVES.

Like his character, Reeves has done a bit of traveling. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, to globetrotting parents, he grew up in Hawaii, New York and Canada before settling down in the California beach town of Venice.

It was during his Toronto, Ontario, period that Reeves began his acting career. Just 16 at the time, he was cast in the Canadian television series, "Hanging In." Enrolling for studies with drama coach Jasper Deeter (a founding member of the Provincetown Players), Reeves continued to polish his craft with performances on Canadian stages as well.

American audiences first saw him in the television films "Under the Influence," "Babes in Toyland" and HBO?s "Act of Vengeance." Since his motion picture debut opposite Rob Lowe in the 1986 ice-hockey drama, "Youngblood," Reeves has appeared in "The Night Before," "I Wish I Were Eighteen Again," and the controversial "River?s Edge," for which he is perhaps best known.

Biography from 1991 Bogus Journey Press Kit

KEANU REEVES (Ted) is one of the busiest young actors currently working in motion pictures, having co-starred in such recent films as "Point Break," "Parenthood," "Dangerous Liaisons" and "I Love You to Death." He also completed a starring role in Gus Van Sant?s upcoming "My Private Idaho."

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Reeves grew up in Hawaii and Canada before moving to Los Angeles. He began his acting career in Toronto, performing in various local theatre productions and on television. He then spent a summer at the Hedgrow Theatre in Pennsylvania, studying acting with Jaspar Deeter (a founding member of the famed Provincetown Players) and performing such classic stage roles as Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet."

But Reeves? motion picture career quickly grew. He delivered a particularly moving portrayal of a troubled teenager in "The River?s Edge." For his performance as Matt, the only member of a suburban teenage gang to step forward with information about the senseless murder of one of its members, Reeves received wide critical acclaim and an array of starring roles in subsequent films.

In a vastly different performance, he was next seen as the comic Ted in "Bill & Ted?s Excellent Adventure." He starred in Marisa Silver?s drama of teen suicide, "Permanent Record," and opposite Fred Ward and Amy Madigan in the comedy, "Prince of Pennsylvania." More recently, he appeared with Barbara Hershey and Peter Falk in "Tune in Tomorrow."

In the theatre, Reeves recently appeared in the Shakespeare & Company production of "The Tempest" in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Updated Biography

What can be said about Keanu Reeves which hasn't been said already?  By the time Bogus Journey was released there was already a strong sense that Keanu was destined for amazing things.  Keanu shows a knack for choosing film projects which are unique, challenging and vastly entertaining.  He's taken risks, starring in art films like My Own Private Idaho, embraced films with a simple kindness about them as in A Walk in the Clouds, and has had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the most noted directors of our time, including Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula), Bernardo Bertolucci (Little Buddha) and Sam Raimi (The Gift).

Things changed dramatically for Keanu when he accepted the part of Jack Traven in the 1994 blockbuster-to-be Speed directed by Jan de Bont.  Keanu Reeves as an action star?  While Hollywood had embraced Keanu as a superbly talented actor early on, it still seemed to take the industry by surprise when he proved himself capable of playing a macho-yet-tender police officer in what became one of the most popular summer hits of the 90's.  This film really launched Keanu into the realm of superstardom.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Keanu continued to explore and expand his career.  He accepted the lead in Hamlet and performed on stage in Manitoba, Canada, at a time when Hollywood scripts were piling up outside his manager's door.  He turned down Speed 2 (didn't like the script) and instead leapt into the very unique Johnny Mnemonic.  Another action picture, Chain Reaction, and a oddball cult comedy, Feeling Minnesota, were made while Keanu spent time moonlighting as the bassist for the band Dogstar.

In 1997 Keanu turned in what has to be one of his most impressive acting turns in the dark yet poignant The Devil's Advocate, co-starring Al Pacino.  His role of a southern lawyer who is tempted into a fast world of questionable litigation and greed proved those who recognized the spark of brilliance in such early endeavors as The River's Edge and Permanent Record correct.  And who knew the best was yet to come?

If Speed launched Keanu into superstardom, The Matrix movies launched him into film immortality.  The brilliant Wachowski brothers changed the landscape of filmmaking forever and launched a new era of sunglasses and trenchcoat chic.  More importantly, the movie delved into some very spiritual themes which touched people on a very intimate level.  Keanu's role as Neo is classic, and the dedication Keanu showed in preparing for the role, learning martial arts and training seriously, showed once again Keanu is more than just a movie star . . . he's an actor dedicated to his craft and doing the best work he can in each and every project.

Keanu's personal life has long been the speculation of reporters and fans alike, but Keanu is an actor who understands the very big difference between his private life and his personal life, two totally separate things.  While elusive and shy around reporters (sometimes coming across to the press as being somewhat dim because of his tendency to not talk much or embrace publicity), Keanu devotes his time and energy to his craft.  Anyone who questions his mental capabilities need only look back on his diverse and well thought-out career.  Keanu is anything but the dim-bulb the press continually likes to saddle him with (they just can't seem to look beyond "the Ted syndrome").

In the past few years Keanu has continued to work steadily, appearing in such films as Sweet November, Hard Ball and Something's Gotta Give and more recently the dark but compelling Constantine based on the popular Hellblazer graphic comics.  He continues to perform musically as well, having now joined the band Becky (co-founded by former Dogstar drummer Rob Mailhouse).

Keanu appeared in an offbeat film by Mike Mill's called Thumbsucker and in the past years starred in the films Constantine, A Scanner Darkly and The Lake House.  In 2008, Keanu starred in the films Street Kings and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  In 2009, Keanu appeared in the film The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and the television series Easy to Assemble.  He also starred in the dark comedy film Henry's Crime.

Upcoming projects for Keanu include roles in the films Generation Um, 47 Ronin and Man of Tai Chi (which he is also directing!)  He has also produced and narrates the fascinating documentary entitled Side by Side, which compares the difference between making films in either the digital or old celluloid method.

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