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Birth year: February 11, 1963
Birthplace: Plainview, New York

Note: In the credits and press information for Excellent Adventure Kimberley LaBelle is credited with playing Elizabeth and Diane Franklin is credited as playing Joanna.  The princesses are not addressed by name on screen in the first movie.  But in the second movie not only did the actresses change but the names changed, with the red-head being Joanna and the brunette being Elizabeth.  This has led to some confusion about which princess is which!

Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

Diane Franklin (Princess Joanna) (SIC - should be Elizabeth) began her film career at age 19 as the star of "The Last American Virgin."  Other feature credits include "Amityville II," "TerrorVision" and "Better Off Dead," while television audiences have seen her in "Summer Girl," "Deadly Lessons" and the series "Boone" and "Bay City Blues."

Updated Biography

Probably best known for her role in Better Off Dead, Diane Franklin made her impact on 80's films.  Other credits since Excellent Adventure include a role in How I Got Into College on the big screen and television appearances in Providence and Family Law.  She also to appeared in the film Punchcard Player in 2006.

Diane has made occasional appearances at the Hollywood Show.  In 2008, she appeared in the short film, The Adventures of Lass and then in 2009 the follow-up short The Adventures of Lass II: The Sweet Potato Rush.  In 2010, she appeared in the short film Toon Wolf and she continues to work in short films such as The Adventures of Lass III: Going to America and Humanized.

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