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Sometimes credited as: Ron Althoff; Ronald Althoff; Ron Altoff

Updated Biography

Ron Altohoff has a long career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator.  The list of movies in which he has done stunt work includes such titles as Lethal Games, Terror in Beverly Hills, A Mission to Kill, Absolute Force, Psycho Beach Party, Intrepid and The Calling.  Ron acted as the stunt coordinator for the film Broke Ground and performed stunts for the movies Chaos and Bachelor Party Vegas.

Ron currently works as a stunt coordinator, working on the 2008 film Japan, and the television series Hannah Montana, Castle and Cold Case as well as the film A Holiday Heist, released in 2011.  He was also a stunt player in the 2011 TV series 1000 Ways to Die.

Last updated: 3/24/12

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